Behold, The Face Of Evil!


They picked him very carefully as all the world can see.
He’s easy on the eye and with a great personality.

Those who went before him set the stage for what would come.
He’s like a phantom in the night; we ask, “Where is he really from?”

Oh how little did we know, he’d bring destruction in his wake.
No Robin Hood he is, from the rich he does not take.

He’s a banker’s friend; a corporate tool who’s sent us spiraling down.
He hails from a gangster’s paradise in a city called, “chi-town.”

He’s led us straight to hell and he’s smiled the journey long.
We crashed upon the rocks as though he’d sung the siren’s song.

What’s left is barren land and the poor are all but dead.
Those who could not lose, put a bullet through their head.

The serfs are drudging painfully as they keep the rich afloat.
They’re scared to make a sound; they dare not rock the boat.

Their fate would be just like the rest; that’s not to be endured.
The Black man lent his face and the white man was assured,
that all would be as he declared; no detail left to chance.
The white man pulls the strings of the Black man in the manse.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The white puppet masters are pulling the strings behind the charming, smiling, engaging, false, fake-ass face of Barack Obama, a puppet bought with blood money. He is a willing tool for those who consider themselves to be the elite. They are nothing more than worthless scum, depraved, lying, greedy, deceitful crooks with no compassion or morality. They are why we are constantly at war. They are why people are working for poverty wages. They are why we have homeless, hungry and uninsured people in this world. The hopeless, sunken eyed, gaunt people of the world watch and they wait……and they die because billions of people, as far as the elite fucks are concerned, are expendable and don’t deserve to live. If you are reading this, then you are just as expendable to those nasty bastards as I am and they will soon make a believer out of you! Don’t think so? Wait for it and I feel that you will not have long to wait!

20 thoughts on “Behold, The Face Of Evil!

  1. The boy’s a lost cause. What he threw away when he was first in office and people really believed in change and he did business as usual defined who he really was …….. and that “hope” is lost forever. He defines exactly what this country’s governance has always been but now people with eyes can see. Pathetic.

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    1. ..and sadly, we did not know HOW lost! We foolishly thought that this fresh-faced youngster would whip this shit into shape and all would be right with the world. Oh, how we got played, big time! I am still reeling over it all. But who could blame us, really? We thought we were finally getting somewhere. So many people, for the first time, donated what they could to a presidential candidate and how many people knocked on countless doors to ‘get out the vote’ and oh how we assembled at his first inauguration and with bated breath, watched him take the oath of office and look at where we are now. It just sickens me!

      I thank you kindly for your comment Tubularsock!


    1. I wish Rajiv! I just read Peter’s comment and it would seem that there are a great many that will break their necks just to get a glimpse of that evil, twisted bastard. Sigh! Some things never change!

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Obama was in Louisville, yesterday. I work in Louisville, about a block from where he was spewing his tripe. It was pretty sickening to see all the excited peons standing on the sidewalks hoping to catch a glimmer of his motorcade. Anyway, I left work early as to avoid the traffic snares his motorcade caused.

    Great poem, as usual, Shelby.


    1. Thank you Peter! And I would have done exactly as you did, left early because there is no way in hell that I would want to get anywhere near that snake oil salesman, selling us lies, torture, hypocrisy and some more shit.

      When he said, “we tortured some folks,” I was already done, but I went waaaay past done over that one as if he just kindly said, “we stepped on some folks toes, is all.” Seriously??!!!! That bastard in the picture is the reason why I will never vote again! I don’t care if the repugs remain in office because what the hell difference does it make? Exactly!

      Again, thank you for the compliment and for your comment!

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  3. “The white puppet masters are pulling the strings behind the charming, smiling, engaging, false, fake-ass face of Barack Obama, a puppet bought with blood money.”

    “Same as it ever was!”

    Excellent poem, just excellent! Neo-Nero defined!


  4. Wow, you packed so much into this one. The best thing about Obama is that his presidency has exposed, once and for all, the lie that is democracy. We are nothing but expendable slaves to these sociopaths. The way things are going, our future holds nothing but more oppression and poverty for the obedient slaves, and concentration and re-educations camps for the dissenters


    1. I most sincerely appreciate the compliment on this one and I guess I’ll be seeing you in the ‘concentration and re-education camps for the dissenters’ ’cause I ain’t going out, all quiet like! They’re going to have one hell of a time getting me into one, though.That’s for damn sure!

      According to a post by Sojourner from yesterday, we’ve all been deemed mentally ill anyway and so I’ll show ’em some mental illness alright!

      Again, I thank you!

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