I Am On An Anti-Military Crusade!



I am on an anti-military crusade

For being a killer is why you get paid

Do us all a favor and just drop dead

Shoot yourself in your goddamn head

You are sick and you need to die

And I will be glad to tell you why

You’re already dead when you aim a drone

At someone who to you, is unknown

You are not  human and you fucking know that

That is why you can kill at the drop of a hat

You say that it’s the only job that you can find

I’d rather get crushed underground in a mine

Unlike you, I am human and I give a damn

About all the children that you killed in *Nam.

I ache for the mothers that have lost a child

And for the people in Afghanistan that you defiled

You suit up and you go not into harm’s way

But to a foreign land and make people, your prey.

I am expected to sympathize when you get fucked up

Nothing fucking doing since you are morally bankrupt

Never for a minute think that I will take your side

You’re an ugly, twisted shit hopped up on false pride

I hope that your own mind becomes the enemy

And when you die, burn in hell for all eternity.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Crap a goddamn attitude over this one, I fucking hope you do because I mean every damn word of this poem and as inspiration comes, more of the like will get posted, you fucking military whores and though I don’t believe in the ‘christian’s’ hell, I hope that there is someplace that you end up in that will make you wish you were never born!




16 thoughts on “I Am On An Anti-Military Crusade!

      1. I know how you can get rid of all of the excess guns and bombs that you possess, insert another bomb with a timer on it and send it directly to The Dick!

        c/o The Dick
        Sent to the deepest pit of hell
        whereupon hell declined his ass
        and sent The Dick to Uranus to
        get rectally hydrated 666 times!

        There! I fixed THAT particular problem for you!


  1. Reblogged this on OCCUPY AMERICA and commented:
    Well said Shelby. we need more deserters and whitleblowers like Bowe Bergdahl, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden who know from the inside and want to rebel. Our salvation may depend on veterans who want revenge. Many of them were suckered into becoming mercenary killers.


    1. Thank you so much for the reblog Jtremaine! I just wish that there would be no need for them to rebel because they figured it out before they signed up that what they were about to do was wrong. I realize that many are signing up and just turned 18, but at 18, I knew right from wrong and signing up to kill was not something that I would ever jump on board to do.

      It is good that a few of them are rebelling but the majority of them appear to want to continue. More’s the damn pity.

      Again, I thank you for the reblog!


  2. We’ve been having discussions about the military and such things at work for the past few days. I work with some warmorgers who see all the evil in the world coming from MSM made enemies. Not an original thought in the whole group and that’s why I love me some Ms. Courtland. Thank you missy.


    1. Oh HLJ, you got me blushing. Awww shucks! I love me some HLJ too, you darling, you!

      Sigh! And so the sheep continue to eat from the table of shit and they fucking like eating shit! Well, I don’t. I don’t want shit or bullshit and so MSM ain’t making me a bullshit sam’ich! Oh hell no! They can keep their shit! And I will continue to attempt to counter shit with the truth! I wish your co-workers would step the hell up in this here hot ass, smoking kitchen, I’ll light it up for ’em, all good and proper like! You betcha!

      Thanks HLJ!! Much love to ya man!


      1. I don’t know HLJ! I’m hard to swallow! The truth usually is and I don’t want you to get into any trouble on the J-O-B! But I thank you kindly for wanting to spread MY word! Word up!


  3. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    It’s time to find another job or go on welfare. It’s time to stop being a paid assassin for the US Corporation, Zionist Israel and The New World Order!

    Look at it this way, if you flip hamburgers, wash cars or go on welfare, at least when you get home you won’t want to put a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger, because of your guilt over mass-mudering innocent men, women and children.


    1. Thank YOU Sojourner! Thank you much for the reblog!

      I am with you on that! I have flipped burgers and would do it again if I had to. I didn’t even fucking know how to flip a burger, but I did it. I’ve worked two jobs and forgot what sleep was, but nary a thought came into my head to go on a murdering spree for some rich ass fucked up warmongering shits and war hawk assholes! I’ve fucking gone hungry and some more shit, walked to work with the soles of my shoes all but gone, but I never grabbed a gun and commenced to killing innocent people all in the name of bullshit because every military whore knows by now that there ain’t a goddamn gnat’s ass worth of democracy coming out of or is on the inside the US of A. Never fucking think it!

      And again, thank you for the reblog AND for your comment! Much appreciated!


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