A Former U.S. Soldier Tortured And Killed His Own Daughter!

tortured and murdered his own daughter

Yeah! Re-read the headline. That shit is not a ‘wounded warrior’, nor is IT a disabled vet, the shit that killed its own daughter doesn’t need a parade in its honor. It doesn’t need a day set aside in its honor. And this is what we honor! We honor torture. We honor shits that torture innocent people overseas and then come back with that same mindset and then proceed to torture their own children and families. This is what we produce as a nation; a band of torturing, killing shits and we welcome them back with open arms and the U.S. Government is complicit in this shit’s crimes and we as U.S. citizens are being made, yes MADE to pay for their crimes by our tax dollars.

The mother of this poor dead child will receive $2 million dollars in compensation from the U.S. government because the father of this child, tortured and killed his own daughter on a military base in Hawaii. You know about Hawaii of course. It’s where Obama claims he’s from. It’s where he loves to golf and rest up. But this child wasn’t playing golf with her ‘military hero worshipped father’, she was somewhere in Hawaii in military housing stripped naked, beaten and made to stand near her own feces. Oh wow! This certainly takes me back to the photos of abused and tortured prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. But get this! The military police were called to the home several times and noted…uh..read it for yourself!

“A judge’s 2010 ruling noted some of those missed opportunities, including one on June 29, 2005. “The military police responded to the Williams’ home, but despite finding Talia, ‘naked and mute, in a room standing near feces on the floor’ and thinking ‘something did not look right,’ no reports were ever made to CPS,” said the order by U.S. District Judge Alan Kay in allowing the lawsuit to move forward.”

“We hope that what may come out of this case are some fundamental, systemic changes,” Davis said. “There were so many opportunities that were missed to try to remove this child from this toxic environment.”

Missed opportunities? How in the hell is anything going to change when the fox is guarding the henhouse? The U.S. government doesn’t want their shit to hit the light of day because the military whores are fucked up and are ticking time bombs. The military police actually witnessed this child, ‘naked and mute, in a room standing near feces on the floor’, thought it didn’t look right, but did absolutely NOTHING about it???!!!!! Did not report it. Did not say a goddamn thing about it? Really? Oh of course they talked it over and said, “Gee goddamn whiz, this is going to make us look like the torturing shits we know we are. We’ve got to protect our own because if the public becomes aware that this is an epidemic, well there goes our ‘unblemished’ record as heroes, warriors and fine upstanding soldiers. Never mind. Nothing to see here folks. Let’s move it along.”

Indeed! Those bastards are all fucking heart and soul, doncha know!!!

The child’s mother said that “she[Talia] would be about 15 now,” Tarshia Williams said. “She would be in high school.”

People have the nerve to say that, “I’m not nice!” I’m not nice? Anybody that has ever read ANYTHING that I have ever written know for a fact that I could not see a child in the condition that this child, Talia was in, and do NOTHING! That’s what’s NOT nice! The fact that shits can see a child standing naked and mute beside feces and shrug and go away and ‘not report it’. But because I use cuss words, I’m perceived to be not nice. Because I don’t fancy shit up and tread lightly so as not to step on toes, I’m not nice. Well guess fucking what! I am a goddamn saint compared to what the shits did to this little girl and the other shits that knew what was being done to her and kept their goddamn whorish ass mouths closed. And to think that I am to thank this shit for their ‘service’? Seriously? I am to honor this? I am to salute this? I am to consider this shit to be, a hero? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

I will continue to rage against the military whores that we fucking honor and salute and claim they are soldiers and warriors and other stupid shit of the like and I am not going to be nice about THAT! So, I guess I’m NOT nice after all, but then again, there’s not nice and then there is military whore type NOT nice!

So, don’t bring your ass up in here if you expect to see some goddamn ‘feel good’ poetry and some more shit! Go on down the goddamn hall and turn the fucking corner. Maybe, you’ll find what the fuck you’re looking for there! But goddamn it, in here, you are going to get the goddamn truth and you’re going to get it nicely done in a ‘not so nice’ way! Ain’t no goddamn bullshit going on all up in here! Never fucking think it!

This is for the military whores that ‘parade’ their wide open ass hole all up and down a pothole filled street in this shithole! Read it and recognize yourselves in this; you sick ass twisted, perverted, torturing, vile than a motherfucker whorish ass shits!

I Am On An Anti-Military Crusade!


