A Torn And Bloodied Flag!



The eyes of men behold

A torn and bloodied flag

They lied unto themselves

That it was more than just a rag.


You satisfy its thirst for blood

Not theirs per se, but yours

And gladly will you die

In endless, senseless wars.


Unfurl that hated symbol

Of the oppressed and of the dead

Pledge allegiance to your slavery

Upon your blood, that flag is fed.


Salute the stars and stripes

But know what it is you do.

Those stars are bombs and drones

And the stripes are a slave’s tattoo.


Its tattered tales of glory

Are shredded by the truth

And as its seams are ripped apart

You feed to it, your youth.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Keep feeding a symbol that stands for stolen lands and lashed backs and for the spilled blood of all the other innocent human beings that have been murdered, all over a lie! The lie IS America! This country was never about freedom and democracy and justice. Look at its history. When has freedom, democracy and justice ever reigned in this hell hole? It never has. You are fed patriotic bullshit. You are made to stand and salute a tattered and bloodied symbol that symbolizes everything that his country stands for; rape, genocide, torture, war crimes, hypocrisy, enslavement and all things vile, obscene and barbaric. There has never been one shred of decency that IS or WAS or WILL ever be America. Salute that blood stained and tattered shit of a flag, if you will, but count me the hell out! I spit on it!




14 thoughts on “A Torn And Bloodied Flag!

    1. Thank you Sojourner for that most enthusiastic adjective for this one! I don’t know what the hell is wrong with WordPress. Maybe, my stuff is just too hot to handle and it gets sent to the outer regions of cyberspace. But I am certainly glad that you found your way to it and commented. Of course as you can see, I don’t hold back, and this is how I truly feel about that worthless ass tattered blood stained shit of a flag that stands for all things obscene, vile, filthy, nasty, dirty, hypocritical, deceitful…. Damn! I could go on and on, but I’ll cut it off right there or I’ll fill the page.

      Thanks again!


    1. WOW! I am taken aback by your comment as well Prince! Thank you ever so much for it! I write when I have something to say and I mean every single word in this one and then some!!

      Thanks again! I appreciate your continued support!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall and as you have so stated, ‘stolen land, stolen people’ and that IS the truth and we salute and pledge allegiance to that filthy ass tattered rag that isn’t even good enough for me to stomp the snow of my boots onto.

      Again, I thank you most kindly for your comment!


  1. Such beautiful poetry. And so true. What a worthless piece of cloth that is worshipped and respected more than actual people leaving under the capitalist regime.


    1. Thank you Caleb! Yep! Stand at attention and turn and salute that bloodied rag called the American flag because it really doesn’t symbolize freedom, justice, democracy, humanity and compassion. It stands for wars, war crimes, hypocrisy, drone strikes against the innocent, unlawful detention otherwise known as false imprisonment, brutality, torture and a myriad of other barbarisms and of course it most definitely stands for the expansion of capitalism. If another country doesn’t want what we tell them to want, we will force our will upon them and our soldiers will carry that American rag, salute it and hop to murdering innocent people because we got it like that!

      If anybody is any doubt, please remove all doubt and take note that I despise, loathe and hate this shithole called America!

      Again, I thank you most kindly for your comment Caleb! Good to see ya!

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