My Thoughts on The Charleston Shooting

I could not have said it better myself! And believe me, I have tried!

Black people! Wake up!

Conscious Concepts


I wanted to wait awhile to get the general public’s reaction to this before I offered a full opinion because I had to see how the media would portray this crime. Unfortunately just as I suspected they managed to find a way to downplay the situation and make excuses for a man who assassinated 9 African Americans inside a historical black church after he heard them pray. I do believe African Americans are unaware of their true place in this society which has and always will be second class citizens, if considered citizens at all. Nothing about this country we built WE built was made for us, these laws are not made for us; the Constitution was not made for us. Some say the emancipation proclamation was but all that did was release of from slavery and still keep us beneath the rest of the country. we had no equal…

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7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on The Charleston Shooting

  1. What’s really disturbing is that this individual claimed he did this, because “black people are taking over.” Of course everyone is dismissing him as insane, and yet there are many people who share these sentiments. You can read them online everyday. The fact that many people actually believe this shows how insane society itself is becoming.


    1. Exactly News! Let us all just chalk it up to his having mental issues and hanging with the wrong crowd. Such a tragedy, but then such is life. Nothing to see here folks. Move it along. Remember Columbine and Va. Tech and Newtown and all the others. We all should be used to these happenings. Change the channel. Kim Kardashian is on and she has a see-through dress on and her big ass is holding a champagne flute. Oh and don’t forget to buy your dad, a new tie for Father’s Day! We have huge sales events going on! Musn’t miss out on that because of a mere shooting up of some Black folks!

      Yeah News! That’s how we carry it!

      Thank you for your comment!

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