We Waste So Much Of Life!

time as a blur

Everything is make-believe.
What, if anything is real?
We don’t even know the time,
are the days your own to fill?

We wonder why life seems so short,
when an hour of each day they steal.
It is not as if we don’t need it,
as it is, there’s no time to kill.

We waste so much of life,
just trying to beat the clock.
Life is over before we know it.
At death’s door, we all must knock.

Take a moment to reflect,
on all the things you want to do.
Don’t put them off for tomorrow.
What if tomorrow doesn’t wait for you?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Sometimes we should just say, “Fuck what I need to do! I am going to do what I want to do!” I was talking with a lady a few days ago and she was telling me that she lived from paycheck to paycheck and never had the chance to do anything or go anywhere because bills ate up her entire paycheck. She said that she finally decided to say, “To hell with bills, I am going to book a trip!” She had only enough money to get to Vegas but she said she had a wonderful time and was so glad that she had gone and that even though she is now playing catch-up with her bills, it was worth it to her because she, for once, did something she wanted to do instead of the same ole same ole drudgery of a day-to-day existence; get up, go to work, go home and repeat.

It is such a shame that we never get to do what we daydream about and we feel that we can only dream due to our circumstances of being too poor or too afraid to venture beyond our comfort zone. We have allowed others to limit our freedom to act on our dreams and aspirations. We don’t have the time to indulge ourselves in a favorite pastime such as painting or playing a musical instrument or even traveling because we have bills to pay and more bills to pay and we get stuck in that rut. It is all so sad really that when we look up, we find that time and life have slipped away from us and what we have put off for another tomorrow, is no longer possible to do. I wish that I could tell you that all things are possible, but even I am not that naïve. I just wish that life for many of us could have been so much different than what it actually is.


24 thoughts on “We Waste So Much Of Life!

  1. Spot on again, Shelby, poem/sentiments!

    “We have allowed others to limit our freedom to act on our dreams and aspirations.”

    Yes we most certainly have, almost everyone of us!

    Time is a means of control. Buying more (having to have) than we can afford is a means of control, which both force us into being underpaid slaves in this system/order. We watch the clock and dream of a better life, and then get up and go to work to pay for the crap that we don’t need, and can’t afford, because we must have it. And then we come home so dead we can’t do anything but dread the alarm clock going off in the morning! Behold, the Merican nightmare! And who benefits? The creatures who are our slave-masters!

    We, the many, have been conditioned to be nothing more than beasts of burden for the elite few, so these few can rule us and the world. And this has been going on from the beginning of time, and in many differing forms.

    There are some who believe we were brought to this planet, eons ago, to be slaves for a race of reptilians who are big in the universe. And as outlandish as this seems. there are ‘times’ that I believe this may be the truth. I don’t want to believe it, but your post, here, and other evidence drives me to at least consider it.

    Whether we will admit it or not, we are all slaves, in one way or another. But some of us have decided, as best they can, to stop being enslaved, by withdrawing from time and this rat race most of us refer to as ‘life’. There are some of us who have truly gone off the ‘grid’, where they have no clocks, phones or electronic devices, they have no need of this thing and that thing, and thus they have no need of a ‘job’, no need of low-paid slavery. They have set themselves free. And I greatly admire these people.

    But not all of us can do this, can we? I know I can’t. I have become so enslaved, because of age and illness, that I can no longer withdraw completely. Oh, if only I were healthy and young again, I would tell these creatures to shove their time, their jobs, their things, their system/order of slavery, where the sun don’t shine, and head for the forests of Northwest Merica, or anywhere time and this bullshit existence ceases to be!

    See what you did here, Shelby? You got me all pissed off and depressed. I hope you’re satisfied!

    Only kidding, this is my usual state anyway!

    Great post and points!


      1. Sojourner, you have not blabbed! I love your comments. I just know that if I dwell on all that we are missing out on that life has to offer simply because we are made to toil endlessly for the elites, I’ll be needing all up on another break. It has nothing to do with what you said.

        Blab on my friend, blab on! I’ll keep it together! I value our back and forth and I hope you know that!

        And I am hoping that I can take a vacation soon. It is much needed and waaaay past due and I don’t mean, a vacation from blogging, I mean, a real vacation.


  2. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    When was the last time you felt you were wasting a life, with all of your working, having to have, business, or, in other words, playing the game no one can win, which has been forced on you?

    Well if this question registers with you, then read this. You’re not alone!


