Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-boyfriend’s Wife For President!

the clintons and monica

I was greatly disturbed when I first read this and thought that I should take up the cause in an attempt to clear Hillary Clinton’s ‘good’ name.

It is not nice to say that Hillary Clinton is Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for president. Even though, it is true, Hillary Clinton did nothing to cause her husband to ‘not have sexual relations with that woman’ and as a result of non-sexual relations ‘with that woman’, spill cum all down intern Monica Lewinsky’s best dress for success. Let he/she who is without sin, cast the first stone.

Let us be objective about this. Now, how would you feel if you were married and it came to your attention by way of  an impeachment procedure brought against your husband, that your husband was ‘not having sexual relations with that woman’ that did indeed result in cum escaping from your husband’s penis onto a young intern’s dress? Bill Clinton is only a man after all and so therefore, Hillary Clinton should be praised for standing by her ‘John’, Bill Clinton. She should get her chance to prove to the world that unlike her philandering husband, she can actually keep her legs closed to every Tom, Dick and John that might be so desperate as to attempt to woo Hillary Clinton or heaven forbid, take her away from her now, devoted husband. We all make mistakes and if we learn from them, we should be allowed to move on. Our past should not continue to come back and haunt us especially if we have paid our dues. And having the world know that your husband did not want to come to you and expose his penis and drench you with his cum, is a cross that Hillary Clinton is going to have to bear. It is most unfortunate for her since we all know that men are forgiven for their little peccadilloes as we women are surely not.

It is my opinion that because Hillary Clinton was the ‘wronged woman’, the female vote, she will get because all women know that they stand in Hillary Clinton’s shoes, whether married or not. Boys will be boys and they never grow up, they just play with different toys.

So, stop with the name-calling people. It does no one any good and it will not stop Hillghazi…uh, I mean Killary…uh…I mean Hillary from becoming the Democratic Party’s candidate for president. Do not be concerned that Hillary will buy a conscience from ‘the land of lost consciences’ and start promoting the allocation of more funds to social programs. Hillary Clinton will continue as the chief sponsor for corporations and like Barack Obama, she will continue to promote the welfare of corporations over people. She will continue to promote war and of course, the drone program will not suffer a setback merely because a woman shall assume the role of commander-in-chief. Hillary Clinton knows who butters her bread and she will act in the manner that best suits those to whom she owes her millions. Never fear! This country shall remain on track and not derail, unlike the recent tragic derailment that occurred in Philadelphia.

So, vote for Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for president 2016! You will only be left with change!


28 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-boyfriend’s Wife For President!

  1. Oh Shelby, not all men are cheating scum bags! There are some good ones out there, I married one. However, I wouldn’t be voting for Hillary.


      1. I no longer vote because I refuse to pretend that there is a lesser of two evils when there is not. The whole system needs to be dismantled, but that will never happen because we Americans are too apathetic and complacent. There is no point in getting ‘active’ in politics’. It is all just a sick and twisted game to the elites that pull the strings of those they select. “We the people,” really have no say in those that become our so-called, political leaders.


      2. That is just what they are hoping for. That we will have the feeling of impossiblity of change. Yes there is a lot you can do. Try reading the book “Blueprint for Revolution” by Srdja Popovic. He was instrumental in bring down the Serbian, tyrant, president, Slobodan Milosevic. They didn’t think they could do it either – but they did and peacefully too. Once more they are teaching others how to do it.


      3. Hear! Hear! I concur! That ‘thing’ is a soulless monster and the last thing that should be slithering and crawling inside the White House, but unfortunately, I am not making any bets that IT won’t.


      4. While Bernie is moderately better I still cannot abide his approval of what Israel is doing to Palestine so I will either vote for Jill Stein again, or do what I did in the last midterms — write in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. 🙂

        Pwr 2 the VOTING peons!


  2. I love that title Ms. Shelby. The only reason Killary was mad because she didn’t get her turn with Monica. And Bill Clinton is a grease ball and criminal and a liar and why Black people call him the first Black president proves we are sadly ill-informed. This person had a chance to stop the 3 strikes in sentencing and didn’t. He slung more cocaine the Escobar and his kill list is as long as my arm. His wife was there for the whole thing. Sorry, I got sidetrack.

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    1. Never be sorry for adding relevant facts to this post HLJ! I find everything that you stated to be right on time! Bill Clinton was NOT the greatest thing since the wheel. I am seriously going to stop even attempting to get through to Black people because there is no use. I don’t know where their heads are at because it’s like trying to get through to a brick wall. There’s just nothing there to pick up what I’m putting down.

      Bill Clinton was the president behind the so-called ‘welfare reform’ which was anything but and actually made things worse for the children of those who were on welfare. Not only that, but his so-called ‘balanced budget’ was ‘balanced’ by raiding the Social Security Trust Fund as many past presidents have also done. So, I suppose that just because of his jazz playing with the sax, that made him Black? Seriously? What the fuck did Bill Clinton do for Black folks? Not a goddamn thing FOR Black folks, but he did plenty AGAINST Black folks, the randy bastard! And of course everyone has conveniently forgotten about the Whitewater scandal and all the other scandals that have plagued the Clintons down through the years. But what does it really matter since whatever slithers and crawls inside the White House will be exactly like what slithered and crawled out of it?

