So! She Wants To Be Black!

Rachel Dolezal 4

What’s the big deal? If Rachel Dolezal wants to pretend to be Black, then let her ‘enjoy’ all the privileges and benefits that go along with being Black. She can get her ass kicked by the police just like we do. She can get steered to a subprime mortgage loan and lose her home just like we did. She can be the last hired and the first fired just like we are. She can be locked up for more years just for being Black just like we are. She can be followed around a store just like we are. Why should we enjoy all of the benefits of being Black and not let any other group into our elite circle? If Rachel Dolezal wants to deny the fact that she is white and would rather insist that she have crosses burned in her yard, why should we have a problem with that? If she does not have a problem in being called, a ‘thug’, then I say, “You go girl!”

Why is everybody so bent out-of-shape over this? It is not the end of the world. Worse things are happening everyday beyond the fact of a mere white woman posing as a Black woman. If she wants to become the object of ridicule, then more power to her. If she would rather have to fight and claw her way up from fry cook to cashier, then let her. Oh! My bad! She is the president of the local chapter of the NAACP in Spokane, WA. Surprise! Surprise! First the Donald Sterling incident and now this. The NAACP just cannot get its act together and of course the NAACP is standing with Rachel Dolezal on this because she has been of much help to the Black community and the NAACP insists that the organization is inclusive of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender or religious affiliation and so if that is the case, then Rachel Dolezal had no need to hide the fact that she is white. The NAACP would have accepted her anyway, so why the need for subterfuge?

If Ms. Dolezal wants to help Black people, fine. But she did not have to pretend to BE Black in order to do so. Whatever her reasons for denying who she truly is, they are hers to know. But she can never truly know what it is like to be a Black woman just as I cannot know what it is like to be a white woman. If the shit gets too hot to handle for Ms. Dolezal to continue with the charade, she can give it up at any time by handing the spray tan bottle back to House Speaker John Boehner, shed the curly perm and demand that the police get her parents down to the jail and bail her the fuck out because goddamn it, she ain’t Black and therefore, did not deserve to be arrested for spitting on the goddamn sidewalk. Meanwhile, the Black women that remain behind bars are getting unholy hell beat out of them as they cannot call on their ‘white’ parents to head off what’s coming.

Rachel Dolezal, shame on you! And to the NAACP, it would do the organization much good in attempting to polish a much tarnished image by going down to the jail and standing up for the countless true women of color that are cooling their heels on bullshit ass charges! Members of the NAACP, get up off your tired asses and actually DO something about the plight of REAL Black folks in America instead of standing by a fake ass privileged white liar!

21 thoughts on “So! She Wants To Be Black!

  1. Well is was bound to happen. Obama was accused that he wasn’t black enough. And what did we find out? He isn’t. But he is black enough to be the best step-en-fech-it black boy for Wall Street. Way better that some blanco-boy!

    And now, Rachel. Why not?

    We have men that are women and women that are men. And Poly that is everything.
    We have war that is peace and justice that is not.

    If it’s not upside-down it’s not of this new world.

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    1. You are right! It is upside down or topsy-turvy alright. And ole step-en-fech-it makes a really great ‘house slave’ while us field motherfuckers are getting fucked up every way possible and ole Step can’t fucking relate to our plight. But we’ze got Black face Rachel to the rescue. Lawdy have mercy! We is saved from the wrath of that half and half in the White House by the new and improved version of Sista Teresa Rachel. Praise be! The white man woman gone save us from the white man!

      “Oh happy day! Oh happy day! When GEEZUS washed my sins away! And got massa’s boot up off my neck!”

      Thank you for your comment Tubularsock!


  2. LMAO, not questioning her commitment to the cause, but it seems she’s politically motivated. Why pretend to be something u’r not, also got outed by her own momma!
    Goes to show, nothing can stop a “good” white girl from being black. 😉


    1. Yeah! Just like HLJ commented, she doesn’t mind being Black as long as the cops ain’t busting down her door or shooting her 200 times if her piece of shit car happens to backfire in front of a police station.

