America’s Trains Are Lame To Say The Least!


train shame


According to our government, there is no money to fix up an aging, outdated infrastructure. There is no money for high-speed rail. There is no money for anything beyond funding the military and we all pay the price. Recent headlines point to the neglected transportation system in America. And as the blame game begins, there is plenty to go around. The president blames congress and congress blames everything else. But why is it that other developed nations and countries have high-speed trains that would have had no problem traveling at a speed of 100 mph even while traveling in a heavily populated area? That is because other countries have invested in their country’s infrastructure and their people. They believe that speed and safety can go hand-in-hand and it quite obviously can, just not in America.

China has high-speed trains, France has high-speed trains, England has high speed trains, China’s Shanghai magnetic levitation train hits 270mph and yet an Amtrak train in America derailed while traveling at 100mph. So click on the link and read about the 11 Incredibly Fast Trains That Leave America In The Dust and quite honestly, I am shocked that the Amtrak train could even get up to that speed. It is a disgusting shame and an outrage that people have to lose their lives because the shits that are supposed to represent US could give a rat’s ass about this hole and have the nerve to act shocked when the shit hits the fan when I am thankful that it does not happen on a regular basis. Oh my bad! It does, but it’s usually trains filled with crude oil derailing and resulting in evacuations of towns and also resulting in poisoned water.

I cannot even take a through train from the Midwest to the East Coast without first having to spend a night in Chicago since Amtrak is fighting a legal battle with the owners of the track that was laid for, apparently, commercial use as opposed to passenger use. But remember, we are told that we have ‘excecptionalism’ going on all up in America. Really? Where? Because I don’t think that the people who are dead thanks in part to neglect and ignorance are in a position to feel that great American ‘exceptionalism’! If those who supposedly represent us were truly interested in the safety of those Amtrak passengers, this tragedy need not have happened.

12 thoughts on “America’s Trains Are Lame To Say The Least!

  1. What a beauty the one on the right. As far as the infrastructure they can’ afford not to fix it. Bring home the militarty to build it. Fire all the fat cats at the top and use their salaries to pay for it.


    1. Excellent suggestions Leslie but I suggest that you don’t hold your breath waiting on any of them to take place. I just read that they’ve cleared the debris, so nothing to see here folks. Move along. You see, that’s how we roll until we derail.

      Thank you for your comment!

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  2. By my reckoning, the main reason the US has no money to support ailing American railroads is because they’ve spent trillions bailing out bankers and on endless Middle East wars.


    1. Exactly! Dr. Bramhall and they will continue to do so at the expense of ALL else. Just look at that piece of garbage on the left. That is representative of this entire shithole! You would think that the shits that are at the helm of this lopsided, stinking, sinking shithole barge would have the grace to blush in shame when our garbage hulls called ‘trains’ are depicted side by side with high-speed trains that are found in Europe and other areas. This makes it glaringly obvious that our congressional shits are not going to, nor have ever thought to bring this shithole up out the 16th century. Ain’t a goddamn thing maintained or even upgraded in this hole. Civil engineers in every city in this shithole have given our bridges a D+ rating and most likely the only reason they got that rating is because if they had received an F which they all should have received, it would cost money to replace them and like you stated, ‘trillions have been spent on bailing criminals out and on endless wars’ to the detriment of all else and so it shall continue.

      Stay tuned for more of the like of what happened in Philadelphia.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall! I hope all is well with you!


    1. Because America’s elected shits don’t give a damn about the infrastructure. They’d rather fund the Military Industrial Complex to the exclusion of ALL else. It’s just shit talk when ‘election’ time comes around and the lying politicians yak on and on about what they are going to do for this fucked up country and that is why I refuse to even bother heading for the polls.

      Thank you for your comment ospreyshire.

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      1. Yeah, seriously. Making newer, faster, and safer trains is more constructive then funding the military industrial complex, so of course America would say no.

        You’re welcome, Shelby.

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