Sexual Violence is a Trademark of Imperialism

This right here was the inspiration for my latest!

The gloves are off!! Big Time!

News for the Revolution

New Report Out of Colombia Reveals Familiar Story Regarding American Imperial Violence

By Brain Platt
April 5, 2015
Counter Punch

LibertyA new report out of Colombia reveals that between 2003 and 2007 US military personnel and contractors stationed in Colombia raped at least 54 children and dozens of women. According to Renan Vega, the lead author of the report,​“There is abundant information about the sexual violence, which occurred under absolute impunity because of the bilateral agreements and the diplomatic immunity of United States officials.” (TeleSur, 3/23)

In 2004 54 girls in the town of Melgar were sexually abused by American military contractors. The abuse was filmed and sold as pornography. The victims and their families were then forced to flee the town under threat of death. In 2007 an Army sergeant and a contractor raped a 12 year old girl inside a US military base. Colombian authorities were blocked from…

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2 thoughts on “Sexual Violence is a Trademark of Imperialism

    • Yes, it did! And millions of us will promptly ignore it as if it never really happened or is happening because if it’s disgusting, we don’t want to know about it. All we want to know is that our military is good and honorable and upstanding and I’ve got to stop or I shall surely puke!

      Thank you for your comment Tales!

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