      I question her motives because there are white people that have rolled up their sleeves and attempted to help the situation in Black communities and they didn’t perpetrate a fraud while doing it. Why this bitch needed to hide who she really is, says a lot for her character or lack thereof. If she did wonders for the Black community, all very well and good, but what was the point in engaging in such pretense? Her fifteen minutes of fame upon exposure? Who the fuck knows.

      Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!


      1. No problem. I had not heard about this story, but it’s great to see the NAACP standing up for the rights of white folk! Without their support, where would we be?

        Life in America, you can’t make this shit up

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      2. Newsfortherevolution, I guess this is why there is that great saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction!”

        Yeah! And that’s why the NAACP can’t help Black folks because its too busy sucking up to racist filth like Donald Sterling and embracing supposed ‘do-gooder’ whites in Black face like this here Sista Rachel!

        Black folks had better fucking figure out that they need to do something to help themselves because they’ll get no help from the organization that was supposedly set up to improve the plight of the descendants of slaves in America. We is on our own and we had better get to recognizing that, those of us who don’t already, that is.

        Thank you for your comment!

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      3. It’s the same with every organization that is supposed to be representing the interests of the people. Sooner or later those in charge start selling out the people in favor of their own personal gain. Whether it’s the NAACP making nice with Sterling, a tribal council living large while the rest of the people are in absolute poverty, union leaders cutting deals to help companies close factories and ship jobs overseas, or even our “democratically elected” politicians, they’re all the same.

        If there was a hell, there would be a special place there for those who sell out their own people

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      4. Hear! Hear! You have ‘said’ a mouthful! Here in Minnesota, we have casinos owned by the Indians and the state under ex-governor Pawlenty wanted to open up state-owned casinos to compete with the Indian-owned casinos, but that never came to anything and yet, if you go to downtown Minneapolis on any given day, plenty of homeless Indians can be found. When asked why they’d rather be homeless than on the reservation, they have no problem citing the horrific problems that plague the reservations from abject poverty to alcoholism, suicide, a diabetes epidemic and the list is endless.

        It is a goddamn shame that people will sell-out their own people for profit and personal enrichment. It is a goddamn shame that organizations that are purportedly set up to help raise an entire group of disenfranchised people out of poverty is doing anything and everything but. The NAACP only recognizes the Black whores of Hollywood by hosting awards ceremonies honoring those Black sell-outs that play Massa’s willing slaves in films like ‘The Help’, ‘The Butler’ and the like. But poverty stricken Black cities in America can just go to hell or remain there for all the good it does to have an organization that is supposed to actually DO something about the plight of Black people in those cities. SIGH! I fucking despair of us all!

        Again, thank you for that spot on comment newsfortherevolution!

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    Seriously though this is that slippery slope that has been created by all these titles people throw around. If Bruce Jenner can be a woman then this silly chick can be Black. No matter how ridiculous she looks.


    1. The bitch looks ridiculous HLJ! That is a fact and Black folks that are going along with this bullshit are stupid! Bruce Jenner is NOT a woman. Does he have fucking ovaries? Can he give birth? Does he have any female reproductive organs? Uh…that would be a resounding NO! He can put a goddamn dress on, get plastic surgery, get his dick removed, get some breast implants and after all is said and done that piece of shit is still, a goddamn MAN! If it wants to be called something other than what its mother named it, then that’s on it, but I’ll not continue to be a party to this ridiculous shit of, “I am now a woman because I say so!” I am tired to pieces of this political correctness bullshit!

      Even if a woman has a complete hysterectomy, she still has a vagina and not a dick, so I don’t want to see any nonsense from some motherfuckers out there that insist that women can become men with a little chop-chop and vice versa. Fuck that shit!

      Oh, and thank you for your comment HLJ! I appreciate it!


      1. Technically, animal species’ sex is determined by their genetic chromosomes. XY=male, XX=female.
        There are genetic errors and mutations within the species. Perhaps she’s a mutant? 😀


  4. This bitch is a low life two-faced bottom feeder! This ugly bitch should be ashamed of herself. And those dumb coons in the NAACP are actually defending this white tramp! Just goes to show you how out dated that organization really is.


