Liars lie in a hollowed pit

Await your fate, you must

I pledge your life to him with horns

You’ll burn this day to crust

Never more will you claim the throne

And doom the innocent to slaughter

The light of right must shine once more

And the payment will be your daughter

You know of whom I speak

And naught can stop this curse

You heaped your soul with ice hot coals

That melts your fiery hearse

The crowd cheers at the spectacle

Of this smoldering end to you

And may all that hurt the innocent

Burn along with you!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

This one comes from reading about the belief in spells and curses and so I have toyed with one of my own. The ‘pagan’ in me is forever trying to surface. I put a ‘curse’ on you! Ha! Ha! Lighten up! This is ‘light’ hearted humor or is it? 

I hear the creaking of the stairs and the mournful hoot of an owl.

On a night such as this, what could be on the prowl?


4 thoughts on “Burn!

    • LMAO! I ain’t hexing, cursing and putting spells on the likes of us. You’ve just got to know that the shits that deserve the curses and the hexes and the spells are the shits we write about!

      Now, back to stirring my cauldron.

      “Fire and toads and barnacle dust
      spoon in heaps of old car rust
      stir it, dip it, strain this brew
      I put a curse on them, not you!”

      And may it work! Hee! Hee!

      Thanks Tubularsock!


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