Rainbows, Once So Beautiful!


Rainbows, once so beautiful
are now defiled by man.
When I look up at a rainbow
it is as beautiful as a rusted can.

If a man wants a dick all in his ass
then go at it tooth and nail
but did you have to defile such beauty
as you lick the ass of a male?

The dykes are on the loose
chasing rainbow-draped cunts.
With tongues drooling and panting
I don’t want to hear your grunts.

You tarnish the rainbow’s image
with your filthy, nasty ways.
I wish you’d all stayed in the closet,
all you vile and disgusting gays!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

And for some strange reason, I had the devil of a time posting this. I fucking wonder why! If I had posted a poem screaming about my joy over same-sex marriage, this would be Freshly Pressed, but since I’m not, it was made extremely difficult for me to post this. But know this, I am stubborn as hell and have saved every goddamn thing that I have posted on this site and though I had to make four attempts to post this, I got it done, goddamn it!

I’m not the nasty motherfucker here! Those damn gays are. I fucking had a colonoscopy and was told that I would be asleep and yet, I screamed throughout the entire procedure. You gay motherfuckers wouldn’t have had THAT problem because you’re SO goddamn used to shit shoved up your ass. By the time you filthy ass skanks need a colonoscopy, all the doctor need do is attach a flashlight to his head and stick his whole goddamn head in your wide open ass hole that’s already heavily lubed. Hell! Jiffy Lube’s got nothing on you motherfuckers! The colonoscopy would be finished in two seconds flat because the doc could see from your asshole all the way to your molars because you’d be screaming with PLEASURE, you nasty ass fuckers!

9 thoughts on “Rainbows, Once So Beautiful!

  1. My Sis and I had trouble yesterday getting articles to post — I pushed a bunch of different buttons and then gave up to go look for an address where I could contact wordpress about the problem and couldn’t find one, but when I got back on our blog everything was fine again. Our little oreo doesn’t like it when we think for ourselves … 🙂


    1. You are right Wolfess! We are to conform and if we do not, the ‘technical difficulties’ commence. I am supposed to jump on a certain bandwagon, regardless of whether I want to or not and I am supposed to like it. Well, when I don’t like something, I am very vocal, outspoken and candid about what I dislike.

      I am glad that things got cleared up for you and I do thank you for your comment!


      1. I got into a fight with an idiot on Alternet on an article about the 1% when I responded to his accusation that I was advocating mass murder when I talk about using a guillotine on them. I told him all I was doing was a simple matter of sanitation … taking out the garbage, as most 1%ers really don’t have any human characteristics, so all I’m doing is throwing out ‘food’ that’s lived past its use-by date. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well Wolfess, you know that I am with you one hundred and ten percent! Guillotine the 1% motherfuckers and as you say, we’d only be ‘throwing out food that’s lived past its use-by-date’! Ain’t that the goddamn truth! Indeed, it is!


      3. My name for the 1%ers is inbred narcissistic hoarding dregs 🙂 — I think I’ve done a damn good job of not only describing them, but also dehumanizing them! 😉 But if they didn’t behave like selfish 2 year olds who insist on keeping everything for themselves our world would be a much nicer place!

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