    1. Prince, tell us how you really feel!

      I am going to highlight your point because it is extremely relevant. The NAACP ain’t shit! That should be a well-known fact by now! When the Donald Sterling incident went down, the goddamn writing should have been all over the wall with respect to what that whoreganization stands for. Those motherfucking coon head sell-outs do not represent me nor do they represent the poor Black people in communities of color all across this shithole that are getting unholy hell tore all out of them, up one side and down the other by racist ass cops, by corporations that consider us less than dogs and by the worthless ass foreigners that come here and get money to set up shop in our neighborhoods and proceed to sell us expired meat at outrageous prices.

      When Baltimore was on fire and the Black people were called thugs for burning shit up, those motherfuckers that knew why Black people were burning down shit knew that not one of those businesses were owned by Blacks. Koreans and Pakistanis come here and make a killing off of us but do they live next door to us? Hell fucking no! They fucking take our money and get the hell out of Dodge until the next business as usual day. But let my Black ass attempt to go to the bank and get a loan to open up a shoeshine stand and I get fucking denied ’cause I ain’t got stellar credit since I’m the last to get hired and the first to get fired. I missed a goddamn day of work ’cause I had the goddamn flu and I got fired. But that’s on me! But the motherfucking white bitch that worked across from me, missed a week because she took her daughter to get some breast implants and that’s all good than a motherfucker and people have the nerve to wonder why I could give a rat’s ass if this shithole burned from one end to the other? Fucking walk a mile in our goddamn shoes and they’d get a motherfucking clue in a goddamn quick ass hurry!

      I thank you for your comment Prince. It was ever so spot on!


  5. Theoretically the NAACP is about black empowerment, especially the empowerment of low income African Americans who bear the brunt of current austerity cuts. In my experience, I have only ever found the NAACP to advocates for upper middle class African Americans seeking to create more opportunities for African American doctors, lawyers and judges.

    If the NAACP were to miraculously change its stripes, it seems it would need to be led by low income African Americans whose life circumstances impel them to agitate for change.

    If it’s led by rich black folk, or worse still a white person, the power that derives from self-organization and self-advocacy is lost – mainly because such individuals always have the option of returning to their comfortable middle class lifestyle at night. In other words, it can never amount to more than glorified social work for the “less fortunate.”


    1. And as you know, Dr. Bramhall, people cannot feed their children, theory. They cannot live on theory. They cannot get cured of their diseases by theory. They need some real goddamn action and they ain’t getting it from that whoreganization called the NAACP or in other words, the NAACC, the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coonheads or in other words, Massa’s willing, bootlicking house slaves. I would never belong to that whoreganization because why the fuck should I pay dues when the NAACC don’t ‘dues’ a goddamn thing to help those that need help the most. They can take their bullshit and shove it back up their ass because I’m having none of it.

      And as usual, those sell-out shits uphold whatever whitey white ass does, regardless of how vile and hypocritical it is. For the NAACC to stand by a flaming liar is beyond the end of enough when there are so many Black people who are in desperate circumstances and need someone or some organization in their corner, but what do they get? A free trip to the morgue for making eye contact with a racist ass pig. They get choked to death for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. They get shot while playing in a park with a toy gun. They get 35 years in prison before some other organization delves into their case and finds them to be innocent. But we know that it ain’t the NAACC that’s attempting to reduce the Black incarceration rate, nor is it doing a goddamn thing to staunch the flow of Black bodies that are placed in body bags and are headed for the morgue, riddled with bullets. It is not doing a goddamn thing to stop the dumbing down of Black inner city youth. Its not doing a goddamn thing about the out-of-control drug use, gang violence and prostitution going on all up in Black communities thanks in part to abject poverty and double digit unemployment.

      That fucked up organization wants nothing to do with low income Black people because low income Black people cannot pad the pockets of the CEO and the other bigwigs that strut around like peacocks, preening themselves at awards ceremonies, bowing and scraping to “Massa, yes sir!” Those goddamn bootlicking coon head sell-out motherfuckers ain’t even good enough to kiss my ass!

      But I sincerely thank you for another on point comment Dr. Bramhall. It was right on time, as usual!


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