Not All Of Us Have Sold Out!


black sellouts and the slave patrol

I cry my brothers and sisters

For those who will never see tomorrow.

Copious tears I shed for my people;

blood red tears, they reflect my sorrow.


The sheen of the darkest flesh

will never stand the test of time.

Its glow fades with each day

When the mournful tune of death’s bell will chime.


Must I look upon stark evil;

The depraved that have no soul?

And those who look like me

Walk hand in hand with the slave patrol.


Not all of us have sold out

nor have we taken Massa’s bone.

We stand proud and shake our head

because selling out, we don’t condone!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote this poem for the piece of shit that posted a picture of the filth that killed Freddie Gray and titled it, “This is racism?! You goddamn right, it is racism! Black people have been separated and pitted against each other since having been dragged the fuck over here, so don’t even fucking act like you don’t know that the house slaves were pitted against the field slaves and this continues to this day.

Some Black folks have the nerve to think that if they act like whites and do the same dirty shit that whites do, that that is somehow going to make them more acceptable to the whites, they will do whatever it takes to attempt to fit in. They are called sell-outs! I don’t give a goddamn about those white motherfuckers sitting there facing the mug shot camera, they’re a given. Black motherfuckers who are sell-outs are just as guilty as the slave patrols they ride around with and who do filthy shit to try and impress whitey white ass. Newsfuckingflash! Not a goddamn thing you sell-out motherfuckers can do can impress whitey white ass cause he knows he will always take the Nobel Prize for Fucking A Black Person’s Ass up. The Nobel Prize committee is giving out awards in new categories. These no-account coon head prize winners have been considered to have made advancements for Massa! Obama’s got his for being Massa’s Top Male Coon Head Sell-out! Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake received her Nobel Prize for being Massa’s Top Female Coon Head Sell-out! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both received Nobel Prizes for being Massa’s Willing and Obliging Bootlickers and their prize is busily collecting dust on shelves propped up by Massa’s table scraps thrown to their sell-out ass! Fuck all y’all filthy sell-out motherfuckers!

And to the son-of-a-bitch that said I’m ‘mad, angry and filled with hate’, you goddamn right! I am SO glad that I leave you in no doubt, motherfucker!





9 thoughts on “Not All Of Us Have Sold Out!

  1. I have encountered a number of people online who have been trying to argue that Freddie’s death was not racism, because some of the officers who participated in his murder were black. People do not seem to understand that once you put on that uniform, and the same goes for the military, you are serving the interests of the state and the elite. Your job is to protect the status quo


    1. Exactly News! And as you know, I don’t give anyone a free pass. I call out Black, White, or whatever if the shit is shit and someone is attempting to pretty it up and place a nice bow on it and hand it over.

      Many Black people are just as bad as the skinheads because they accept a job that is all about keeping the elites way of life as the status quo for them while the rest of us are to get broken and die by a system that has been set up for us to fail, some of us at a more faster pace than others.

      That is why I call them ‘sell-outs’ because that is what they are. They know the score and still they don a uniform and commence to busting heads and severing spines of innocent people and go home and sleep the sleep of the contented as if they are not complicit in brutality, corruption, barbarity, hypocrisy, depravity and murder! They are just as bad as those that don a military uniform and go overseas and proceed to fuck up some innocent people that have done them no harm whatsoever. But they willingly whore themselves out for the elites that would just as soon throw them underneath a bus, the same as that shit does to the rest of us. And they fucking can’t see that? This just beats all!

      Thank you for seeing exactly what is going down and for commenting about it!

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  2. You know Shelby, Tubularsock just hates to agree with you on this BUT Tubularsock does agree with you on this. And Tubularsock wishes it was different but it’s not. And what isn’t understood in all this is that ‘mad, angry and filled with hate’ IS positive! People have to wake the fuck up!


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