“Death To The West!”




I am from Yemen and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Libya and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Pakistan and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Afghanistan and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Syria and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Iraq and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Somalia and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Vietnam and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Iran and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Niger and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Yugoslavia and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Russia and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Haiti and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Ukraine and I say, “Death to the West!”

I am from Ferguson, MO and I say, “Death to the West!”


*America and the UK


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

The U.S. has drone struck Yemen, set Libya on fire, drone struck Pakistan, started a war in Afghanistan and why? The U.S. is bombing Syria and Iraq AGAIN. The U.S. is sending its military back into Somalia, and don’t even act like you don’t know why Vietnam would say, “Death to the West!” The U.S. AND Israel is out to make sure that Iran is ‘declawed’ or in other words, is no threat to Israel by having nukes although, it’s fine for Israel to ‘enjoy’ a nukes program. The U.S. has set up a drone base in Niger and I am certain that if Niger decided to set up a drone base in the U.S., and to say that, “That would not go over well!”, would be the goddamn understatement of the year! And what about Bill Clinton’s War in Yugoslavia? Never forget the U.S. neo-Nazi shit stirrers that have fucked up Ukraine while Russia got the blame. We all should know that U.S. help for Haiti is a fraud! And last but certainly not least, “Death to the West!” for what went down in Ferguson, MO and for what went down in Ohio and for what went down in New York and for what continues to go down every single goddamn day for people all across this shithole! “Death to the West!” Now fucking cart me off to a FEMA camp, I fucking dare ya!

30 thoughts on ““Death To The West!”

  1. I am from the Weat and I say Death to our entrenched systemic. corrupt corporate plutocracy and the military industrial wall street casino cluster fuck of criminal planet raping psychopaths who wish death on all the easily exploitable, expendable and dispensible human beings including all of us in the west who do not mindlessly consume their poison products and buy their line of bullshit propaganda.


  2. I’d sum it up this way: The rest of the world says, Death to the West!

    I would even get more specific: Death to the West’s elite-pig owned and operated system/order of government, foreign policy and world economics. It is this system/order that needs to die .

    It’s amazing, Shelby, I have heard some interviews with middle-eastern young people, and they don’t hate us, they hate our government. And some even seem to sense that many Mericans hate their government as well.


    1. And I’ll just sum it up this way! “Death to the West!”

      But in all seriousness, they should hate us because so many of US go along with what this fucked up government is doing to them. Our fucking sick ass twisted shits, otherwise known as military whores have not ceased and desisted with killing innocent people all over the goddamn world despite knowing that they’re NOT bringing democracy and freedom to an oppressed people, they are in fact, complicit in the warmonger capitalist plans for every country and nation on this planet. Again, the people in the Middle East and all around the world, in fact, SHOULD hate US because of what this shithole stands for and because we’ve become, for the most part, docile sheep that are easily led and we pretend that we cannot tell the innocent from the guilty.

      Thank you for your comment!

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      1. I am not in disagreement. in any way! They should despise and hate everyone of us!

        I am just amazed that these people seem to be much more human than ME and many other Mericans. If I were them, I would have daggers in my eyes for every Merican!

        But, then again, I’m an asshole;-)

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      2. And I just absolutely HATE Americans, even though I am one of the nasty ass shits that I fucking rant and rave about! I, too, am one of the docile sheep and so I am calling myself out on this one too.

        I hate to even state that I am an American because, really, I’m not! This goddamn country don’t mean shit to me and quite frankly, I don’t mean shit to this country. We ain’t even by a long shot because this fucked up shithole has treated me like dirt from day one and it continues and that is why I wish the rest of the world would suddenly fall under a spell such as what makes The Dick and Obadroner tick and commence to wiping this shithole off the face of every single goddam map. Yeah! I know! My ass would go up in a vaporized cloud but I look at it this way, all for a good cause!

        Thanks Sojourner!

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    1. I’ve been lived in one countries at poem, and saw three of them enough. And major population doesn’t say “death to west”. And I am living right now, as the old saying Little Asia, Anatolia-Turkey. It is sort of eastern county again.
      I see justified that to express of such as feeling against the injustices. People in east are primarily interested in their jobs and their governments and equitable rights regarding social life. They would not develop discourses on to countries outside their own countries.
      However, they develop a discourse against foreign power inside their own country.
      Such as “Yankee go home.”
      The countries, so, western countries, they do not care all.
      Why have I written these?
      Anyone who reads these lines will not be a conscious readers.
      And the mind of the non-conscious reader, who read these lines will consist the following.
      “They hate us, they want to death to us”
      No, major population does not hate the west.
      Most hates capitalism and imperialism, but west does not consist of all people who have been prisoners of western imperialism or capitalism. And the eastern people are not ignorant. They know that the people’s personal stance are in a different place next to the country’s policy. When the names of the country remained under suspicion, that to their “death” to be presented in the form of options, would not required. The eastern people know it.
      This is only strengthen the hand of war-monger.
      You are right in anger which is wanting justice, but the east is not like that, my Earthling friends.

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      1. Migarium, the people of the countries and nations that I have mentioned in my poem may not have said, “Death to the West!” but I will say it because I know of only a few of the atrocities that this worthless shithole called America has inflicted on said countries and nations.

