“You Rape Our Women And Are Taking Over Our Country!”

dylann roof

“You rape our women and are taking over our country,” so said Dylann Storm Roof, the white supremacy filled TERRORIST that murdered nine innocent people who were hell bent on worshipping the ‘god’ of the white man in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church at around 8pm on Wednesday night and sat in a Bible study group with his victims for more than an hour before opening fire. Dylann Storm Roof has just got to be in Africa. He’s got to be because that is exactly what happened in Africa and is also what happened as Africans were shipped to different countries to become slaves.

Those of us who are descendants of slaves here in America are every shade from palest pale to darkest Black and why would that be? It be from rape! The rape of our ancestors took place in this hell that has been nothing but pure hell for every Black person in AmeriKKKa. And who the fuck was raping whom? The goddamn lily white asses was raping the Black slaves from presidents on down. Goddamn Thomas Jefferson, a stomp down flaming racist, hypocritical slave owning bastard, raped his own wife’s slave sister and begat child after child on her and never did ‘free’ them even though he spoke of “being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live slaves” and “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” all while brandishing a whip over his affrighted slaves.

But along comes a white supremacy filled terrorist talking about who is raping and taking over his country when….let me just take a minute here………………….when not one Black person that is a descendant of slaves is here because we rowed over to AmeriKKKa, got off at Ellis Island, looked up at the Statue of Liberty, read the poem at its base and said, “Yep! This here is the place to be!”

I just cannot wrap my head around this shit! I fucking can’t! And as if what was done isn’t bad enough, Black folks are already speaking of ‘forgiving this piece of shitty filth’. Are you fucking for real??!!!! We never ever fucking learn! We just continue to bend over and take it up the ass! We continue to ‘forgive’ the motherfuckers that are hell bent on exterminating us just as they did to the Indians! We must forgive and we must forget all the senseless murders of Black people thanks to the goddamn white supremacy that IS this hellhole!


And of course, it has been stated that those nine people are with the white man’s ‘god’ now. That is just SO pathetic and just unbelievable! Black people still don’t get it. You never will. This shit is your mortal enemy and has been from day one. The goddamn governor of South Carolina never said a word as she commenced to hypocritically get choked up, about the confederate flag flying atop the state capitol, the very same flag that is depicted on Roof’s license plate. But she is just so overcome with righteous indignation over the brutal murders of nine of her constituents. My bad, of nine of her ‘niggers’ that got themselves offed by a white supremacy filled terrorist for “raping our women and taking over our country”. So, six Black women and three Black men are raping women and taking over the country? Well not any more! Cynthia Hurd, 54; Tywanza Sanders, 26; Sharonda Singleton; Myra Thompson, 59; Ethel Lance, 70; Susie Jackson, 87; the Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr.; DePayne Doctor and of course, Reverend Clementa Pinckney are all dead for ‘raping women and taking over a country’ as they worshipped in the house of the Lawd in Charleston, South Carolina. They worshipped the same Lawd that has now welcomed them into the bosom of his ever loving white family beyond the stars, somewhere high in an unseen paradise that awaits us all. They are there now with their 72 wives. Oh my bad! Wrong religious credentials. They are there living in one of the Lawd’s many mansions and dining at the table of good and plenty, replete from consuming fishes and loaves and sipping the nectar of the ‘gods’! My bad, of ‘god’. Praise be sweet GEEZUS and Lawd, we bow before your heavenly presence in humble submission as our faith has truly been tested beyond the bounds of anything imaginable and at last, we are here! Oh rejoice! Rejoice! And if only the Black people that we left behind could understand that it is all worth it; every single bullet that has entered their bodies, fired from a racist’s gun, every job they’ve been denied based on their skin color, every Black man that was lynched, every Black man that was electrocuted and was innocent, every Black child, woman and man that has been discriminated against, jailed, hosed, bitten by dogs, marched on tired feet, dragged behind pickup trucks, considered three-fifths of a person; it will all become clear why you had to go through this once you enter the pearly gates and St. Peter welcomes you in to god’s loving white embrace. “Oh damn! A white man just came up to me in heaven and told me to clean his shoes. Goddamn! Black folks, never mind, it’s all bullshit! So do as Thomas Jefferson suggested, “live as free men or die slaves!”

My sure ass bet is that we will die as slaves!

And Obama said, “let’s grab a beer!”
We captured him, so let’s all cheer!
The Blacks forgave and that’s just right.
So let’s join hands and we’ll all unite!
Singing, born in the USA, born in the USA!
Altogether now, born in the USA!
Although, if truth beknown, I ain’t from here.
I be’ze from Kenya or Hawaii, it ain’t real clear!”

