Political Activism and Revolution are Useless!

I agree! We need to stop feeding the beast and the beast is capitalism run amok! As we feed the beast, the beast gets bigger and stronger while we grow weaker and weaker and we can’t see that this is happening?

As Sojourner points out, even if there were to be a revolution, what good has ever come out of a revolution? None! There was never any lasting, long term ‘good’ impact for the people that had risen up! Everyone is right back to square one. So, what difference did it make? What we need to do is hard and that is why we will never do it because we have become too soft, thanks in part to what we get in return for feeding the beast and so, when the going gets tough, we merely find another way to continue to feed the beast and even when there is nothing more that you think the beast of capitalism can get from you because you are broke and homeless, the beast incarcerates you and you keep feeding it because you work inside a FOR PROFIT prison! The beast ain’t done with you even after you’re dead. Someone still has to pay your bills even after you are dead and a bill is no longer any concern to you, but they’ll pry a ring off of your cold, dead finger to pay off a credit card bill. Don’t think that this has happened? Die! And the executor of your estate is responsible for paying any outstanding bills from your estate. They call it, your ‘financial obligation’.

This shit never stops! You owe the beast even when you’re dead! Now, how sick is that?

19 thoughts on “Political Activism and Revolution are Useless!

  1. I’m not sure I would agree that all political activism is useless. I think the Black Lives Matter movement organized by the young Americans of all ethnicities has been incredibly effective in raising consciousness (especially among young people) about the true structure of American society and new ways they can relate to authority, society and each other.

    The original blog post calls for “a revolution in consciousness” as the only change that will accomplish real change in society. I’m not sure how this change is meant to come about except by local activists doing face-to-face organizing in their communities. The Internet and social media certainly play an important role in this, but there are still are a heck of a lot of people who don’t have Internet access.


    1. Consciousness/awareness must begin with the individual, I believe. I’ve seen a lot of unaware/unconscious activists in my life. And thus their protests fell on deaf ears, which, in most cases, were already closed.

      I said in the post that political bones are tossed, here and there, to appease. But real, effective and positive change has seldom been brought about by activism, in my experience and opinion. And I believe activism, like voting, has become another way for the elite to manipulate the people. I have seen little accomplished by political activism.

      And for many, not all, activism has turned into a kind of college-age right of passage. In many cases, rallies and such are more of a social gathering than an attempt to effect change.

      On the other hand, I know there have been times, as you point out, that activism has brought change.

      But I firmly believe that individuals must become aware and conscious, first, and then maybe activism will work; if, that is, it’s directed towards a new system/order, completely different from the one we have now.


    2. Dr. Bramhall, I respectfully disagree. I don’t think it was so much that the Black Lives Matter movement raised awareness as much as the video of Eric Garner getting choked to death for selling, loose, untaxed cigarettes. And then shortly following that was the killing of John Crawford in Wal-Mart, then the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown and the resulting protests. Then the murder of Renisha McBride, then Tamir RIce in the space of four months time. Black Lives Matter was built up basically because of the Ferguson protests that made international headlines.

      Before that, thousands of Black men, women and children had been killed by racist cops and racist vigilantes such as was the case with Trayvon Martin. Black Lives Matter was only able to pick up steam after the fact of these killings. Anyone with half an ounce of decency could see that Eric Garner did not cause his own death and then horror upon horror, his killer was deemed, innocent of his murder.

      I got into an argument that almost came to blows the other day when I overheard someone say that Michael Brown was just a thug that got what all thugs deserved but that Eric Garner did not deserve what happened to him. The shit just never stops.


  2. Change never comes as fast as Tubularsock has wanted. But change has evolved at its slow pace. And yes there are set backs. But the power structure is always afraid when the populous is willing to burn it down. People forget that even in the ghettos when the people are willing to burn it down even their own communities they don’t own it so the powerful who do are affected! It is scary and that is an effect.

    Gay, transgender and polysexuals have seen huge shifts in their lives from the 1960’s and it’s only the beginning.

    Tubularsock has never felt it has happened fast enough but change is happening even at its snail pace. So BURN IT ALL DOWN ….. then we can rebuild new. Take it to the streets, it’s the only way!



