Another Mentally Ill Decorated Iraq War Vet Goes The Fuck Off!


The estranged wife of a decorated Iraq War veteran arrested in the killing her mother, stepfather and brother told authorities her husband suffered from post-traumatic stress and was becoming increasingly delusional, according to court documents released Monday.

Roy Murry earned a Bronze Star for valor as an Army National Guard sergeant in Iraq, where he was severely injured by a bomb. He has had a series of run-ins involving weapons with law enforcement officers since his return from the war.

Murry remained in custody after surrendering to authorities on Saturday, four days after the home of his wife’s family was set on fire near Colbert, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said.

The three bodies were found with numerous gunshot wounds on the rural property.

Here we go again! Was it only a few days ago, I blogged about a military motherfucker that tortured and murdered his own daughter on a military base in Hawaii? Yes, indeed it was! And I stated then that this shit would continue. These military motherfuckers are fucked up in the head and are coming back and killing people as though they are still at war in foreign lands. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, you cannot turn a person into a cold-blooded killer and then just change his surroundings and expect that he will change. They’ve got access to weapons, so that’s no problem and they are touted as heroes and warriors; these protectors of the empire. They are not coming back gunning for Obama and the other war hawks that are out for everybody else’s blood and every other country’s resources, assets and whatever else they can get, they are killing their own family members in ‘cold blood’ just as they killed those in foreign lands in ‘cold blood’.

Oh, it is all such a tragedy when they bust a cap all up in their family’s ass, but we don’t pay heed to why it’s not such a stretch for them to look upon their family members with cold dead eyes, just as they viewed the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and anywhere else they are sent. So when next, you head to the airport to welcome your killer family member, home, keep in mind that there is blood all over his hands and he can’t wash that away, but he sure as hell just might add yours to it. Something for you to consider and I wouldn’t take too long over it either. This motherfucker riddled three of his estranged wife’s family members with bullets and then set the house he killed them in, on fire. Is he still a hero? A warrior? Are you going to thank him for THIS particular service?

13 thoughts on “Another Mentally Ill Decorated Iraq War Vet Goes The Fuck Off!

  1. Shelby, these men come back from war injured souls. This isn’t to excuse what they do, but it is to state how important it is to stop these wars.


    1. Leslie, please read the comment by newsfortherevolution. They willingly signed up to become hired killers. If the military weeds out the mentally impaired and the physically impaired, claiming that they are too fucked up for the military, then the military is saying that those killers are not mentally ill when they sign on the dotted line to go and fuck people up.

      Those murderers come back and not only do they murder their own family members, as newsfortherevolution stated, they also become cops and correctional officers and they have the mindset of torturing and murdering people, without a thought in their head that that person they just killed was a human being. These murderers that come back, regardless of whether or not they are fucked up in the head, are a menace to society. They are filled with brutality and they have no problem unleashing that brutality.

      We need to stop making excuses for these murderers because that just encourages society to continue to view them through a rose-colored haze when they are nothing more than ruthless psychopaths. They need to be ‘removed’ from society and not encouraged to re-enter it as if they are not returning from war zones. They are not wounded warriors. They are fucked up killers. They are not heroes. They are cowards and bullies and they will never get a ‘thank you’ from me because in my opinion, they are nothing more than paid whores and they should do us all a favor and drop dead. We have an all volunteer army and no one is forcing those murderers to sign up.

      But I do thank you for your comment.


      1. Shelby, I agree that they are fucked up killers and the people that sent them there are equally to blame. There is something desparately wrong with our society. We really need to change things.


  2. Shelby, This is so damn predictable! Set up a system needing trained killers to help with its worldwide rape, pillage and plunder, and treat human beings as disposable commodities to be used and kicked to the curb, and guess what? Shocking shit like this is bound to happen! They can’t switch their trained murderers off when they’ve done their grim jobs, or gone nuts while on the job. And of course it’s not profitable or expedient to take care of these attack dogs once they come back. Money just moves on.

    Know what’s also scary? The vets who can more or less pass as normal are apt to get into law enforcement, giving us our very own occupying army of trained killers. No wonder I don’t sleep well.

    I wonder how even the clueless elites think we’ll keep this prison farm going for long like this. Thanks for sharing this, I think. – Linda


    1. Your comment is spot on! Even Dr. Bramhall felt that there was no need to add anything. I should just take down my entire rant and post your comment in its place. I have no idea why you are not running for president of the United States. I’d actually decide to vote again.

      And you are right, it is extremely scary that that shit can pull us over and if we look cross-eyed, we could be riddled with bullets for that and quite frankly, many people have been and will continue to get shot dead by these psychopathic killers. Those brutal and barbaric shits should never have the opportunity to hold a gun again, much less be given a badge to go along with it. But that is just business as usual in this worthless ass shithole!

      The only reason I sleep well is because I sleep from sheer exhaustion after having spent my day cussing and carrying on something awful. It is always a storm brewing everywhere I happen to be.

      Linda, thank you for your comment! And again, it was right on point!

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      1. Me, run for president? No way in hell! There’s at least one candidate out there who’d mop the floor with me — I know when I’m outclassed! And sadly enough, we will never see a president in our lifetimes that would even consider dealing with this runaway berserker/military/security/law enforcement mega-monster industry. We’ll have to tear it down ourselves brick by brick if it ever happens. Not sure how much would be left afterwards to build a better world with. But what we have now is intolerable and unsustainable.


    2. That’s what I said on Shelby’s article about the soldier who killed his daughter — And then we hire them to be cops all over this country! The soldiers are going off the rails b/c the US of A[ssholes] is going off the rails! — it’s obvious to me that you are one very intelligent human being! 🙂


  3. I heard that American police forces are hiring large numbers of veterans. The sadistic cop in Cleveland, who stood on the hood of a cornered car and emptied his gun into the unarmed Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, was an Iraqi war veteran.

    i guess that was the mistake the guy in this story made. If he wanted to continue killing innocent people, he should’ve become a cop.

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    1. Yes, newsfortherevolution, I read about what that cop did and words just fail me. A car backfired and two people were literally executed in cold blood and of course, let’s not focus on that. Let us focus on their arrest records. Apparently, if you’ve been arrested, you have every reason to expect to be executed and so what’s the big deal? A ‘warrior hero’ was just doing his military duty, I mean, he was just executing people in Iraq. Uh…I mean, he was policing the streets of America and now everyone is safe from that couple that had the misfortune to drive a fucked up car that backfired in front of a police station. That is against the law and is punishable by firing squad. If we didn’t know, now we know.

      SIGH!! For the love of …..! Thank you for reminding me of that and for your comment. As you can see, the ‘beat’ goes on. Meaning, the ‘cops’ on the beat but no more heartbeats for Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

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