Words Are Not Enough!


Words are not enough
I don’t care what you say.
Words get nothing done.
There must be another way.

The words I write don’t matter.
So many words I write each day.
I’ve filled so many pages
but it’s useless what I say.

If I pen a bang ass poem
what difference does it make?
The shit still hits the fan.
And another life they take.

No, words don’t get it done.
They’re useless as can be.
A pen can’t stop a drone
nor does it help a refugee.

Children walk the streets
while I sit and write their story.
Mothers cry all over the world
and my words don’t stop their worry.

You tell me that what I write
will somehow make things right.
I don’t see it that way
as bombs light up the night.

Tell the people of Iraq
that I wrote a poem for them.
Explain that writing helps
to make their horrors appear less grim.

Talk to the people of Syria.
Let them know I feel their pain.
Tell them I penned a poem
about how their suffering is not in vain.

Oh yes, I write about all the problems.
And I compile a list of them.
But if my words were of any use
by now, this world should look less grim.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

But if my words were of any use
by now, this world should look less grim.

Well? Shouldn’t it?

15 thoughts on “Words Are Not Enough!

  1. Shelby, the pen is mightier than the sword and it is more noble. You don’t aways see the effects your words have on other people, but I asure you, they do. Your passion can be felt and I have no doubt you have touched many lives with your work.


    1. Leslie, I want to thank you for your comment but I must disagree with you. My pen cannot even stop the drones and missiles from raining down on innocent heads in the Middle East. My pen cannot stop the bombs from making people, refugees. America has no problem turning the entire Middle East into a refugee camp because we share no borders with those we bomb and so the problem of refugees do not impact us like they do on the countries that border those we bomb. This shithole can continue on as though nothing untoward is happening and quite frankly we do. We continue with our shopping and our movie watching and playing our games and paying outrageous prices for baseball tickets while those we have bombed are trying to find water and food.

      No, my pen is doing not a damn thing to help those people and quite frankly, we don’t even help the poor homeless souls that wander the streets in our own backyard. However, again, I do thank you for your comment!

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      1. I can understand your frustration Shelby but don’t lose hope coz your writing is creating more Shelbies out there and we need tens and thousands of you.

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      2. Thank you Kreng Jai! I really appreciate what you have written because my frustration knows no bounds. I too, wish that there were tens and thousands of me that were in a position to actually do something constructive as opposed to just writing about what I see. I wish and wish and wish.

        Again, thank you!

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      3. Shelby, I used to do a lot of writing for a local news paper and thought no one reads it. But people did and I just wasn’t aware of it until much later.
        Your passion comes from the heart. You are touching people. Someday you will hear about it.

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