In Arlington County, Virginia, Public Profanity Will Cost You $250

fuck you1

Now, does it really look like I give a good goddamn for your public profanity misdemeanor bullshit? If you are still unsure, you fucking assholes, archive this blog to your motherfucking heart’s content and then get a goddamn big ass clue, you goddamn bastards!

This is exactly why I got the fuck out of Virginia, I would have been charged with some goddamn bullshit nonsense. Now, they are fucking regulating our speech, but fuck what the hell our goddamn so-called congressional representatives and fucking step-and-fetch Obama are doing to people all across the globe; bombing them, drone striking wedding parties in Yemen, torturing people in secret CIA facilities in who knows how many other countries, but they want to fine me for using profanity. What the fuck? Are we to walk around like we’re in some goddamn ‘Stepford Wives’ movie or ‘Invasion of the Body snatchers’? To hell with that shit! I am sick to pieces of every time I turn around, some bullshit nonsense is all up in our face when TPTB get away with torture, murder, illegal detention, war crimes, illegal wars of aggression, toppling democratically elected leaders of other countries and nothing is said about that, but let me fucking cuss and I’ve got the long arm of the law coming down on me for some bullshit! Again I say, “FUCK YOU!” ‘Virginia is for lovers’ my goddamn ass! Go to hell Virginia and take that shit in DC along with you, you fucked up motherfuckers! Now, fucking fine me, you no good bitches!

6 thoughts on “In Arlington County, Virginia, Public Profanity Will Cost You $250

  1. Shelby, Damn straight! As if a little plain language was the worst problem we have! But I hope my mother doesn’t hear about this ludicrous shit, she’ll be hobbling through the neighborhood on her walker, hounding folks to sign petitions, trying to get similar laws for Ohio. And if I couldn’t snarl and swear, there’s no way in hell I could put up with her … or with most people, for that matter. Sigh. At this rate, we’ll be back to putting petticoats on piano legs in no time. – Linda


    1. I know exactly what you mean Linda. My sainted Vestal Virgin mother would not allow us to say, “lie,” or even “fool” and now, I blame her for my profanity laced tirades that would put a sailor to the blush. If she had not denied me the outlet that I needed to express myself, then maybe, just maybe, I would not have become so obnoxious and vile-tongued. I cannot get through a sentence in my daily life without using profanity or expletives. I usually don’t like to blame others for my supposed ‘misconduct’ but in this instance, I’ll gladly make an exception. It is my mother’s fault!

      This shit is most definitely beyond the end of enough! So, if I am in Arlington, VA and I stub my toe and I swear, “goddamn it to hell, I’ve just fucked up my toe,” and it is heard by the long arm of the law, then I am going to be hit with a $250.00 fine. Fuck THAT shit! I am going to cuss and if I happen to be in Arlington, VA while doing it, then I will see to it that my case makes it to the Supreme Court and there they can either go along with the bullshit or declare that Arlington, VA is stomping on the First Amendment right to free speech, goddamn it!.

      Linda, I thank you much for your comment! Fuck those motherfuckers in Arlington, VA, I say!

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  2. Someone needs to inform the good people of Arlington County that the freedom to use profanity is protected by the First Amendment. It would make a great test case. I can see it going all the way to the Supreme Court.


    1. Well Dr. Bramhall, I am all set to be the first one standing in line to present my $250.00 fine case to have my say about my First Amendment right to free speech all the way to the Supreme Court! It is my civic duty to cuss and use profanity and rage against the war mongers and war hawks that are hell bent on fucking us all up. If I deem it necessary to use profanity, then that is my right. I am not going to go around all day, exclaiming to everyone I see, “Have a lovely day! Isn’t it so nice that bombs and drones are killing innocent people in foreign lands while we drive to the almost empty mall?” Hell to da no! I am not standing, nor am I sitting still for THAT shit! Nor am I going to enrich the coffers of the county of Arlington, VA with my hard-earned money over some bullshit!

      To the Supreme Court, we go!

      Thank you very much for your comment Dr. Bramhall. It was right on point, as usual!


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