        It really does not matter that the people of Yemen know that I wish that I could stop the drones that are raining down on innocent heads but that does not stop the drones from raining down and killing innocent children in Yemen. If myself and millions of other Americans would hop to going the fuck off over here, then maybe we could help the world out by causing such a goddamn shit storm of shit that the military in the form of the National Guard and reinforcements would be needed to ‘handle’ us. But nothing doing. Since, like I said, we are docile sheep and are easily controlled, that makes it so easy for the military to start shit elsewhere. We are somewhere busily playing with our smartphones and our video games and being entertained by the whores of Hollywood, that we don’t even consider what our so-called leaders are doing in other countries where they have no fucking business anyway. We simply don’t care, for the most part.

        Yes, we are prisoners of capitalism and we continue to feed capitalism’s ‘ego’ because we know how not to feed capitalism but we refuse to act on it because we are too selfish, greedy and self-serving. And we are in the belly of the Imperial beast but do we even attempt to give this goddamn beast, a really, really bad incurable case of indigestion? Hell no! And I will continue to state that the whore called America, needs to die!

        “Death to the West!” –>America AND Great Britain!!

        Thank you for your comment.

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      2. But isn’t is interesting that so many people here in the West wish death to all of our “enemies” particularly in the Middle East, when in fact these people are not our enemies, but our victims?

        And those victims do not wish our deaths, the only wish us to leave them alone. That says a lot about the difference between western culture and other cultures around the world

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      3. True, although people are in the east is seeing in the eyes of Western politicians largely as barbarians, the real important thing “the right to life” for the eastern people. And maybe that’s one of the reason that they’re so closely connected to religion. I can not know, of course.

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      4. Exactly newsfortherevolution! We sit here wishing for their death every single goddamn day and night and yet the people that are getting drone struck and otherwise bombed by US are so very much human whereas we in this shithole are not because why else would they NOT hate us while we are busy killing them and yet we hate them? It is insanity.

        Those who should be filled with hate, are not and the ones who ARE filled with hate, should not be. That is some twisted and backwards shit right there!

        So, I shall continue to allege to speak for the world, “Death to the West, goddamn it!”

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      5. I think the only thing that’s going to bring death to the West, is if our leaders finally destroy the planet with their insanity, or enough people here wake up to what’s going on and put an end to this corrupt system

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      6. Taking into consideration your two scenarios or options, the way I see it happening will be option or scenario number 1 because the latter will NEVER happen. More’s the goddamn pity!

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  3. Shelby, your wish is my wish also! I was born in this country by chance, and that is all. I have no claims on it and the other way around.

    You, by far, have had it worse than me, and there is no doubt about that!

    It isn’t that I myself have suffered at the hands of this government that much, although they have had their ways with me as well, It’s what this government does to others around the world that has made me turn away from it, and how it treats the poor and minorities here.

    I hate the word ‘minority’! The smallest ‘minority’ in Merica outnumbers the assholes running the show! If there is a minority, it is the inbred scumbags that own and operate this piece of shit!

    This is what pisses me off, why are the majority of us letting a tiny minority of scum do this to us and the world?


  4. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    Hey, Mr and Ms Merica, still going with the line, “Why does the rest of the world hate us?” or “They hate us for our freedom!”

    Well it’s time to wake up and smell the stench that is your country, Mr and Ms Merica! They you and your government, because you allow your government to invade their countries and rape, pillage and murder them and their families, and for no other reason than the lust for wealth and power!

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    1. I thank you most sincerely for the reblog Sojourner! I don’t want you and Tubularsock and Linda and Prince and HLJ and Newsfortherevolution and all the rest of my devoted followers to get vaporized. I just wish that the shits that are behind the scenes stirring up shit would get vaporized because just as you say Sojourner, they’re worthless fucks that need to go! I’ll change my chant a bit!

      “Death to the warmongers!”

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      1. I should have known that you would get a kick out of being vaporized! Only YOU Tubularsock! LMAO!

        P.S. I’ve contacted a bunker real estate agent and there are a couple of bunkers available in Oakland. Care to have me for a neighbor? The neighborhood will be SMOKIN’! LOL! Damn! My bad! It already is with you there! Damn! My bad AGAIN! You’re vaporizing your shit! ROTFLMAO!! You guys are a riot!


  5. New Zealand don’t really care much for the US, either. We’re fed up with Obama trying to ram this secret TPP treaty down our throats -mainly because it would totally undermine all our democratic institutions.


    1. …and Dr. Bramhall makes it unanimous! Bless your heart, I feel for you guys too and I must say it just one more time!

      I am from New Zealand and I say “Death to the West!”

      Unfortunately, the world won’t listen to me and as you know, once again, I have beseeched the world to put an end to the reign of this diseased whore called, America, once and for all, but my pleas go unheard! More’s the damn pity, I say!

      Thank you Dr. Bramhall! I am sorry that I can’t offer you guys over in NZ some hope.


    1. Not a goddamn friend in the world left! And as you can plainly see, I am certainly not a goddamn motherfucking friend of this here hellhole shithole, nasty ass whore called America! Not a fucking bit of it!

      Thank you for your comment! As you can see, I am having a great ass day all up in here! Fuck this shithole!

      Uh..again! Thank you Prince!

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