Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Terrorism

Watch the video! If you are sick and tired of your dreary, weary, miserable, desperate little life, here’s why you are sick, tired, dreary, weary, miserable, desperate and SO much more that ain’t good!

View it and weep! And remember, your children won’t thank you for burdening them with this shit!

An Outsider's Sojourn II (The Journey Continues)

(Anthony Freda Art)

I have posted the three other videos from Stefan Verstappen here. And now here is his very short fourth video in this series:

Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Terrorism

Activist Post

Part 1 of this video series from Stefan Verstappen was a warning to children about a world that was stolen from them. It offered a stark condemnation to adults who continue to ignore the reality of the wicked ways in which government has used their money, both donated and extorted.

Part 2 suggested that the innate practicality of small, sustainable communities is a solution to the massive mismanagement by a government dedicated solely to a megacorporate/banker/war economy. Our modern economic system is actually not one built upon efficiency, as it is often believed to be; it is a system of massive inefficiency and predation, which has directly resulted in the bankrupt and…

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