A Government Of War And Terror!

I am reblogging this to remind the stupid Americans of the true enemies of this country.

One of these bastards lied and over a million people were killed and the body count continues and the other one received a Nobel Peace prize for being a piece of shit that drone strikes innocent people around the world, indefinitely detains innocent people who have no access to counsel and said, “we tortured some folks” as if he only said, “Go and get your Happy Meal today!” Seriously? And yet, we are somewhere looking cross-eyed at someone from the Middle East as though they are the problem when the problem is the nasty, vile, filthy, corrupt, barbaric shits that gladly allow their strings to be pulled by the warmonger puppet masters. That shit is your real and true enemy and not the people of the Middle East that have had unholy hell unleashed upon them by this shithole called AmeriKKKa!



The next time you find yourself on a goddamn airplane and you’re looking askance at someone who appears to look like he or she is from the Middle East, you best look askance at that American soldier who is sitting in the seat right next to you. He or she is the one most likely to get themselves in the news for going the fuck off on some post traumatic stress shit from endless deployments and for killing people who’ve done not a goddamn thing wrong to them.

We are busy being pointed towards a made-up enemy by the worthless warmongering shits that’s got three-fourths of the United Snakes of America hating all up and down on the people of the Middle East that we’ve been fucking over for decades past and present. And then you wonder why somebody from the Middle East should EVER want to fuck us up?…

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