Talk is Cheap

Talk IS cheap! And how!

Robert Hall

Jon Stewart last night got it right.  We will grieve and pray about the murders in Charleston, but we won’t make changes that address the racism that produced them.  I just listened to a CNN program featuring three commenters on Hillary Clinton’s speech in which, among other things, she called for gun control legislation and changes in the criminal justice system that makes a mockery of our claim of “equal justice under law”.   One of the commenters was Brian Morgenstern, billed as a “GOP strategist”.  He said he thought it was a mistake for Hillary to include a “divisive issue” like gun control in her speech.  He is an appropriate representative of the GOP.  Every single idea for changing racism in this country is opposed by the GOP.

Blacks don’t have equal health care:  don’t mention it; too divisive.

Blacks don’t have equal employment opportunities:  don’t mention it; too divisive.

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8 thoughts on “Talk is Cheap

    • Exactly News! And yes, apparently, pointing this out is ‘extremely divisive’! Robert makes some very astute points with this post, especially when referring to the Twin Towers and how quickly and easily Bush signed the Patriot Act into law, but let some concrete laws go on the books with regards to employment opportunities for disenfranchised Black people, the addressing of health care disparities, the disparities in incarceration rates of Blacks and Hispanics, police brutality, median income disparities and so forth and so on. These cannot be addressed because it would be too ‘extremely divisive’!

      You just can’t make this shit up!

      Thank you for your comment News!

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  1. Oh my. Now lets all get back in line. This kind of thinking is not acceptable in polite society. Next you’ll be pushing for your vote to count for something! “Institutionalized racism” is an American tradition like the Confederate Flag and Jim Crow …….. you radical liberals are all alike ……. trying to change Our American Values! We’re EXCEPTIONAL, haven’t you heard?


    • So I’ve heard Tubularsock! And I have always been one to refuse to conform and not only that, but I have been knowing that my vote counted for nothing, I was just too damn stubborn, but not any more. And remember, I wave the flag of ISIS. If the goddamn secessionist wannabes can continue to wave that fucked up confederate flag, I should be able to wave the flag of ISIS. Because after all, I’m paying for ’em to fuck shit up. Now, ain’t that ‘exceptional’?

      Thank you for your comment!


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