We Continue With The Illusion!


Ask yourself, “Why?”

Why am I not prepared to die

So that my children can be free

And not indentured like you and me?

Though we are paid to toil away

We can never take a holiday

The bills just pile up higher

Why don’t we light the fire

And burn our debt to ash

and watch the Wall Street crash?

Never mind, that ship has sailed

Because on our children, yes, we bailed.

They are simply not worth the stress

And so we put up with the mess,

For if we bow before our masters

And pay tithes to hypocrite pastors

We continue with the illusion

That freedom is not a delusion

And democracy is alive and well

and we hear the ringing of liberty’s bell.

No, death has come to our future

thanks to your apathetic and complacent stupor!


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland



9 thoughts on “We Continue With The Illusion!

  1. “thanks to your apathetic and complacent stupor!” Right on Shelby ….. oh gosh, wish Tubularsock could dwell on this but have to go and hunt eggs ……. no really it’s really important!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Easter! Easter! Easter! Oh hallelifuckinglujah! The savior, he is risen! Let us all sing and rejoice! There! That’s MY Easter celebration, ’cause like you say, it is really, really important! Now, where did I put the marshmallow peeps? Eh?

      Thanks Tubularsock!


      1. You are kicking ass, Shelby! These last several poems and posts are your best yet, and the others were damn good!


      2. When it comes, I must let it out! Sometimes, it’s one and sometimes, it’s several. I’m just glad I’ve still got some spunk and spark and bite and kick to my poetry!

        Again, thank you much Sojourner!


  2. Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    The following poetry, By Shelby, accurately sums up what I have spent months trying to communicate to you: you need to awaken from the coma, the illusion, you have been living in, Mr and Ms Merica!


    1. Thank you Sojourner! If they come all up in here, at least they’ll get hit with a heaping helping of reality. I don’t deal in bullshit, propaganda, smoke and mirrors; not like MSM. They’ll not get mollycoddled in here, that’s for damn sure!

      Again, thanks!


  3. ” … I’ve still got some spunk and spark and bite and kick to my poetry!”

    Shelby, What a perfect description of your fine work! Which shows you can make an honest assessment of even your own writing — and you know how rare that is. No surprise really, you always cut straight to the heart of things. ‘Bite’ and ‘kick’ are serious understatements though, especially lately. Thanks again, and keep ’em coming! – Linda


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