Forgive my lack of grammatical skills and all. Us slaves bain’t tawt tuh reed n rite reul gude!

Oh and one more thing, I just ‘love’ how MSM keeps saying, “HE ALMOST DIDN’T DO IT!” That should make those nine dead people feel really good about that. Yep! Let’s focus on “HE ALMOST DIDN’T DO IT!”!

9 thoughts on ““You Rape Our Women And Are Taking Over Our Country!”

  1. I hate it when they call these guys a lone wolf. It sort of glorifies their actions. He’s a “Wing Nut”. I’m not sure anyone wants to be known as a “Wing Nut”


    • More than likely, there is a defense fund already set up for him by his white supremacy homeys. He’s a ‘lone wolf’ my ass. He’s got plenty of shits like him that are of the same mindset and with a bit more determination, will carry out more of the like. This shithole encourages this shit!

      Thank you for your comment Leslie.

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  2. It is time for white supremacists to be labeled for what they are…terrorists. Roof is a product of this toxic culture that puts zero worth on the lives of black and brown people unless they are useful to the capitalist machinery. Roof should be treated as an enemy combatant and his prosecution fall under the Patriot/Freedom Act. Maybe then white America will question the legality of these laws when it comes home to roost in their own backyards. Meanwhile…blood on the leaves and blood at the root.


    • Jeff, you have ‘said a mouthful’. They never get called terrorists. And from what I can understand, ‘hate crimes’ are not even on the goddamn books in South Carolina. Go figure! As consumed with hate as this country is and we all know South Carolina is bursting with it, there are no hate crimes laws on the books.

      And let that have been a Black man that went into an all white church and let loose, do you really think that he would have been apprehended without a scratch on him? We ALL know the answer to that! Meanwhile, the blood of Black people will continue to flow, unabated in this hellhole!

      I thank you for your comment Jeff.


  3. Yeah, AmeriKKa is an insane asylum, all our “leaders” are guardians of the gate. The crazy thing is this douchebag may get off with an insanity plea… would not surprise me one bit! Hey, the family of the victims forgave him after all…sooo everything’s honky-donkey!!
    Oh, i’m sure he didn’t mean to do it, considering those parishioners were just so kind and welcoming to him. *Facepalm* :/


    • And if he does get off on an insanity plea, Black folks are going to dig out some limp ass protest signs and link arms and march down the goddamn street, a’ chanting, “We shall over come!” Yes, indeed, we are going to overcome racism, white supremacy, police brutality, income inequality, prison slavery, a school-to-prison pipeline, discrimination, massive underemployment and massive unemployment any day now. Just you wait! Massa is gonna finally recognize us Black folk and give us full citizenship status as opposed to that of continued ‘slave’ status. Buleeeeedat!

      Thank you for your comment!


  4. Is anyone talking about where he got the idea that black people are taking over? Although, maybe that’s not a question people want to be asking, because it might redirect some of the blame off the “crazy” guy and onto the politicians and media who have made careers out of appealing to the ignorance and paranoia of racists. No one wants to admit this killer is a product of the society he was raised in.

    What’s most disturbing about his attitude, which many share, is the it implies two things, black people are not Americans, and that America is for white people only. I guess that’s another thing no one will be talking about

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    • “Is anyone talking about where he got the idea that black people are taking over?”

      Of course not! He will be considered mentally ill and suffering from delusions of Black people taking over HIS AmeriKKKa and he’ll get a goddamn pat on the head by a psychiatrist, get some sessions with a psychologist that will psychoanalyze him and declare him to be suffering from ‘affluenza’ and he will get a nice, comfy, cozy room in an upscale rehab facility where his room will be right next door to Lindsay Lohan’s. What’s all the fuss about? We needn’t delve into the fact that skinhead groups have overtaken damn near every state and the south has been awash in ’em since the first white foot stepped said foot on this benighted land.

      Oh News, Black people are NOT AmeriKKKans and that fact should be well-known by now and if not, it is only because some Black people are still burying their head in the sand and pretending otherwise. We’ve never had any rights whatsoever in this shithole and we NEVER will but many just will NOT grasp this fact and so that is why the marching and the protesting continues because they think that by continuing to humbly supplicate themselves to Massa, that Massa is gonna recognize and get with the program that Black people rate as first class citizens. They need to fucking get real!

      I thank you for your comment News! It is ever SO spot on!

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