US layoffs mount amid signs of economic slowdown

Main Street is doing just great! The jobs are plentiful. The food shelves and food banks have closed thanks to ‘no demand’ for food items! The unemployment centers have closed because everyone is working a job that pays a living wage. People are spending money, hand over fist thanks to the great wage jobs they have! Wow! What we have here is Utopia, people!

Uh..what’s that?

Oh my bad! They just told me that I was dreaming and they handed me this sign to post!


Damn! I didn’t see that coming!

News for the Revolution

By Andre Damon
March 28, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

US corporations announced thousands of layoffs this week amid a series of plant closures, mergers and consolidations and signs of declining economic growth.

On Wednesday, US Steel announced 2,080 layoffs at its Granite City Works in Illinois. The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker plans to lay off over 4,500 employees nationwide, including over 1,800 workers in Alabama. Job cuts are also planned in Minnesota and Texas.

The same day, steelmaker Worthington Industries of Columbus, Ohio announced plans to lay off 555 employees nationwide. Of these, 310 are to lose their jobs as a result of the closure of a plant in Florence, South Carolina.

On Thursday, Ohio-based Republic Steel announced 200 layoffs at its Lorain, Ohio plant.

The steel companies said the layoffs were a response to a fall in demand stemming from the drop in oil prices and appreciation of the dollar…

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2 thoughts on “US layoffs mount amid signs of economic slowdown

  1. There’s really a very simple explanation here. The so-called “recovery” is based on a small (1-2%) increase in GDP. And every bit of the GDP increase is generated and consumed by the 1% as they suck up the dwindling resources of the rest of us.


    • Thank you Dr. Bramhall. So, in reality, reality, meaning the real world for us peons, there never has been a ‘recovery’ and there never will be a ‘recovery’. But they will continue to spin shit and promote propaganda and tell lies and we, as the good little sheep we are, eat it up and belch out a rose.

      Again, thank you for your comment!


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