Texas Woman to Police: Stop Fining Me For Feeding the Homeless, It’s My ‘Religious Freedom’ To Do So!

America is NOT a Christian nation. And I don’t care how many ‘christians’ throw screaming fits about how it is. If this were truly a ‘christian’ nation, then not only would we have no homeless people, we would not have any hungry and poverty stricken children in America. Nor would we have children who are waiting to be adopted because after all, aren’t the ‘christians’ SO glad that these children were born as opposed to having been aborted?

I wish those holier than thou assholes would sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up! They’re really getting to be quite tiresome with their hypocritical AND sanctimonious rhetoric!

11 thoughts on “Texas Woman to Police: Stop Fining Me For Feeding the Homeless, It’s My ‘Religious Freedom’ To Do So!

  1. I’d say our uh-merikkka needs a lot more women like this one — it’s good to see that a story like this actually gets reported even though the main point behind the story is that the goddamned homeland blueshirts insisted on ticketing her.


    • “it’s good to see that a story like this actually gets reported”

      It must have been a slow news day! She should file charges against the blueshirts for harassment. Since they want to call this a ‘christian’ nation and this woman was so obviously praying over the food that she cooked for the homeless, she should have been left in peace to get on with it. Heaven knows this shithole hadn’t a prayer, otherwise!

      Thanks Wolfess!


  2. I agree with you on the Christianity part, but why is Texas fining people, no matter their beliefs, for helping the homeless? Why am I asking. They want people dead!


    • “They want people dead!”

      Take your place at the head of the class! A dead body can be carted off and none the wiser. A live homeless body is an embarrassment, an inconvenience and makes a lie out of this being a ‘christian’ nation, doncha know!

      I thank you for your comment Sojourner!


      • I gotcha!

        Yes, and besides, this woman may have just been practicing her religion, or her politics, who knows.

        When I was in that religion, there were many I knew who truly cared about people, and there were many more who just went through the religious motions: it was their ‘ministry’.


  3. When we go out and provide food for who ever wants to eat those bastards eyeball (the cops) us like the murderous vultures that they are. Why is giving humans food so wrong when you can go the very same area and feed the birds and squirrels all day?


    • That’s because the birds and squirrels aren’t an inconvenient eyesore, nor are they an indictment against this being a ‘christian’ nation. Our poor, huddled and homeless masses need to huddle out-of-sight. If they are being fed, then they will come back, expecting it to continue. The shits that have fought hard for gentrification to take place in every major metropolitan area don’t want to see the great unwashed masses. Like I’ve stated, they are an eyesore and must be hidden, preferably locked away.

      Feeding squirrels and birds? Check! Feeding homeless hungry humans? Get the fuck outta here! We’re a ‘christian’ nation, doncha know? Just ask the squirrels and the birds!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ! We are some real shits, we are!


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