The Ferguson Police ‘Feel’ Under Siege, Play The World’s Smallest Violin For Them!

ferguson pigs and violin

A recent shooting of two pigs in Ferguson, MO has the pig force feeling under siege. Insert violin concerto here! Two pigs were standing on the outside next to their trough when bullets started whizzing past a few protesters and struck the two pigs near their trough. Both are still alive and well and asking for their daily slop bucket of donuts. And now the other pigs in blue are crying “Foul OINK!” “Oh, it’s not fair! We’re only doing our job of shooting unarmed Black people down! We are only doing our job of routinely targeting African-Americans for arrests and ticketing! Is that really SO bad? It was all sanctioned by the judge, the mayor and all other city officials that are dipped in pig pink! So, why shoot us?”

A scathing Justice Department report sheds a light on the systemic racism that is deeply embedded in the Ferguson, MO police department and court system. Black people are targeted almost exclusively and ticketed in order to raise revenue for the city’s coffers.

The Justice Department report found evidence that the mostly white police force in the two-thirds majority black community was more focused on revenue-raising than public safety. The Justice Department also said officers had a pattern of using excessive force and making illegal arrests, as well as deploying attack dogs and using Tasers on unarmed people.

And yet, the Ferguson pig department feels under siege. Really? For real? So, the Black people that are the victims of their racism; the ones that were subjected to excessive force, illegal arrests, attacked by dogs and were tasered while unarmed should not ‘feel’ under siege? Oh my bad! Racist ass pigs believe that Black people have no feelings to begin with. It all goes back to that slavery and three-fifths of a person law as pertaining to Black people that were dragged over to AmeriKKKa for the sole purpose of being worked to death and bred like animals, AGAIN, for the purpose of being worked to death.

It all becomes so clear. Whenever revenue is needed, why that’s what Black people are for. Who gives a shit about Black people anyway? We can fill our coffers with ill gotten gains from all the bogus traffic stops while judges and their colleagues fix their own tickets. Who’s to know since we run this town? Just ask Judge Ronald J. Brockmeyer, who by the way, has owed back taxes since 2007 to the tune of $170,000, but since he is no different from the pigs in pink, that’s all right!

The judge in Ferguson, Missouri, who is accused of fixing traffic tickets for himself and colleagues while inflicting a punishing regime of fines and fees on the city’s residents, also owes more than $170,000 in unpaid taxes.

Ronald J Brockmeyer, whose court allegedly jailed impoverished defendants unable to pay fines of a few hundred dollars, has a string of outstanding debts to the US government dating back to 2007, according to tax filings obtained by the Guardian from authorities in Missouri.

And there you have it folks; corruption, racism, tax evasion, racial profiling, the use of excessive force, the use of tasers on unarmed Black people, the inflicting of a punishing regime of fines and fees on the city’s majority Black population, system wide abuse of power in the city of Ferguson, MO and the pig pinks dressed in blue ‘feel’ under siege. Ain’t that a bitch? They cannot for the life of them figure out why anyone would want to shoot such fine, upstanding, impartial officers of the law that swore to protect and serve those who pay their salary. They cannot figure it out! Not even with a Justice Department report all up in their snout denoting their use of excessive force against Black people, a report all up in their snout denoting their deployment of attack dogs on unarmed Black people, a report all up in their snout denoting their use of tasers on unarmed Black people, a report all up in their snout for illegally arresting Black people, a report all up in their snout for filling their coffers with bogus traffic ticket money from the Black residents of Ferguson, MO. But let’s get out the violin and bemoan the pig pinks feelings of being under siege!

My Black ass and every other Black person in AmeriKKKa has been under siege since day one in this shithole. Walk a goddamn mile in our shoes and then talk about ‘feeling’ under siege. You worthless motherfuckers are one of the main reasons why we are always under siege and yet, you want to bellyache when someone busts a cap all up in YOUR ass when you goddamn worthless motherfuckers should not be able to get anywhere near a damn cop uniform, gun and badge. You sons-of-bitches terrorize Black people every single goddamn day and YOU’RE under siege??!! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! You get no motherfucking sympathy from me, you racist ass bitches!

15 thoughts on “The Ferguson Police ‘Feel’ Under Siege, Play The World’s Smallest Violin For Them!

