History Has Taught You Nothing!

history book

I refuse to shed another tear.
Not one more tear will come
though I try to feel the pain
I am completely numb.

The ties that used to bind me
are no longer strong and true.
I have cried too many times
and I am tired, I’m done, I’m through.

How many times I’ve poured my heart
into writing about our plight
while we lie down and crawl
and never put up a fight.

We are gunned down and choked to death
and we just march and sigh.
But what we fail to realize
is that they want us all to die.

You cannot grasp or understand
that your life will never matter.
And regardless of what you do
like a mirror, your dreams, they’ll shatter.

You tell yourself that if you play
by the rules of those that hate,
somehow, someway, you’ll get by
if only you’ll assimilate.

Adopt their customs, accept their god
and believe the lies they tell.
History has taught you nothing
for they have deceived you well.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

11 thoughts on “History Has Taught You Nothing!

  1. Assimilate into what? Greedy, vacuous, soul destroying crapitalism (def: an economic system that treats ordinary people like crap). In my view, there’s not much hope for the world if Europeans are left in charge. The only hope I see is the challenge non-Europeans (who are experiencing a steady increase in population size and political voice) pose to our current fucked up system.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr. Bramhall, what would I do without you? Perish the thought!

      When will we figure out that there is indeed a way to end this shit and to NOT continue to play a part in the destruction of our very lives? I have no idea why we have no concept of the power that we collectively, have. We just continue to go with the flow and moan and groan over our plight when the solutions are there if only we’d get to putting them into play. SIGH! I despair FOR us!

      But I do thank you SO very much for, once again, another spot on comment!


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