…And Here Are The Buckets!


The gospel of peace is what was preached
 but into his pants, for a gun, he reached.
You thought you were safe inside hallowed walls
 but no matter where you go, hate slithers and crawls.
Hate does not listen to sermons and hymns.
You cannot fight from whence hate stems.
It is learned and it is carried forth
 to the east, the west, the south and the north.
You try to escape from the hatred of terrorists
 just as you’ve run from the slavers and the rapists.
You sought out their god to take away your pain.
And you trusted in their god, but your trust was in vain.
Now, we are weeping for the trust they displayed
 in a white youth who was racist as well as depraved.
A mother, a sister, a daughter, a husband; all are dead
 and here are the buckets for the tears, we will shed.
There is no need to take a gun to church
 or to empty purses and pockets to search.
Did not god protect and save his own
 from an attack by a terrorist that was homegrown?

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

And of course, as usual, the whites control the narrative, the script on what was behind this heinous crime. If a Muslim had shot up a ‘white’ sanctuary, he would have been labeled, a terrorist. If a Black man had shot up a ‘white’ sanctuary, he would have been labeled, a thug, but when a racist, white supremacist TERRORIST shoots up a majority Black church, he is mentally ill. I wonder how much money his parents have because if they have a boatload, his lawyer can use the defense that Roof suffered from ‘affluenza’ and therefore, should be remanded into the custody of a psychologist for gentle psychoanalytical treatment and relaxation therapy, whereupon, he shall be released after having been cured in about six months time.

Meanwhile Black folks, get your limp ass protest signs out from underneath the couch, dust them off and head for the streets to continue the marching that has been going on for over 50 years. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and company would be so proud of you for taking up where they left off because they would understand that the only way to obtain justice from the whites is to continue to march and BEG them to grant you peace from the constant attack on your mind, body and soul. And if you think that that will make any difference in your life, ask Dr. King and all the others why they never could stop marching. Can you imagine how many shoes they wore out? No wonder Black people open shoeshine stands, the only thing that’s keeping our feet from touching the pavement is all the shoe polish that’s dripped onto the soles of our shoes, thus providing us with the ability to continue ‘jiving’ down the street to the beat of “No justice! No Peace!” And know this, you’ll get neither! When you finally figure this out, then and only then will you know what to do! But until you realize that your ass is toast, I’ve provided buckets by the thousands for your tears!

11 thoughts on “…And Here Are The Buckets!

    1. As they have also controlled our minds by what they put in the history books. And so it continues. By the time they finish downgrading what this TERRORIST did, he will be considered, the innocent victim caught up in a frightening nightmare of Blacks and Hispanics taking over HIS AmeriKKKa. If it just wasn’t so many Black folks and Hispanics doing SO good, this poor, delusional young innocent would never have thought to take a gun and shoot up a Black church during Bible study. It’s OUR fault, ya know!

      Thank you for your comment Tubularsock!


  1. You know what is the second most disturbing thing about this event? How quick people are to forgive this terrorist. This is that Christian, passive turn the other cheek bullshit that allow slaves to be controlled. These people haven’t even forgiven Mike Vick for killing a few dogs, but here we are. I know one thing, CNN bet not ever put a camera in my face.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes HLJ, we are ever the forgiving ones. And indeed, ask the whites if they’ve forgiven Vick for fucking up some goddamn Fidos and they’d cuss you out and call the SPCA on you for even speaking of such a heinous crime as dog fighting. Why, Fido is placed in a pet hotel when the whites go on vacation AND he has his own cashmere sweaters and specialty dinners and snacks to accompany him so that he feels right at home, dontcha know. How dare Michael Vick have mistreated the poor Fidos out there! Didn’t he know that dogs are more human than his ass is, at least according to the whites. If he didn’t know, he knows it now after having spent time in prison on some bullshit charges over some dog fighting shit!

      And yeah, that passive ‘christian’ bullshit can just take a flying leap off a really high ass cliff because I’m having none of it. A goddamn white racist supremacist pig TERRORIST ain’t got to worry about offing me in a goddamn church because I’m not dumb enough to sit there and listen to bunk about how some white man’s god is gonna save me, exactly like he saved those nine people that got shot up during BuyBull study. Yeah Black folks, keep going along with that white man’s bullshit and keep playing the fool for them and this is what the fuck you get. And don’t forget, Black folks, that I’ve got plenty of buckets right here for your tears. I don’t need ’em ’cause I’m past crying over our continued passive acceptance of what continues to go down all across this here shithole called, AmeriKKKa. You shed the tears, I’ll just keep the goddamn buckets handy.

      And HLJ, you see how many whites are depicted standing in apparent solidarity with the bereaved family members and friends of the victims, but how many know of other Roofs out there and have not come forward in an attempt to stop another such occurrence as this? Not a goddamn one of ’em and they won’t.

      Just as you say, CNN had better not step in my face with that fucked up bullshit of theirs because I will be made to answer for my actions in court, that’s for damn sure!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ!


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