      Thank you for your comment HLJ!


  3. “You will only be left with change!” Yep, small change. Excellent Shelby! You know, “Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for president 2016!” does have a nice ring to it.

    We all did learn that “sexual relations and blow jobs” are different. Tubularsock some how feels that attempting to explain that to your wife when you came home would not bode well. But maybe Tubularsock is just old fashion.

    A woman who “stands by her man” that has double-crossed her is a sad sack of potatoes.

    And that dudes presence is just gross ……. go figure.

    Great post …….. some women just don’t get it. Sad really.

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    1. Yes, it is extremely sad! But believe it or not, I do believe that Hillary knew back then that she was the elites pick as a candidate for president. These things are not just thought up on a moment’s notice, you know. They take decades of planning. Hillary had no choice but to ‘stand by her man’ since that is what she was told to do, like it or not.

      Now if that were me, I would have divorced his ass so fast, both our heads would be spinning, but a divorcee does not make for good presidential material, no indeed. And now Hillary’s long and brutal wait is almost at an end and she will be more duly compensated than she already has just as soon as she takes the oath of office and promises to continue to have her strings pulled by the behind the scenes puppet masters.

      So, do not be sad for Hillghazi, as she will finally get her crown!


      1. Do you seriously think that the likes of Killghazi has a conscience to even bother her? She is a monster! And she is also a puppet for the elites and if she ever had a soul to sell, she has none now, that is a fact. Her skank ass could care less about Bill’s little side tricks, be they boys or whatever else he’s into, literally, these days. Those two shits deserve each other because they are both sick, twisted, perverted and obscene. In countless ways they are the same and in some ways, different, but still, all of the above and so much more of the like.


  4. Shelby, This is irrelevant, but through the whole Lewinsky fiasco I kept wondering what kind of damn woman doesn’t do her damn laundry once in a while! I mean, maybe I lack a proper sense of … historical significance? .. but I’d have washed that miserable dress first thing! Guess the only surprise is she didn’t sell it on Ebay … and that may have happened when I wasn’t looking.

    Frankly, I have trouble giving a shit what these folks do privately — and I’m SO!!! glad I don’t have to watch! — but I resent what they (and a host of other cynical bastards!) have done to the world. – Linda


    1. Linda, you know that usually I agree with you, but on this, we shall agree to disagree. Now, if my dress was the recipient of presidential seed, I would have had a special frame built and a secret panel installed in my home so that I could press a button and step inside the panel into a hidden cubbyhole just so that I could stare at the cum stains on my dress to impress. Seeing as how Monica Lewinsky was just 21 when el presidente Bill Clinton so deigned to honor her mouth and her dress with his penis and his cum, it is quite believable that she was so overwhelmed by the attentions of her el presidente that she wanted a keepsake to always remind her of their shared loving times together. Berate her if you must for keeping a dirty dress, but think of how she could have wasted el president’s DNA by washing it. It has now been kept for posterity. Are we not all glad to know that Bill Clinton’s presidential DNA shall forever remain, a stain on an intern’s dress? Let us leave Monica with her fond memories of days ‘cum’ and gone. LMAO!!

      But seriously Linda, I hear ya! We really do see eye-to-eye on this one also. I just had to pull your leg on this one! I’m having quite the fun with it! ROTFLMAO!

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  5. Maybe we should focus on that part about Bill being the “now devoted husband” and is no longer having sex with interns. And even if he is involved in an international pedophile sex ring, along with Prince Andrew and other sociopathic members of the elite, that shouldn’t stop people from voting from Hilary because she happens to be a woman, anatomically speaking


    1. I don’t even think that ‘anatomically’ speaking Hillghazi is female, I really don’t. I have heard rumors that Chelsea was born via surrogate. Now how true that is, I don’t know. But I have also heard that Hillghazi’s jockstrap is bigger than Bill’s and this was from a dressing room attendant that was helping Hillghazi try on some bloomers in Victory’s Secrets lingerie store.

      So for women to vote for Hillghazi based solely on the idea of her femininity would be totally wrong since I think that ‘she’ should have to pass some sort of test to prove that she is indeed, female if that is the only reason to vote for her. That monster should be held accountable for everything that it has done up until election day and what its done thus far, does not pass the smell test.

      Bill Clinton, in my opinion, was bad enough, I seriously hope the Clintons do not take up residence in the White House yet again.

      Thank you for your comment newsfortherevolution.

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      1. If that is true about Hilary it would explain a lot about her, Bill and their relationship. People have always said she wears the pants, so maybe…

        It is hard to believe she actually has a chance to get elected, that it’s probably going to come down to her and some equally repulsive Republican candidate.


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