  3. It’s like we were saying the other day, we are debt slaves, slaves to money. At this point, probably half the western world is living pay check to pay check, just barely keeping their heads above water. Meanwhile the wealth of the elite has tripled since the crash. What kind of existence is this when we never get the chance to live our own lives


    1. Exactly, newsfortherevolution! We have no life because it is planned out for us. We are not living. We are merely existing for the benefit of making the elites ever more richer while we sink into depression and give in to despair and start drinking or popping pills or shooting up dope to deal with the fact that we see no way out. Many of us just give up and opt out in the form of whatever drug of choice they can afford even if they must get it by selling their precious body and doing things that they would ordinarily never think to do, but they do it.

      The main reason why I threw my TV out many, many years ago is because I was busily running from room to room and my son would say, “Mom, can you buy me this, that and look at that?” I stopped, sat down beside him and watched TV for half an hour and all I saw were commercials telling me that I needed Maybelline to look great, telling me that I needed Mr. Clean to clean my house, that I needed Pantene to get luxurious hair, that I needed, needed and needed and that I needed to buy this and that for this person and that person and then the mindless drivel of a show would be on for 2 minutes with canned laughter or stupid cartoons and I said, “Fuck it!”

      We are to work and buy useless stuff because that is what makes THEIR(TPTB)world go around while we are stuck in a rut, wishing for something more out of this life before its over and then when we’re staring our own mortality in the face, we find that we put life off until it was too late. It really should not be this way! SIGH!!!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s awesome that you got rid of your TV. It’s much better for your son in the long run, but how did he adjust to that idea initially?

        TV sucks us in at an early age, it’s the worst drug of all, because it’s the cornerstone of the elite’s control over us.


      2. He adjusted by spending more time outside playing with friends and going over his grandfather’s house learning how to become a mechanic. He became more active in outdoor activities when he was young and then as he grew older and was on his own, he now refuses to buy a TV. Of course he hated it at first and I had to listen to how unfair I was, blah, blah, blah, but I was hell bent on him not turning into a mindless consuming drone, if I could help it.

        Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely successful because now the only thing he’ll spend any money on is the latest smartphone of some sort. I don’t have one and so I don’t know anything about smartphones, iPhones or whatnot. But that crazy child of mine will spend over $800 on a phone. I told him that I could not believe that he was a child of mine and he says to me, “Mom, you don’t even have a phone. What you’ve got was made by dinosaurs.” I proceeded to call his phone from mine and when his phone rang, I said, “Is this PHONE doing what it’s supposed to do?” Exactly! I love him to pieces but he is Apple phone product crazy! And I’ll never forgive him for it. LOL!

        Thanks newfortherevolution!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. NO! It does not!! You know how Tube is. I’ve told him before that I need to just wipe out my entire poem or essay and post his comment in its place because he’s managed to say in 5 words what it took me 1,023 words to say. He just got it like that. *smile*


  4. “And I am hoping that I can take a vacation soon. It is much needed and waaaay past due and I don’t mean, a vacation from blogging, I mean, a real vacation.”

    I hear that! If only I could get away for a while!

    I didn’t think you were complaining about my long response, Kiddo! I looked at it and thought, Did I really write that much?

    And I enjoy our back and forth also!


    1. I’m hoping he’ll run for president!

      Tubularsock for President of the United States of America 2016!!!!!!

      And in Tubularsock’s own words, ” Tubularsock is where he’s at when he’s there!”



      1. President of The United Penal Colonies of Merica (UPC of M), you mean!

        Yes, Pres of UPC of M: Tubular, Tubular, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, nobody can! Whoopee, etc, etc!


  5. OH SHIT! Tubularsock feels another groundswell from THE PEOPLE!

    Does this mean that Mericans are waking up?
    If so, here is todays special message for the Penal Colonies:

    “The ONLY prison is prison of self.”

    TUBULARSOCK 2016 ……. “It’s time motherfuckers!”


    1. It IS time indeed! Tubularsock, show ’em what you got! It’s YOUR time Tubularsock!!!! Now make it rock!!!! LOL!!! I love it! I’ve order 300 million, “Tubularsock For President of The United Penal Colonies of Merica!” yard signs! That, I think is a good start!


      1. Thank you so much Shelby. 300 hundred million is a great start. Tubularsock has gotten 500 million “Tube’s Our Man 2016” shopping cart posters for the homeless just in case Tubularsock runs.

        Any day now the Exploratory Committee will let Tubularsock know …. yes I am prepared to take this great land of opportunity from the prison industrial lifestyle into future!


    2. “The ONLY prison is prison of self.”

      I know and my warden keeps telling me I can’t go home, my Capitan!

      Between my warden, “Sam” and the damn tumor, I’ll never get out!


      1. Ah sojourner, tell Warden Sam to cut once, fuck measurement! That’ll show him. And then for the damn tumor contact Tubularsock Medical Services. You do remember their motto right?

        “Have Sawsall Will Travel”.


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