Ten Shocking Facts about the Baltimore Protests

The national rate of unemployment for whites is 4.7 percent, for blacks it is 10.1.

Read the rest of this article and get a clue as to what life is like for the majority of Baltimore’s residents.

The statistics are what you would expect to find in a country that hasn’t even made it UP to 3rd world condition status yet, but this shit IS America for too damn many! And for those who are not living like this, it’s ALL good!

But watch for the new and deadly version of “When Worlds Collide!” Because collide, they surely must!

News for the Revolution

By Prof. Bill Quigley
April 30, 2015

BaltimoreProtest-e1430253765174Were you shocked at the disruption in Baltimore?  What is more shocking is daily life in Baltimore, a city of 622,000 which is 63 percent African American.  Here are ten facts that tell some of the story.

1:  Blacks in Baltimore are more than 5.6 times more likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana than whites even though marijuana use among the races is similar.   In fact, Baltimore county has the fifth highest arrest rate for marijuana possessions in the USA.

2: Over $5.7 million has been paid out by Baltimore since 2011 in over 100 police brutality lawsuits.   Victims of severe police brutality were mostly people of color and included a pregnant woman, a 65 year old church deacon, children, and an 87 year old grandmother.

3: White babies born in Baltimore have six more years of life expectancy than…

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