Bin Laden, My Precious Darling!

will the real osama please stand up

The tender sweetness of love, I once thought of as mine

And limbs that were apart were rapturously entwined.

But my love did play me false, not one word of truth, he spoke

And now I am alone again, his cock in me, he’ll never poke.

The delights of love and lust were oh so gratifying

And to be shunned by one and all, I thought was worth defying

But our love did not withstand the wholesome light of truth

A spinster, I shall remain until I am quite long in the tooth.

Bin Laden, my precious darling, I did not know that you were dead.

They tried to kill you many times and I must accept the truth with dread.

You were a dead man in my bed that I cared for so very much

The thrills I felt when in your arms, did have an icy touch

But I never concerned myself with the stiffness of your limbs

Since you wordlessly fulfilled all my wishes and my whims.

They’ll bury you a hundred times and you’ll always come back to me

We were made for each other so come back from beneath the sea!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Forget all of the conspiracy theories surrounding my beloved for I mourn him still!





18 thoughts on “Bin Laden, My Precious Darling!

    1. Linda, I have another confession to make on the international internet where everyone with an ISP will know my deepest and darkest truest secrets. From whence I came, there are many who practice the ‘art’ of necrophilia’ as they are hard up and cold bodies beats no bodies.

      There is a particular funeral home that no woman wants their body to end up at because the funeral director has been known to put the corpse in beside him and ride it around as if on a date with it. And word from the workers at said funeral parlor/home is that the dead bodies of females are ‘toyed’ with. This man is probably my third cousin from my aunt’s cousin’s sister’s grandmother’s daughter’s son’s uncle who is also my father’s half-brother’s nephew. It gets complicated but be that as it may, I cannot help that I am from a long line of idiots, made so by the fact of inbreeding.

      Try not to judge me too harshly, I beg of you! ROTFLMAO!

      And I do so thank you for that most excellent comment! HEE! HEE!

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    1. Linda, I am just going to say that a ‘masked stiff and cold Zorro’ was in my bed and within his deep pockets were plenty of platinum credit cards at my disposal and leave it at that! As it is, I stand accused of so much shit, I can ill afford to have my not so sterling reputation, tarnished further. I have an adoring public that holds me to ‘high’ standards, ya know. Wouldn’t do to disillusion them. Or mightn’t I have done that already? But seriously, who could turn away from an ultra-exclusive American Express Centurion card, which is constructed from genuine titanium, I ask you?

      I declare, I cannot stop laughing over this one! Thank you much Linda! Bless your heart!

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    1. Tubularsock, upon reflection, I know that what I did was wrong but at the time, it felt SO coldly right! I merely thought that my darling bin Laden was stiffly cold with icy rage that he would love to unleash upon the West! How could I know that my beloved was in fact, the undead…I mean, the unburied dead? I am but a simple shepherdess, raised among wolves and thrown out to make my way, come what may.

      As I beseeched Linda, pray, do not judge me too harshly as I am but a greenhorn and quite bewildered by the ugly ways of the world. And alas, I am a ‘slow’ learner. LMAO!

      Thank you Tubularsock! That was right on time!


    1. LMAO!!! That news, is a great question! Just the other day, I received a phone call from someone who claimed to be Obama bin Laden and I was overcome with joy that my beloved had indeed, returned to share my bed for I had just come in from buying him a new pair of sandals. But it was just Barack Obama playing a nasty joke on me. He told me that I should be ashamed of myself for pretending to harbor a fugitive from justice that was killed 625 times but still managed to be nowhere that Seal Team 666 searched for him.

      I was then told by Osama…I mean, Obama, that I would in fact be getting a visit from the CIA to make sure that I was not harboring the other Osama that needs to be ‘Seal teamed’. That was how he put it. So, you were so good to ask that question because a drone has been following me for quite some time now. On eBay, I managed to buy a grenade launcher and as soon as it is delivered, I shall send that drone to drone hell! LMAO! Ever the fearless one, I am!

      Thank you SO much for your comment and for your obvious concern! LOL! I absolutely LOVE your comment!

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    2. Thank you for the reblog newsfortherevolution! WordPress is full of shit because it is not even showing up that you reblogged this particular post, not even an email notification did I receive and that is a first.

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  1. Pics are nice, but Obama is just another knob \ grip on transmission in that greedy bloody evil machine \ vechicle.

    The freshest example of ” democracy ” delivery by USA and EU (UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland) nazi and fascist pupets:

    Those bastards just can’t stop the “party” from times when Bush ‘s grandfather’s company “Standart Oil” (as many others including such ones as GM and even Ford) financed and created Hitler NSP in Germany before WWII.


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