In This World Of Illusion!

world of illusion

In this world of illusion
no people are truly free.
Smoke will rise forever
from sea to wine dark sea.

On the brink of yesterday
lies the Palace of the Skulls.
Footlights on a hero;
the sheep to sleep, he lulls.

The spies have eyes ‘most everywhere
like gods upon a mountain.
And men in blindness lead
the sheep to a poisoned fountain.

This partnership in death
will end at Doomsday Creek.
And naked are the liars
as they appear to us and speak.

It is now or never
for the banquet ends at dawn.
And an omen of ill wind blows
when innocent blood is drawn.

Make haste or our world is lost.
Build your army out of need.
Turn back the hands of time
to when man was without greed.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

14 thoughts on “In This World Of Illusion!

      1. Leslie, I am blushing over this compliment. Many of my poems never make it onto this blog and I have so many that I have started, but never finished because I can’t get them sorted out the way I want them to be. However, time allowing, I will most likely compile a book of my poetry and float it around. If I get no takers, then I get no takers. If I feel it worth my while, then I’ll self-publish.

        And thank you again! Your comment has me over the moon!


      2. Shelby, you write with such passion you can feel it. Compile it and publish it. You can inspire many other people with your thoughts and feelings.


  1. Shelby, fantastic. THAT is one great poem. Right on target and so clear. Great graphic too.
    “Turn back the hands of time to when man was without greed.” Wow, Tubularsock would have to get a bigger watch to attempt to pull that off!


    1. “Tubularsock would have to get a bigger watch to attempt to pull that off!”

      You’re goddamn right about that! But nevertheless, at one point in time, someone somewhere, I should hope was without a shitload of greed. But then again, probably not!

      I thank you also for your most enthusiastic comment on this one! We all know, you’re the best Tubularsock at everything you do!


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