Don’t Even Act Like You Don’t Know!

american history

It has come to my attention that some white folks are wondering why all of a sudden, they are seeing some shit that they have never seen before. Oh, really! I wonder why is that! Like fucking hell I do! You see, for hundreds of years, whites have been hell bent on making life as unpleasant and downright miserable and ugly for any and everybody that had a permanent tan of some sort. The whites have reduced the Indians, indigenous to America to less than a third of their initial population count that was up in the millions upon millions before the whites landed here and murdered the innocent Indians, confiscated their land and indoctrinated their children into the white’s culture AND then proceeded to inform anybody else that wanted to come here that they must first apply for citizenship when the whites NEVER applied to the Indians for citizenship, they just killed them. Shot them dead and then glorified the killing of these people with the likes of John Wayne and Glen Ford and Gregory Peck riding shotgun with a wagon train attempting to get those innocent ‘settlers’ into hostile Indian territory and oh how disturbing it was to view the wagon trains that were wiped out and see the pale ass scalps of the pale skins lying all about the goddamn ground. Oh, those horrid Indian savages! How could they? Yep! That’s whitey whites take on the history of this here shithole! Just ask fucking sick and twisted ass Hollywood!

Those savage Indians just could not be got along with and so the ‘christian’ whitey whites just had to do what was necessary to tame and subdue the original inhabitants of this land; subject them to torture, maim and kill them. Round the remaining Indians up and put them on reservations where the whites could keep an eye out for any Indians that may look cross-eyed due to their situation being what it was. Never mind, the savageness of the ‘christians’ who just wanted to live in peaceful bliss with those savage ass Indians who refused to share this land with the white peacekeepers. Every fucking body knows that whites have ALWAYS been ALL about the business of PEACE! Just ask those pesky savage Indians! Ask the poor Black slaves that got dragged over to this shithole once the whites figured out that the Indians were not going to build this shithole up for them! Ask the Black people over in Africa and the other Brown people over in other Middle Eastern countries that have had the whites on their asses since day fucking one! Ask them if they’ve ever known the whites to get their big ass boot up off their goddamn necks! Ask ’em how wonderful, benevolent and kind the white ‘christians’ have always been towards them.

And now, some white folks are wondering why they are just now seeing what the Black and Brown population of this here planet has known ever since they saw the first white foot set said foot on their motherfucking land. Some white folks are just SO fucking bewildered now that there are Youtube videos of eyewitness accounts of white motherfuckers fucking up the goddamn day of said Black and Brown bodies all across this godforsaken planet! Ain’t that just a bitch? They are fucking wondering what’s about to happen to their ass! What’s about to happen to your goddamn ignorant, clueless ass is what has been happening to every Black and Brown body that the whites have been fucking up for hundreds of goddamn years! That is what is fucking happening! And about goddamn time, I say! So read the damn writing on the wall and don’t even bother to prep for that shit ’cause you ain’t gonna have time for that shit! No indeed, you are not! Your turn has come! We’ve been dealing with this shit for, AGAIN, hundreds of goddamn years and you white motherfuckers that’s just waking up are all a’gog over what you are just now privileged to witness! How lucky you goddamn Rip Van Wrinkles have been!

Sit up and recognize that your nap is being disturbed and how! Now fucking suck on that because you don’t like having your bullshit nap disturbed over some Black bodies that’s getting torn to bits every goddamn day but if you continue to see military vehicles arrive in a suburb near you, why “what’s the goddamn problem, officer?! This here ain’t the fucking hood! We is white bread christian America, doncha know!!!” I hope their fucking boot that’s been planted squarely on our necks for centuries gets shoved up your white asses so goddamn far that the toe comes outta your fucking mouth! Now, how’s that for a fucking ‘christian’ attitude! Yeah! I know! I ain’t even close to being as rotten, vile, nasty, barbaric and shitty as the peace loving ‘christians’ are but I promise to continue to work on it and that’s for goddamn certain! And AGAIN! Suck on that!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Even Act Like You Don’t Know!

    1. Well, they won’t die soon enough to suit me! And I like this goddamn post so fucking much, I’m hitting the goddamn ‘like’ button. It’s the ‘christian’ thing to fucking do!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ! Good to see you, as always!


  1. I just heard an excellent interview on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). The program was called The Current and hosted by Anna Maria Tremonte. Google it and you should be able to listen to it. It’s called Blueprint for Revolution by designArchitect’s blueprint for a revolution uses humour against tyranny He was in his twenties when he organized protests that would oust Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević. Now he advises others in non-violent uprisings. Srdja Popovic uses everything from laughtivism to civil disobedience to galvanize those trying to overthrow the world’s toughest dictators. I think this guy has the answers.


  2. Srdja Popovic is probably another old “systems dog”, considering that Slobodan Milošević never was a dictator.
    In fact he fought alone against all goddamn bloddy NATO (New Aggressive T*e_r_r0\r @ist Organization) and their pet islamistic and nazi monkey instaled in Albania and Croatia to not allow them to destroy beautiful country – Yugoslavia and to bomb the shit out from Belgrade ans Serbia.

    Probably it is b\c Slobodan was a dictator Serbian ppl wear\put on the target points on themselfs when NATO just did complete carpet bombing of Serbia with cluster bombs and
    depleted uranium – esp. aiming the civil infrastructure and industry (food, pharma, automobile, processing, etc). They literally deployed live “targets” maquettes under the NATO jet and bombers attacks!

    Sure, b\c Slobodan Milošević “surely was a dictator” he was killed in the Prison of International Criminal Court in Hague (Netherlands) during the process.
    And even when AFTER MANY YEARS the Judge of the Hague Tribunal – Carla Del Ponte, who managed his process, and Helena Ranta ,who provided data and “evidences” for International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Hague Tribunal, TOLD THAT DATA AND EVIDENCES AGAINST Slobodan Milošević WERE FABRICATED (faked\ falsifed) AND THAT THEY BOTH WERE UNDER HUGE PRESSURE, Milošević IS STILL a “bloody dictator”.

    Who cares afterall, yeah? The same as with Saddam Hussein and Iraq ‘s nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

    THESE LADIES WHO JUDGED AND CONTRIBUTED TO HIS KILL AND KILL OF THOUSANDS INNOCENT PPL IN FORMER YUGOSLAVIA PUBLISHED BOOKS (“The Hunt. I and war criminals”) ABOUT ALL THIS SHIT – Best-Fucking-Seller!. …. and now live pretty good wealthy and quiet peacful life “in full of freedom, democracy, justice and historicaly “christian values” societies”.


    Za shto? Why?


  3. Whole Yugoslavia ‘s and particulary Serbia ‘s modern History (in case if smbd interested):

    The Weight of Chains

    p.s. From comments: “To understand war in Ukraine you need to carefully watch this video”


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