You Blacks Just Make Me Sick!!!!

Not ONE knew NOT to turn their back on THAT white shit???!!! Seriously???!!! For the love of ......!!!!!
Not ONE knew NOT to turn their back on THAT white shit???!!! Seriously???!!! For the love of ……!!!!!

You are punks and snot-nosed kids
since you lie down and take their shit.
You’re not worthy of Father’s Day.
Black boys, you’re too unfit.

You say that you’re a man?
Prove it and I’ll believe.
A man would fight, not run.
He wouldn’t cry on his mama’s sleeve.

Three punks got shot in church
by a boy with shit for brains.
Did they sit and sing a hymn
as the fear ran through their veins?

They never did a thing
to protect their queens that died.
But they welcomed in the fold
one they know has always lied.

Why would you turn your back
on an enemy that you know?
What the hell is wrong with you
when you will pray with your mortal foe?

You Blacks just make me sick
with your stupid, foolish ways.
You allow the enemy in
and wonder why you dig more graves.

You live in a state of hate
and the street names say it all.
They raped and lynched our ass
and for their bullshit, you still fall.

But you say that you’re a man
born of kings from the Ivory Coast.
And yet, it takes just one white shit
to make every Black ass, toast!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I sincerely hope that you stupid Black motherfuckers are enjoying Father’s Day even though it does not pertain to you. How in the hell did three so-called Black men, do not a goddamn thing but sit in a prayer circle and not only let six women get shot, but allow themselves to get shot dead? Were they just sitting there waiting on an epiphany from god or were they waiting on god to intervene and knock the goddamn gun out of this little white shit’s hand? Black motherfuckers make me want to puke when all they ever talk about is how they ain’t going out like some punk ass bitch and that is exactly how they go out! You motherfuckers don’t look at the goddamn news? You don’t know that your ass is on every fucking body’s hit list from skinhead cops to your average garden variety bigot? When are you going to figure out that it has been open season on our ass since the first white foot stepped said foot in Africa and was ALLOWED to drag us the fuck over here? And why would that be? Because Blacks are such MANLY MEN? Hell if that’s so! I don’t give a goddamn if the enemy has to fuck up several million of us with their goddamn guns, if the enemy is in my country of birth, damn it if he is going to take it the fuck over AND steal my motherfucking people and enslave them!

And yet Black people are always somewhere attempting to point to how smart the people of Africa are. I fucking can’t see it! If the Africans were so goddamn smart, would the whites be over there owning every goddamn thing and would they have had the ability to distribute AIDS and every goddamn thing else over there? The white bastards have not taken over China. Russia told the Nazis to fuck off! But Africa and Australia have been taken over by the whites when there was a majority Black population in both and we like to think that we are SO goddamn smart? Yeah! Put that stupid shit to rest ’cause it so ain’t true! That much should be obvious even to a blind man that’s been planted! And you stupid motherfuckers are still walking around saying, “We still believe that prayer changes things!” For real? So, will prayer take us back to BEFORE those nine people got whacked by a ‘son of the confederacy’? I didn’t fucking think so!

“It has been tough, it’s been rough, some of us have been downright angry, but through it all God has sustained us and has encouraged us. Let us not grow weary in well-doing,” said the Rev. Norvel Goff, a presiding elder of the 7th District AME Church in South Carolina.

Yep! Spoken like a REAL man! “God is gonna sustain and encourage us to keep getting our ass kicked,” so says the presiding elder. “Sweet GEEZUS! I believe! Oh what faith, I have!”

Gag me with a goddamn spoon!

Happy Father’s Day Malcolm X, to you and ONLY you! To hell with you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and all the rest of you pansy-pants snot-nosed crybabies because you never could get your act together. Thanks to you, we got so many Black MEN now, it is ‘unreal’ and that is a fact because it is just NOT reality! Now you stupid lily-livered Black motherfuckers, suck on that! You’re NOT men, you’re fucking crybabies! So cry into those goddamn buckets that I have placed in front of you for your sad ass tears!

6 thoughts on “You Blacks Just Make Me Sick!!!!

    1. Thank you Leslie! It’s sad alright. The sad part is that Black boys think they are men when in reality, they are anything but. They are just some punk ass bitches strutting around killing each other, dying according to the white man’s script and they can’t fucking see that.

      Try not to weep too much because you are wasting your tears. I’ve long since shed my last tear over the stupid shit that our Black boys do. And I certainly hope they have a fucking problem with this blog. I fucking wish they would!

      Again, thank you for your comment Leslie.

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  1. What I find really strange is they’re saying he reload 5 times – obviously you cease to be a threat when you stop shooting and reload – and yet still no one stopped him. Also he didn’t have the 5 magazines on him when he entered the church – there’s growing suspicion there was a 2nd gunman.


    1. DING! DING! DING! Go to the head of the class, Dr. Bramhall!! None of this shit makes a hill ‘o beans worth of sense! Three Black men just sat there and watched a motherfucker shoot, stand there and reload, again and again and again and again and just cowered in the corner just because they were happy to be heading for the rapture?

      But what I cannot figure out is why they allowed his ass in the door in the first place. I understand that it’s a church and all, but I am all for locking the doors because even churches have been held up. If someone is late for Bible study, they can ring the bell and since everybody is going the fuck off due to a lack of good paying jobs, racism, drug addiction and all the other shit that people commit crimes over, there is no way in hell that I am going to just open the door to let all and sundry in. And if I had opened the door to see this motherfucker standing there, I would have told him that the klan meeting is NOT being held here. Take it somewhere else. He is SO obviously NOT African and that was an African Methodist Episcopal Church. It was not Lutheran or Rabbi Central, it was African. AND I cannot even find out how many people were actually IN the church.

      Something fishy is definitely going on here but I still maintain that in this day and age, with all hell breaking loose, you do not sit somewhere with the doors wide open for every Tom, Dick and Roof to just come on in and shoot the goddamn place up! If they wanted to be a 24-hour place of worship, then pack some heat and have a sharp eye.

      Also, I read the link and AGAIN, I too, feel that there is something extremely fishy about this whole set-up. And I also thank you kindly for daring to step all up in here. You and Leslie are brave souls because no one knows how to take this particular post and that is obvious. But at least, your comment just might get them to thinking and to realize that what went down cannot pass the smell test.

      Again, I thank you Dr. Bramhall!


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