I am on an anti-military crusade

For being a killer is why you get paid

Do us all a favor and just drop dead

Shoot yourself in your goddamn head

You are sick and you need to die

And I will be glad to tell you why

You’re already dead when you aim a drone

At someone who to you, is unknown

You are not human and you fucking know that

That is why you can kill at the drop of a hat

You say that it’s the only job that you can find

I’d rather get crushed underground in a mine

Unlike you, I am human and I give a damn

About all the children that you killed in *Nam.

I ache for the mothers that have lost a child

And for the people in Afghanistan that you defiled

You suit up and you go not into harm’s way

But to a foreign land and make people, your prey.

I am expected to sympathize when you get fucked up

Nothing fucking doing since you are morally bankrupt

Never for a minute think that I will take your side

You’re an ugly, twisted shit hopped up on false pride

I hope that your own mind becomes the enemy

And when you die, burn in hell for all eternity.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

and eat this for dessert!

I’m Worse Than A Parasite!

I stand ready to receive my orders.
To the war machine, I am sold.
Life don’t mean a thing to me,
not yours or mine, I’m told.

It is crystal clear to me,
that I am already dead.
Why else would I sell my soul,
to keep the war machine, well fed?

I have no conscience, not at all.
A trained thing is what I am.
You think I care who it is I kill?
Hell no! I don’t give a damn!

I signed up to commit murder,
and I am good at what I do.
I am sick and vile and twisted,
and then I come home to you.

Don’t you love and care for me,
when you hug me close at night?
I am your husband and I am your lover,
and yet, I’m worse than a parasite.

These arms that now hold you,
would tear you limb from limb,
if my orders were to do so,
I’d watch the light in your eyes grow dim.

Oh yes, I go to church and I pray,
though I know my soul is lost.
And when I kill another’s child,
I expect my own to pay the cost.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Do you ever stop to think about the fact that that ‘thing’ you love, and you just kissed passionately after you met at the airport, just got back from killing someone and for what? What did that unknown dead ‘enemy’ do to you or to that ‘thing’ you just kissed so passionately and can flip like a light switch and start killing an unknown ‘enemy’ that had never done a thing to you, it or your loved ones? When that ‘thing’ makes it back and you stand there with loving arms, awaiting that sweet, sweet kiss of death ’cause that’s what it is, a kiss of death, you have no qualms about that? Because your ‘loved’ one killed somebody else’s ‘loved’ one and what makes you more special than who IT killed?

Your ‘loved’ one would turn on you if ‘ordered’ to do so. Think about it! Do you think that IT would not gear up and put you down if ITS orders were that you was the enemy?

How can you lie in bed in the arms of something that is considered a ‘hero’ for murdering innocent people? How can you lie down and have a child with a cold blooded murderer? Because that is exactly what you are doing. How can you live off ‘blood’ money? Because your spouse, that thing, is paid to kill and there ain’t no way around it. You can dress IT up in ‘fatigues’ and put medals on ITS chest, make IT salute and when all is said and done, you’re honoring a killer.

So I guess some killing is fine as long as it’s sanctioned and paid for by the government, but if you walk up to your neighbor and shoot him dead, what’s going to happen to you? You’re going to prison, but that ‘thing’ that just got back from Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria just killed somebody and now you lie in bed next to IT and IT tells you, IT loves you. IT doesn’t. How could IT? IT’s a killer! And what’s more, it may only be a matter of time before IT kills you because IT is a ticking time bomb. IT didn’t punch a clock at the Post Office, finish ITS shift and go home. IT put ITS gun away until next time, until next time, until next time. Just hope that one of those ‘next times’ ain’t you. Think on it!

And now, another child is dead because her father turned himself into the so-called ‘elite’s’ torturing and killing machine and then that shit crawls between the sheets and when a child is born, that child is at the mercy of the merciless. For the love of …….!!!!!!!!!

16 thoughts on “A Former U.S. Soldier Tortured And Killed His Own Daughter!

      1. Sometimes they have no choice in the matter. IF we could get them all to leave the war machine then the fat cats would have a hard time running a war.


  1. It’s extremely heart rending to see the extent to which monopoly capitalism is allowed to brutally grind people down to misery and depravity and simultaneously mind control them to believe they live in the best of possible worlds.


