Nothing is Right in the Middle East

If any American shit has the goddamn gall to wonder why I scream out every fucking day, “Death to the West!”, this here is why! Read all about what this shithole and Great Britain and France has done to the Middle East!

Read about how many people we have killed, maimed, displaced or in other words, turned into penniless, hungry refugees. This fucked up shithole has basically leveled the Middle East and turned it into a quagmire filled with corrupt shits just like what we have!

Again, I say, “DEATH TO THE WEST!” Goddamn it!

News for the Revolution


By Andre Vltchek
April 5, 2015
Counter Punch

78095-iraqwarcrimesThere is nothing, absolutely nothing right in the Middle East these days. There seems to be no hope left, and no fervor. All that was pure was dragged through filth. All that was great here was stolen or smashed by the outsiders. Enthusiasm had been ridiculed, then drowned, or burned to ashes, or shattered by tanks and missiles.

Corruption thrives – corruption that inundated this entire region since the early days of Western colonialism, and then was sustained through the present-day imperialist global regime.

The land of the Middle East is tired; it is crying from exhaustion. It is scarred by wars. It is dotted with oil wells and rotting armor vehicles. There are corpses everywhere; buried, turned into dust, but still present in minds of those who are alive. There are millions of corpses, tens of millions of victims, shouting…

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