Baltimore, You Charmed Me!


Baltimore, you charmed me
and now, you are under attack.
Oh Baltimore, forgive me.
I left, but I must come back.

I rolled my sleeves up once before,
through thick and thin, I loved you.
You always opened your heart to me,
and your love was deep and true.

You taught me so much of life.
I was awakened by your pain.
Never have I known your like,
you’re as heady as champagne.

Through good times and bad,
just like Ole Barry sang,
we loved and we fought
and we went out with a bang!

One day soon, just look for me
When my train pulls in Penn Station,
I’ll take up where I left off.
We owe it to the next generation.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I have had a love affair with Baltimore, MD from the first time I ever stepped foot there. And despite all of Baltimore’s ills and horrors; for those who can lay claim to have made that city home and who love her people, Baltimore refuses to be forgotten. Like an addict that hears a drug call their name, Baltimore calls mine. Baltimore is a drug that I cannot get out of my system. I hear you Charm City! I hear you!

8 thoughts on “Baltimore, You Charmed Me!

    1. Thank you Toritto! I don’t know what the hell is going on with WordPress, but I had originally typed a different comment and when I clicked, ‘post comment’, I received a message, “page cannot be viewed” and I have been getting this a lot lately.

      I hope this one goes through. Yes, Baltimore, grabbed me and pulled me in. I had many, many first ever experiences when I lived in Baltimore, some bad but most were good and every time that I had to travel out of Baltimore, upon returning and seeing that Baltimore skyline, I felt a swell of pride and love that was never in me where I grew up. I will always LOVE Baltimore! I’ll never forget the many nights I spent down at the Inner Harbor or in Fells Point. The beauty of the nightlights shining on the water, taking a ride in a water taxi. There is so much to do in Baltimore, so much to see. It is a city of thrills and charms and even though it has its dark and ugly side, what city doesn’t? Baltimore is in my blood and don’t I know it!

      Again, thank you for your comment Toritto!


      1. I remember getting lost on ‘The Block’ when I first got to Baltimore and dressed as I was, I was mistaken for a ‘lady of the night’ to pretty it up. I cleared THAT up in no uncertain terms. I remember the first ever neighborhood bar I stumbled into, It turned out to be another ‘Cheers’ where everybody knew everybody’s name and we all went there after work and had a rip roaring, rowdy time. Oh, the New Year’s eve celebrations there! And Lexington Market had all the fresh veggies and fruits! It was such fun to watch all the characters come in and browse, buy a beer and get loud. Oh gosh! Let me stop, I am getting misty-eyed here!

        Thanks Toritto!


    1. Oh Jeff, it does indeed, grab ya and pull ya in! I am so glad that you had some wonderful moments in Baltimore. The city is getting a bad rap these days, but I think she still has her good points.

      I appreciate your comment!


  1. I grew up in DC and we often went to B’more for whatever reason and I’ve never felt good about it. It always seemed like a bowl to me in which people that looked just like me were trapped. I didn’t like the feeling the cops gave me the way the stared at my father nor the way we half-assed grinned back at them.

    I remember going to a birthday party at Shakey’s Pizza and some fuckin’ cops came in there for lunch I guess. Anyway, they told the manager that we had to turn down the music so they could have lunch. Just fuckin’ bullies even to a bunch of little kids and women.


    1. Well HLJ, I did not expect Baltimore to ‘charm’ everyone. And I do know that Baltimore is not for everyone. And obviously, I left for a reason. I am just saying that for me, Baltimore opened my eyes and turned this lady that was as green as green can be into a ‘streetwise’ tough ass smart ass and I am all the better for it. Baltimore toughens you up, at least it did me. I am not bragging about this, but for the first time in my life, I saw a homeless person, up close and personal. I saw people strung out on drugs in overwhelming numbers. I saw abject poverty, pain, strife and unrelenting grit and grime and hopelessness. But I did what I could and I took the good with the bad. No city is perfect, not even where you live now, nor where I live now. I just know that Baltimore has a special place in MY heart despite all of her ills and horrors and the like. Racist ass cops ain’t just a part of Baltimore’s makeup, that shit is all across this here shithole, from one end to the other, there is no escaping it. We all know that. But be that as it may, Baltimore is Baltimore, love her or hate her, she pulls me back.

      I thank you for your comment.


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