Don’t Judge The Things I Do!


Dunk me in a martini glass.
Shower me with LSD.
Shoot me up with heroin.
Now that is ecstasy!

Fill my champagne flute,
I’ll take another shot.
Hold the ice if you please!
Oh yes, that hit the spot!

Don’t judge the things I do
to make it through the day.
I’m not cut out for slavery
just because I’ve bills to pay.

The boss is on my back.
My fate is in his hands
I do what needs to be done
and still, he makes demands.

I need so many drugs
since life, it ain’t a beach
nor a picnic in the woods
and freedom is out of reach.

They lock me up and I get out
and I go back to my ways.
What they don’t seem to know
is that on me, the vulture preys.

Capitalism, it is a bitch
Its chains, I cannot break;
It’s killing me slow and sure,
but much faster than the drugs I take.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

15 thoughts on “Don’t Judge The Things I Do!

  1. And it’s all good, since ‘they’ get to look down on all us immoral low-lifes — and make money from the drugs as well. Blood money, but never mind. As god and Adam Smith intended. Thanks Shelby, this is perfect for Sunday morning reading. – Linda


    1. Thank you Linda! Yeah! No matter what we have to do to make it through this life, it is wrong. If we ‘self-medicate’ that’s wrong because only big pharma and our doctors are supposed to make money off of our intent on dulling the pain of living a lie. This is no dream that we are living, not for billions of people. How many of us who are really real can see the results of drone strikes and not want to dull the pain from it? How many of us can witness the death of a child because he/she could not afford needed medical services and not feel the need to deaden the pain?

      Yes, I freely admit that if not for the champagne flute, I’d have lost my goddamn mind by now, just from writing poems about drone struck children and murdered, unarmed Black people, not to mention, the homeless and the otherwise severely fucked up!

      Again, thank you for your comment!

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  2. I didn’t get a notice again!

    Great poem, Shelby! Spot on as always!

    They set us up to fail, and then when we fail, they mock us, arrest us and feed the system even more. If we were truly free, then maybe we wouldn’t need to escape this existence they call a “dream”!


    1. Maybe, I am a true conspiracy theorist but I am getting some strange shit from WordPress lately and who the hell knows what the fuck’s going down. But I’ll keep at it until I have to branch out on my own!

      Thank you for the comment Sojourner. This ain’t no goddamn dream and that’s for damn certain! At least it ain’t no dream from where I and billions of other people sit!


    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall! And with your being a doctor, you should know! And I am certainly including suicide in the mix because many people are taking that way out, just to get off the hamster wheel of endless drudgery and debt!

      Again, thank you!


    1. Thank you Jeff! Corruption abounds, everywhere! We suffer for it in this shithole as does the rest of the world. Oh, the things we need to keep the nightmares at bay!

      Again I thank you!


    1. EXACTLY Prince! Preach it! I most certainly cannot point the finger at another when I’m somewhere attempting to dull my pain. Just because what I do has been ‘legalized’ AGAIN, I am in no position to denounce what anyone else does.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

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