I Could Not Profit Off The Pain!

hospital bed

I take the suffering of others
and I load it onto my plate.
I keep hearing that someone’s dying.
There’s been a lot of that of late.

I hate to ask about someone
for I know just what I’ll hear.
The sad news comes from everywhere;
both from far away and near.

Poor Sally, she has cancer
and it’s ‘terminal’, she’s been told.
Jack, he has it too
and his daughter is six year’s old.

Oh where are all the advancements
that they promised us would come?
Need we still be dying from cancer
though we pay a princely sum?

Who benefits from all the wealth
that sickness generates?
And who sits back and watches
patients in pain that excruciates?

I could not profit off the pain
and the death of so damn many.
I could not go to sleep and dream.
My conscience would disturb me plenty.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

It has gotten so damn bad that I hate to even ask about people that I haven’t seen in awhile. I keep getting the same answer. They’re dying of cancer. So many people, dying from this and yet the claim is that cancer will be eradicated by 2050. Yeah, dream on!

9 thoughts on “I Could Not Profit Off The Pain!

  1. This reminds me of a commercial for some kind of dope they were pushing on daytime television. I’m sitting in the breakroom at work eating as healthy as I care to seeing as I have a high metabolism and naturally thin and veggies mean nothing to my stomach. The dope was for some kind of ailment like diabetes or something like that. I always listen up for the side effects and shake my head, I’d rather have the illness than the “cure” since one of the side effects is spontaneous death. Yes. Spontaneous death as a side effect – what the fuck is that? It’s like if you aren’t in the hospital already you’re headed there to line pockets for as long as they can squeeze money outta you. Watching my father waste away and it torn my entire chest out and I wouldn’t do it again. I’d rather have a bullet put into my brain at close range and high velocity. But they won’t legalize us deciding to bail out with dignity, nope, they want to milk us like cows chained up in a barn.


    1. HLJ, I know exactly what you mean. I have watched so many of my relatives writhe in agony. I’ve watched them deteriorate into a caricature of their former selves. I’ve sat by my dad’s side and watched the poison chemo get pumped into his veins, thus depleting his blood and making him need a transfusion that did no good at all. So many dead from this and the list continues to grow. The doctors have all developed a standoffish attitude, apparently as a result of seeing this daily. I could not.

      I have also seen the commercials about the same damn things you have and when they list the side effects, I’m like, “Are they fucking for real? Get the fuck outta here!” I have seen countless people in Baltimore, MD so strung out on methadone that is certainly harsh on the body, nod like you would not believe and yet, when I got to Minnesota, not one person was standing in the middle of the sidewalk on a gangster nod. Not one! But then again, all those poor Black inner city ex-heroin addicts are expendable. Minnesota was having none of it. And there are heroin addicts here, but they are not given massive doses of methadone. What’s the glaring difference? Exactly!

      It has been stated that poor people are more likely to keel over from diseases such as this. Go figure. How someone can know that a person is dying and suffering untold agonies means to me that that fucker ain’t human. IT can’t be!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ. And you are right, they milk us just like cows and then when we’re dead, the claim is that we still owe. Now how sick is that?


    1. Thank you Leslie. You are right! As long as there is a profit to be made from pretending to help stricken patients, they will continue to have people suffer untold agonies before they expire. That is why it is more profitable to continue pumping us full of poisons than to cure the disease. People have lost their homes thanks in part to a serious illness that was not covered. And if you’ve got insurance, they’ll milk it for every penny they can get. And the patient in the process of going through this is consigned to a number and is no longer looked at as human.

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