He Committed A Terrorist Act!


lubitz and jihadi john

ISIS lopped off a couple of heads

And Jihadi John is terrorist number one.

Now, along comes whitey white

Who put a plane on stun


But no terrorist is he called

His mental illness, we’ll define

One hundred and fifty people are dead

Where do we draw the line?


Why is Jihadi John, a terrorist

While suicidal whitey is not?

They both killed innocent people

And for that, they both should rot!


But whitey white gets a pass

Just like he’s always done.

The brown man is so scary

And he is the only one.


Poor fucked up head Lubitz

He really could not cope

His illness is the reason

One hundred and fifty people had no hope


The hopes and dreams are gone

For the people aboard that plane

The search for answers continues

While their families deal with the pain.


He committed a terrorist act

And what I say, you know is true

He terrorized those people

The plane’s passengers and its crew.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I am real tired of this hypocritical shit! When someone of Middle Eastern descent lops off a few heads, he immediately gets labeled a ‘terrorist’ and he’s a very, very bad man. Stop the goddamn presses! But along comes Andreas Lubitz, son of a successful business executive and his mother a piano teacher his family could well afford the cost of flying lessons at his local club, Luftorts Club Westerwald and let us pat the fact on the fucking head of his having a mental disorder and since he most likely suffered from affluenza, why we will just consider his actions, the result of a failed mental health institution and a breakdown in communications between his employer and his medical doctors that tragically claimed the lives of one hundred and forty nine innocent people and one fucked up in the head individual. This is all so sad and disturbing, but that’s life. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.

Well here in Courtland land, whitey white does not get a free goddamn pass. No fucking way. If Jihadi John is a terrorist then so is Andreas Lubitz. I don’t care how white he is, he is a goddamn terrorist and is no better than Jihadi John. If Lubitz was so disturbed that he wanted to off himself, then there are many ways to do so, but to intentionally get behind the controls of an airbus and take out 149 people who are just trying to get from point A to point B is TERRORISM! You don’t think that those people were terrified when they realized what was about to happen? Did Lubitz really need to make an IMPACT of epic proportions because of his sick, twisted little mind shenanigans? Even if in his eyes, he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, why did he not rent a Cessna and promptly crash it upon takeoff? He WANTED to commit an act that would get him notoriety and he did it because he could. So,in here, Andreas Lubitz joins the ranks of the terrorists!

This all goes back to that new diagnosis that really is all about shit called, ‘affluenza’ where white shits are just so misunderstood and disturbed when they commit atrocities and they don’t need to be defined as a terrorist or get jail time or to be considered, a criminal, they just need understanding. Anybody that’s got a permanent tan of some sort that commits an atrocity, why let’s get to locking those criminals up. They don’t have any extenuating circumstances or mental disorders. Are you fucking kidding? They are criminals and terrorists; now label them so and either lock them up or send a missile up their ass! That’s how we deal with them! But even though Lubitz sent shrapnel up everybody’s ass on that plane, he was just a misunderstood, suicidal good guy that just needed the right treatment. Sob Sob for Lubitz! In here? Hell if we do! I don’t fucking recognize ‘ white shit affluenza’!




8 thoughts on “He Committed A Terrorist Act!

  1. This is something that drives me crazy. Last year in Canada a crack addicted homeless man suffering from paranoid delusions and living in a homeless shelter miraculously got a hold of a rifle, shot a soldier and somehow managed to get inside the parliament buildings before he was shot by a some “hero”.

    Before any of the details were even known about the shooter the government and media was already declaring it an act of Islamic terrorism, which in itself is highly suspicious. But when his identity was finally revealed, they had no difficulty selling the “Islamic terrorist” story, because the man had RECENTLY converted to Islam. No one paused to ask how credible it was that a man suffering from paranoid delusions and who had not been a Muslim for very long, was in fact committing a terrorist act in the name of Islam.

    Western governments and media have no trouble selling these lies, because they have spent so much time fostering hatred, inciting racism and bigotry and have made Islamophobia socially acceptable.

    If this pilot had been an atheist Arab suffering from suicidal depression it still would’ve been called a terrorist act

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    1. “If this pilot had been an atheist Arab suffering from suicidal depression it still would’ve been called a terrorist act”

      ..and that is why I decided to tackle this head on. Exactly for the reasons you stated. I am sick to pieces of the hypocrisy. I am fed up with the demonization of the Muslim people. I am tired of hearing that “every Muslim is a terrorist!” And yet, when people who are not Muslims or who are not practicing Islam, commit terrorist acts, it’s not labeled as such. There is NO preferential treatment or hypocrisy going on all up in Courtland’s house, not a goddamn bit of it. When I see shit, I fucking call it out and I don’t give a good goddamn who don’t fucking like it. I am not trying to win friends, just trying to get the truth out and call out the liars, hypocrites and shit stirrers. This shit gets my goat up to no end!

      They are busily hopping all up and down on this terrorist’s mental status but are refusing to call it what it is, AN ACT OF TERRORISM. They make it seem as though only Muslims can carry out acts of barbaric terrorism and every white ass that’s not affiliated with Islam, gets a free fucking pass. Not on my watch!

      Oh let’s feel sorry for poor, poor mentally ill, with suicidal tendencies Lubitz who accidentally killed 149 innocent people who should have known better than to board the plane of a suicidal lunatic that tenderly and gently guided them into a mountainside and “Hail Mary, mother of GEEZUS, he released the lambs into paradise. Praise be!” They are attempting to justify what this co-pilot did and they should just read the above at his funeral because he just didn’t know any better! Sigh!! This just takes the piss!

      Thank you most sincerely for that right on point comment Newsfortherevolution!

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  2. You are once again correct. They are still piling on stories to make this person the victim rather than the mass murderer he is. I have from suffered some of the most debilitating depression and never once did I consider killing anyone.

    And you can forget about white people being called terrorist. That just ain’t in program this time around


    1. You know HLJ, I would love to be wrong, just ONCE! But, alas, it’s apparently, never to be. White people and the shit they do will ALWAYS be treated with kid gloves and viewed more kindly and gently than anybody else’s shit. Shit is shit, terrorism is terrorism, regardless of who is shitting or committing acts of terrorism. Well, I am not the MSM, but for those who come all up in here, they’re going to get hit with reality and not bullshit and propaganda, smoke and mirrors. Whenever I see shit like this, I am SO fucking calling it out, it’s unreal! I have had it!

      They are treating this lousy fucker like he is a goddamn baby that needs its reputation, protected. But let him have been heard on the black box, screaming in Arabic with a Middle Eastern accent and they would have sworn up and down that he screamed, “Allahu Akbar and claimed, ‘jihad’. And a passport would have been found among the wreckage, perfectly intact, claiming that he was from Syria and on the front of the passport, there would have been stamped, “If found, please return to ISIS!”

      And yes HLJ, there are millions of people who suffer from a mental illness of some kind, but the vast majority that find life too horrible to endure, commit suicide without taking out one hundred and forty-nine other people.

      So, once again, for the motherfuckers that’s slow, Andreas Lubitz committed an ACT OF TERRORISM and there are NO excuses! Fuck that shit!

      Thank you so much for your comment HLJ!


  3. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    If you’re white and mass-murder, you get a pass as being mentally ill, or a medal for being a soldier and a hero.

    But if you be a little darker in skin tone and kill anyone, you’re a psycho or terrorist.



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