      I have been saying that for quite some time now. Because just as you say, the ‘communities’ that would get burned down, do not even belong to those who live in them. TPTB just don’t want capitalism to miss a beat because of a burned down store. I think that they should move on to the so-called ‘upper crust’ hoods and on to the banks and just burn down everything in their path.

      I am certainly ALL for burning this shit down since some of my ancestors built it up and since they were not paid, what the fuck? Burn it down!


      1. Just to clarify to you, Shelby, and Tubular, I want the system/order burned down, not the people and their homes and communities. What good would that do? That has been done, time and time again, and, in the end, it solved nothing, except to create more pain and suffering for those already suffering.

        That is ‘revolution’, in the true sense of the word, and revolution doesn’t work. Revolution only harms the people, not the system/order, in fact, I believe it plays right into the hands and plans of those who run the system.order.

        This is why I believe we must awaken ourselves and seek brand new ways to burn down this ancient system/order, which has had humanity enslaved throughout the ages.

        But it could be that I’m living a pipe-dream here? As if I have the answers. I can’t even run my own god damn life!


      2. sojourner and Shelby, Tubularsock feels that the only way the “will of the people” has ever made a difference is when they come to the streets. The problem with that is that it either it has to be the youth who haven’t gotten their life invested in the system yet or the down and out that don’t have anything to lose because they don’t have shit anyway.

        The system keeps trickling out just enough to keep the vast numbers thinking that there is “hope” for the better. So Burn it Down is Tubularsock’s emotional response. It is symbolic for the reason that the real burning as sojourner pointed out has to be done to the system/order not the people’s homes and businesses which only harms the people.

        And the “not consume” approach also has its draw backs because some people will lose their jobs and again that harms the people.

        So a new approach has to be taken. That is the real challenge and that challenge begins with getting people to understand that we are in this together. And there lies the weakness because the system/order has always used the “divide and conquer” paradigm to defeat any thoughts of this nature. Americans more than ever believe in I’ll get mine!

        Ok ……. so here we are. Now what?


    2. Tubular, I agree. And I have thought about this, since Dr Bramhall’s comment yesterday.

      I am not against activity that leads to the end of this, what I refer to as, system/order. I never meant to suggest that there should be no action on the people’s part.

      What I believe is this: most political activists, today, as far as I can tell, still seem to believe in the Merican system/order government, which is a major role player in the worldwide system/order. And until these folks understand, as you are stating here, that this entire system/order must be destroyed, they will simply continue to play the political game, the same old, not-working shit, the elite-swine have set up for them to play. The elite-swine love political activism, when it is trying to fix the monster they have created, because these animals know the activists are just wasting their time. It’s never going to change!

      Burn It, all of it, Down is exactly what needs to happen, But I hear to many political activists who still seem to be in love with manipulative bullshit like democracy, so-called ‘political rights’ and the constitution.

      This is why I quoted Einstein! This system/order is never going to be anything but what it is or even worse, when it comes to we the people of this world.

      Yes, let’s do everything we can do to destroy this cancer, but we should not be trying to fix what was broken from its inception!


      1. I agree with Sojourner! The media focuses attention on the burned and looted stores and make them a focal point while pointing the finger at the protesters and saying how it is all so counterproductive to what they are trying to bring awareness to when they should just peacefully raise their arms in the air and wave ’em around like they just don’t care and keep marching. But don’t destroy property, why that is just not the thing and it renders their message, null and void. That is what the media spouts out and people buy that shit and then start looking cross-eyed at the protesters.

        What people don’t want to understand is that there are two options to change, either burn it all down or NOT CONSUME! Do not pay any bills. Do not go to work. Do not shop. That would bring capitalism to a screeching halt. We really don’t have to burn anything down. All we need to do is just STOP DOING EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE DOING!


  3. “What people don’t want to understand is that there are two options to change, either burn it all down or NOT CONSUME! Do not pay any bills. Do not go to work. Do not shop. That would bring capitalism to a screeching halt. We really don’t have to burn anything down. All we need to do is just STOP DOING EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE DOING!”

    Absolutely! Spot on! This NOT CONSUMING is one [new] way to bring this entire system/order down, and there are other ways, too, and we must keep looking for them!


  4. “So a new approach has to be taken. That is the real challenge and that challenge begins with getting people to understand that we are in this together. And there lies the weakness because the system/order has always used the “divide and conquer” paradigm to defeat any thoughts of this nature. Americans more than ever believe in I’ll get mine!”

