Student Loans Are Forever

Here is yet ANOTHER article to read and weep over! The shit never stops! These are YOUR children that this is happening to and where are YOUR children? Sitting at home with you because they can’t make it on a cashier’s salary from TJ Max. They can’t make it on a Micky D’s fry cook salary and 20 hours a week. They went to college for that?

And what is happening to your Social Security checks, both retirement and disability? Being garnisheed because you were trying to help your kids get a better life than you were able to live and now, you’re both up shit creek without a paddle. And guess what? TPTB claim it’s YOUR fault! No, it’s not! The fact is that they are just some greedy ass, nasty, vile and evil assholes who don’t give a damn about anything but money and power. They got both and we got debt!

The Most Revolutionary Act

student loans

Recently a mind boggling General Account Office (GAO) study revealed that 105,000 Americans had their Social Security benefits garnisheed due to unpaid student loan debt. The New York Federal Reserve reveals that two million US Americans over sixty are still paying off $36.5 billion in student loan debt. Over eleven percent of this debt is in default.

According to banking reform advocate Ellen Brown, some seniors incurred this debt by co-signing student loans for children or grandchildren. However a lot was incurred by middle-aged workers going back to school in the hope of finding employment in a bad job market. What they have wound up with is something much worse: no job, an exponentially mounting debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and the prospect of old age without a social security check adequate to survive on.

John F Kennedy’s Vision

It took me twenty years to repay the…

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    • You are quite welcome Dr. Bramhall! And you are also right! It should be on the 6 o’clock news, but the things that matter never make it. We’ve got to hear about Kimyes new tattoo! For the love of …..!


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