    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall for your comment. You are SO right, as usual. I have practically gotten into fistfights because of my denouncing this shithole for what it is and I get told that America is the greatest nation on the planet. This shit over here really does indeed, think that not only are they filled with exceptionalism but also think that this shithole ain’t a goddamn shithole. Unbelievable! And as you say, thanks to ‘mind control’ they absolutely do ‘ believe they live in the best of possible worlds’ because according to them, it don’t get any better than this.

      I just talked to a guy today and he told me that in 8 years, he and his wife are planning to sell everything; all real estate, vehicles and everything else and become ex-pats because he says he is sick of the shit over here. He and his wife travel to foreign countries twice a year, trying to decide which one that want to eventually retire to. He told me that 9 other couples are doing the same thing. I told him about the ‘best laid plans of mice and men’ because who the fuck knows if this shithole will not have totally collapsed in on itself long before his wait for retirement is over?

      I shed so many damn tears when I read such as what happened to that little girl. That is why I don’t post as much as I used to. I’m all done in over this constant barrage of shit!

      But again, thank you for your comment. It was right on time!


  2. Dear Shelby, you really drive the point home. I think this soldier had to have been severely mentally ill. Regardless, it is nearly incomprehensible that the military police dropped the ball – with eye witness of an abused child. This shows that it wasn’t one individual who went over the edge. War is sick and makes mankind sicker. Peace, JoAnn


    1. Thank you JoAnn and you are right, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. We’re going to hear more of this, unfortunately. I wrote the poem, “I’m Worse Than A Parasite,” in 2014 and again, unfortunately, it is still being played out on U.S. military bases everywhere. It is a sinful shame that innocent children are in the custody of hired mentally ill killers that make up, the U.S. military. And when these hired killers go berserk, the innocent pay the price while the U.S. government could give a rat’s ass about what it put into play.

      Again, I thank you for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ” We honor shits that torture innocent people overseas and then come back with that same mindset and then proceed to torture their own children and families.”
    And then we hire them to be cops all over this country! The soldiers are going off the rails b/c the US of A[ssholes] is going off the rails!


    1. That is SO true Wolfess! They are indeed, ‘going off the rails’ and innocent people are paying the price and yet, the beat goes on! I fucking sigh and I sigh some more, goddamn it!

      Thank you for your comment!


      1. I have a friend whose daughter is married to a soldier that has been to Afghanistan and Iraq twice and will be going back again early next year — all these stories are too heartbreakingly the same — they just don’t seem to be able to stop themselves from hurting their families. Linda is going to be staying with her daughter for the next few months b/c she is pregnant with their fourth child and the father has made some terrible threats against her so Linda wants to be there to do whatever she can to protect her daughter and her 3+ grandkids. I told her about your 2 articles and will send them to her when she emails me.


      2. Oh Wolfess! Lord have mercy! I am SO very sorry that this is happening to this lady and to her daughters.

        This is why I have been relentless in spreading the truth about what our ‘soldiers’ become after they have been turned into ‘killing machines’. Obama and the other warmongers and war hawks that continuously call for war, war and more war don’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions; the families of these servicemen do. And we will probably never know the true scope of damage that these killers do because the U.S. military covers shit up because if the American people knew how bad the situation really is, then maybe, just maybe we’d get off our ass and stop contributing to a system that is designed to make us kill people and to then turn around and kill our own families.

        I seriously wish there was something that I could do. I really do because her situation is serious and men will stalk their wives and no restraining order will stop them. I know. I had to leave the state I was born in and move to another state to get away from my ex and he wasn’t even in the goddamn military.

        Wolfess, this lady and her children will be in my thoughts. I hope that they will be okay. For the love of ….! Again, I am so sorry that this is happening to them!


  4. Thank you Shelby — yesterday when she called me all I could think about were these articles; I know this is going to sound weird, but I am so very thankful that you posted these articles and that I had read them b4 Linda called me. Now I have a pretty good idea what is going on with Jenny, and although it scares the hell out of me, I am glad that I know b/c now I can do whatever is possible to help Linda … even if it’s just being a shoulder to cry on. 🙂 You keep right on fighting this RIGHTEOUS fight Shelby — this news needs to get out! And I am busy ‘playing with my doll’ [poppet] binding him so he can do no further damage! 🙂

    Pwr 2 the RIGHTEOUS peons!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bless your sweet heart Wolfess!


      And since I am on a mission to spread the word about what is happening with regards to military families, you know that I will do my best!


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