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised, Shelby, if these bullets came from government paid riflemen to counteract the effects of the DoJ’s investigation and report.

    Doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious? After all, wouldn’t it have made more sense for this shooting to have happened right after the murder in Ferguson, when everyone was on the warpath? Why now?

    This sounds to me like the typical bullshit that comes from this piece of shit government. This pig dept. gets hit hard by the government DoJ, then the government tells these pigs, “Don’t worry, we have you covered!”, then two pigs wounded, not killed, but wounded.

    Oh pity the poor little pigs. My fat ass!


    1. Of course the bullets came from an AmeriKKKan sniper! This was a planned staged event to attempt to downplay the report by the Justice Department and to once again, throw people off the scent of corruption, tax evasion, racism, cronyism, police brutality, unlawful arrests, racial profiling, illegal arrests, tasering and bogus ticketing of Black people that IS Ferguson, MO.

      The protesters had nothing to gain while the Ferguson pig department had much to gain in the way of sympathy because they are just good ole boys with a difficult job to do because police work is SO dangerous. Newsfuckingflash, being a window cleaner is more dangerous, being a construction worker is more dangerous, being a firefighter is more dangerous. Cowards make up the police departments all across this shithole because they’ve got a badge and a gun and can get away with shooting people with impunity, especially Black people. They get away with stealing drug money, guns and drugs from the raids and stings they set up and then they turn around and bust other people for doing exactly what they do, but because they are legally sanctioned criminals, what they do is just fine and dandy. They are nothing more than skinheads, the klan and other racist ass white supremacy groups decked out in blue; the nasty, filthy, vile motherfuckers. I’d never shed a tear over their demise!


  2. @Shelby

    My Black ass and every other Black person in AmeriKKKa has been under siege since day one in this shithole. Walk a goddamn mile in our shoes and then talk about ‘feeling’ under siege.

    Preach sista! I DO NOT feel sorry for these people. Oh, Cry me a river! *violin playing* Lol.


    1. LOL! Thanks TiredSista! You know, I almost added as a finishing touch just what you commented, “Cry me a river!” That is just what they can do! That shit claims to be under siege? They have got to be joking! They have been hell bent on fucking us up and murdering us since slavery and they are still at it and THEY feel under siege? If that don’t take the goddamn cake and then some! I swear, the bullshit just keeps piling up! And as you can see, I keep scooping it right back in their direction!

      Feel sorry for them? That day will NEVER come and they can ‘BU-LEEEE-DAT!!! Thank you for your comment TiredSista! I sincerely appreciate it!


    1. Thanks Prince and I don’t believe too many people can keep it any more real than I do! I don’t pussyfoot around with bullshit! Not a bit of it! Those motherfuckers got the goddamn nerve to come out with some shit about ‘feeling’ under siege when those bastards don’t ‘feel’ a goddamn thing; least ways not for the Black people that they are intentionally fucking up and murdering. They can kiss my ass, but only from a goddamn distance; the lousy, filthy, racist ass murdering bastards!

      And thanks for posting the link Prince! I’ll be checking it out shortly!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. We’ve been ready how the Israeli Defense Force has been training US police in their militaristic tactics against innocent civilians. This so sounds like Netanyahu has been training them in propaganda techniques designed to conceal their criminal culpability and make their victims appear to be victimizers. I get the same sick feeling in my stomach listening to this shit as I do to Netanyahu going on ad infinitem about Israeli self-defense.


    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall. I have been saying for some time now that the Black people in this shithole that are being fucked up daily, need to get with the program that this shit ain’t hardly playing with them and that what’s going down is foul than a motherfucker! Even after the Justice Department finally got up off its sorry ass long enough to produce a report that everybody Black already knew, before hand what the deal was, that Ferguson shit went right into action and produced, right on schedule, a shooting to look like they needed to cross the line every goddamn day because, “See? If we don’t, pigs in pink get shot!” Yep, that shit was scripted. They pull something like this every single time the tide starts turning against their nasty ass!

      And now, just as was planned, the whites are busily pissing on the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. We know that when all is said and done, we are on our own. The Indians know what that feels like, the few that’s left, and we do as well and also those who live on the Gaza Strip. But, we are perceived as wrong when we engage in self-defense because we have no rights in this shithole. That should be obvious even to the blind!

      Again, I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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