US Senate passes “milestone” bill to means-test Medicare, ration health care

For those of you who were looking for the famed “Death Panel!” Look no further! It is right here! Again, read it and weep! Oh, and then calmly and quietly, without any fuss, drop dead, it is expected of you!

News for the Revolution

By Andre Damon
April 16, 2015
World Socialist Web Site US Senate voted Tuesday to pass a health care “reform” bill that incentivizes care providers to cut services for Medicare patients and expands the means testing of the program, requiring recipients with higher incomes to pay more in premiums.

The passage of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 is a significant milestone in the ongoing drive to degrade and ultimately dismantle Medicare, the government health insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

The expansion of means testing is a move towards transforming Medicare into a poverty program, undermining political support and setting the stage for its de-funding and ultimate elimination.

Moreover, the bill will “create a new payment system with financial incentives for physicians to bill Medicare patients for their overall care, not individual office visits,” according to the Associated Press, creating a significant financial incentive…

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10 thoughts on “US Senate passes “milestone” bill to means-test Medicare, ration health care

  1. Looks to me like the ultimate goal here is to get more doctors to withdraw from the Medicare program altogether – or at least from Medicare “assisgnment.” This is when doctors agree to accept the Medicare allowance plus copyament as the full fee. When I left Seattle in 2002, this was roughly 50% of a doctor’s usual fee. And doctors like me who agreed to see low income Medicare patients on assignment were all going bankrupt. Since then Congress has drastically cut Medicare reimbursement – so I doubt if there are any left at this point.


    • Doctors are leaving the Medicare program in droves, those that hadn’t already left. They refuse to put up with the measly payments they receive from Medicare and it’s no wonder, really. Who would want to go through medical school, amass a shitload of debt and then hang a shingle up, only to file bankruptcy thanks to a program that is designed to not just cut costs and streamline, but derail health care for millions of people that paid into the system that congress wants to call, an ‘entitlement’ program?

      SIGH! The news on ALL fronts is bad and THAT is the understatement of the year!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


      • Well, Shelby, based on personal experience I’m not sure why people would put their lives in their hands of western doctors any more (except for car accidents and other trauma cases).

        Especially since they created an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer by putting us all on low fat, high carbohydrate, high sugar diets – in spite of 50 years of research showing how dangerous this is.

        And since they helped cause and epidemic of depression, autoimmune disease and migraines by giving out antibiotics like candy and killing the microbiome (intestinal bacteria) in our got.

        Come to think of it, their obsession with toxic vaccines and life threatening cancer chemotherapy (when cannabis actually cures cancer) isn’t so swift, either.

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      • Dr. Bramhall, they have fucked me up beyond all repair. When my dad died from colon cancer, I was told by my doctor that since I had a family history of colon cancer that I needed to get a colonoscopy. Well, I did and though there were no polyps, it was determined that I have diverticulitis and it was recommended that I undergo a colonoscopy every 5 years. My stomach and intestinal problems have been problematic for me since I was a child. I’ve always had a weak stomach. I’ve had an endoscopy that showed that I have 2 several millimeter erosions in my stomach and it was suggested that this was from the NSAIDS that was given to me in large doses thanks in part to yet another vehicle accident.

        As you know, I was just CT-scanned from head to toe with this most RECENT vehicle accident and I have not felt right since. I honestly believe that I am all done in and that is one reason why I let fly all the goddamn time because what the fuck do I have to lose? I’m already on the goddamn banana peel.

        I just got a call today after having returned from a teeth cleaning to hear that they want to schedule me for my 5-year colonoscopy. I am sick to pieces of assholes, no pun intended, continuously inserting tubes in my mouth, nose and ass. I just had a tube inserted in my nose to find that I had chronic sinusitis just a few months ago. The shit never ends!! I can honestly understand why people just give the fuck up because this so-called ‘modern medicine’ is nothing more than pure hellacious torture! And what’s more, I think they get a goddamn kick out of it!


      • At some point you may want to say no to colonoscopies (I’ve reached that point) and study up on getting your intestinal bacteria up to snuff – especially since you don’t have any polyps. If your bacteria were normal, it seems unlikely you would have diverticulitis. The microbiome is totally responsible for your immunity and your mood. I’ve been on a GAPS diet for the last 17 months to fix my intestinal bacteria and have definitely noticed improvement (in everything). It was invented by a British neurologist who cured her son of autism:

        PS Don’t buy her book. You can get it for free as a PDF is you Google it.

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      • I already want to say, “NO!” to colonoscopies! I just had one 5 years ago! My dad died at age 62 and I am nowhere near that age! It also seems that the more I stay at the doctor’s office, the worse I feel. When I never went, I felt fine, but like the good little sheep I have become, I listen to the need to get all the screenings which of course, fill you with more and more radiation. A year ago, I got a full-mouth dental x-ray. Last month, they x-rayed the teeth separately and said, “Why, you’re doing great! No cavities. Just a cleaning is needed.” We are radiated to pieces and then we are somewhere wondering why we’re being fed more toxins in the form of chemo when the doctors are doing their damndest to give us the BIG ‘C’ word.

        I am certainly going to check out the book that you posted a link to. Dr. B. I truly appreciate all the great information that you post. You are a fountain of knowledge and helpful advice.

        Thank you!


      • I also say no to dental xrays. Dentists are supposed to offer their patients a thyroid collar to protect their thyroid gland (which is very susceptible to radiation-induced thyroid cancer). Mine refuses to get one. I see no point in getting annual xrays since I never have any cavities. In any case I prefer having cavities or even losing my teeth to getting cancer.


      • Oh, I neglected to mention the fact that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, AND a gigantic nodule on the right side of my thyroid and smaller clusters on that. It’s been biopsied and has been determined to be benign. But at the rate I am going, will it continue to be? I now realize that I am complicit in their condemning me to a most horrid and painful death!

        For the love of …..!!

        Did I not state that I am done for? Yes, indeed I am! And the really, really sad part is that in just a few short months, I may be able to get the hell up out of this shithole, but who the fuck knows if I’ll live long enough to do so! SIGH!!


      • This is wrong. People shouldn’t have to live this way. However in my experience, most working people live with some kind of personal misery – either health problems or harassment at work or problems in the family with mental illness or substance abuse.


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