    We must be in this together: “a house divided…” And yes, Tubular, your point is well made about ‘not consuming’. And that it must be the as of yet untainted youth, and the disenfranchised, that must come together to begin any kind of permanent change!

    As I said, I am not the one with the answers. But there must be a way!


    1. Well, quite obviously, there isn’t a way because we have hashed this thing out and gone over it and under it and around it and even though I am sure that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, still, if we can’t come up with even one viable option, then that only suggests that there is none. And so, we continue to lose while the elite fucks that own us, continue to win. Que sera sera!


      1. I hear you. There may be a large price we all have to pay to start anew. There may be major sacrifices that have to be made, like losing a job because people stop consuming. It’s not like people haven’t been losing jobs already, and then never finding another, since they are all disappearing. Perhaps we need to, as Tubular and others are, ride bikes most everywhere we go, and stop living a more simple life that is closer to being off the grid.

        Am I wrong, or should we, while considering the effects on us and our families, also be thinking about the very young, right now, and future generations? Do we want to be part of those who never tried anything, and left our children and future generations to deal with what will be left of humanity and the world?

        I don’t!

        But I don’t know, at the moment, how to go about this beyond what we are doing? And I think Tubular is right, that our hope has to be in the younger ones, the ones alive, now, and the ones to come. If there is a world left to come to, that is!

        We can’t give up, nor give up on each other.

        We don’t know how many people stop by and read, and are influenced by what we write. We may be doing more than we think we are!

        Some INDIVIDUAL, somewhere, must have an answer that would open up the doors for us to do more than just write. And maybe that individual has, or will, read one our posts and start the journey.

        I have, in many ways, already stopped consuming. Most corporations will never get my money again. And I stay away from products whose companies are part of this tyranny. I try as much as possible to support local businesses, etc.

        We’re with you, Shelby! Don’t despair!


  5. This is a very interesting discussion. My immediate gut reaction is that people are expressing things that are really hard to put into words but that they’re more or less on the same page.

    The system is definitely headed for collapse and it’s my belief that taking to the streets and opting out, as sojourner suggests, will definitely help it along.

    What’s missing, in my mind, is the movement that will replace the current capitalist system – in other words are we capable of organizing ourselves to meet our basic needs without corporations?

    I already see this happening everywhere – with people developing alternative local food systems, alternative health systems, alternative currencies, savings pools and time banks. It’s happening here in New Plymouth in a big way, but it requires a critical mass of people coming together to plan and organize.


    1. Dr Bramhall wrote,

      “What’s missing, in my mind, is the movement that will replace the current capitalist system – in other words are we capable of organizing ourselves to meet our basic needs without corporations?”

      Yes, this is the crux. And I, too, see it some of these happenings taking place in Ohio, where I live. I think this is what Shelby was talking about, when she was speaking of not consuming. I believe being not involved in the system/order, as much as is possible, is one of, if not, the first steps that must be taken.

      If we could just come together, in a large enough segment of the population, and take this approach, then we could force the powers that be hand a bit. But I believe this would take a communal mindset to work: for many, this would be very difficult, with the aged, health issues, etc, and so there would be a need, among those involved, to look after those who could not contribute as much as the young and healthy.

      And I think, then, activism, in many other ways, would not be useless. In fact, in this case, it would become very necessary, since the powers that be would not be sitting idly by as this progressed.

      This is a difficult issue, needless to say,


  6. Dear Shelby, I appreciate your angst.

    Still, I am encouraged by the many people and groups that are focusing on ending the corrupting influence of money in politics. (In my thinking, once that is fixed, then real social issues have a chance to be addressed effectively and authentically.)

    But, I do have a dark fear… that the climate crisis will ‘tip’ before we have time to get anything else on the right path.

    Keep blogging, keep shaking people up!



    1. Thank you JoAnn! I get discouraged because I feel as though we are seriously running out of time and we should have gotten our act together long before now. It gets tiresome when basically saying the same thing over and over, especially when feeling as though I am preaching to the choir when in all likelihood, I am.

      But I will do my best at shaking ’em up! It’s the very least I can do! And thanks again for stopping in! Good to see a comment from you!


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