Before The Drums Of Autumn Beat…

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Before the drums of autumn beat,
I’ll spend summer by the sea.
Lying upon a sandy beach,
you bring the temptress out in me.

A thousand guilty pleasures,
I’ll take them as they come.
A goddess of the night,
to my charms, you will succumb.

I was born out of defiance;
a temptation, I cannot fight.
We blend perfectly together,
such passions, we ignite.

All along this broken road,
wandering aimlessly for miles.
I’ll charm you with obsidian eyes
and bewitch you with my wiles.

A spell I cast so long ago
on Hell’s Highway, I made.
My soul I gave to him that took
all that I had to trade.

I’ll return to you always
without a shadow of a doubt.
Midnight’s games we’ll surely play
under love’s sweet gushing spout.

So wait for me, I won’t be long.
I have my duty to perform.
But I will come right back to you
in an otherworldly form.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Do not ask. I have no idea where this one came from or even what it means. It has been said that people who are creative are insane. This could then, be the reason. And now, I can indulge in ‘maniacal’ laughter.

9 thoughts on “Before The Drums Of Autumn Beat…

    1. What an enthusiastic response to this one! So, insanity bites and how! I love it! Call me crazy because according to Tubularsock, I wear it well, extremely well! *grin*

      Thanks again!


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