WordPress, About This ‘Gay Day’ Banner Shit….

same sex marriage



…..would you be so kind as to take the symbol that has been co-opted by the ‘gay community’, the ‘rainbow’, off my goddamn blog. I am in no way, running around shoving rainbows up in everybody’s face, proclaiming my joy over the Supreme Court’s ruling in regards to ‘gay marriage’ If gays want to join in the marriage misery with heterosexuals, they are now privileged to do so. Since gays have co-opted the rainbow, I have no desire to have that shoved in my face. And since the rainbow, quite obviously, stands for ‘gay pride’ or some such nonsense and I don’t, would you, again, kindly take that unsightly shit off the goddamn site???!!!

And since I am on my soapbox, I may as well continue. I was brought up to be a good Christian and even though I no longer concern myself with what Christians think of gays, I have my own opinion of them. They are truly disgusting and their public displays of deep-throating each other is an offense to my eyes. To see a man walking in front of me with his hands on another man’s ass is disgusting to me. To see two females stand in the doorway of a restaurant, deep-throating each other is an assault on my delicate, Victorian sensibilities. It is a goddamn shame that even though I do not own a TV, I am bombarded by merely turning on my computer, by the sight of gays hugging and kissing and parading down the goddamn streets, prideful in all of their nastiness, filth and indecency. Call me a prude, I don’t care, but I do know that a lady always conducts herself in public, in a most demure fashion. She does not engage in promiscuous and lascivious acts in public and women who do, should be ashamed of themselves. There is a time and a place for everything and in public is definitely NOT the place. Just as the ‘rainbow’ on every blogger’s main WordPress screen is not how WordPress should conduct business by making it appear that my blog is representative of my happiness for the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage when I am SO on the dissenting side.

Oh yes, it appears that gays are wildly happy over the fact that they can now express their particular revolting abomination, uh…I mean, version of ‘perverted love’ to each other in the form of marriage, but that is not what all the fuss is about. The fuss is about the financial or monetary and materialistic aspect of marriage; that which pertains to divvying up the marital assets and about having the ability to apply for a spouse’s Social Security and pension when said spouse is deceased. The ‘practical side of ‘gay love’ takes front and center stage because when all is said and done, it ALL boils down to M-O-N-E-Y! Anybody that thinks otherwise is a fool, plain and simple.

Gays are no more capable of being true, monogamous, loving partners to each other than heterosexuals are. When there has been enough time to gather statistical data on gay marriage AND divorce, the true picture will unfold, but until then, gays get the benefit of the doubt since heterosexual marriage has been front and center and focused on for centuries, with fucked up statistics to prove that the institution of marriage is an abysmal failure. The results will be no different with gay couples. As confused as children are now, mom and mom and dad and dad is not going to help. I would honestly be ashamed if at Parent-Teacher conference night at school, two women showed up with me informing the teacher that “I am her mom and I am her ‘butch mom’ or in other words, I am the ‘male figure’ in this ‘marriage.” Geefuckingwiz! I’d blush to the roots of my black hair and haul ass the hell out of there in outraged shame!

So, once again, I ask Wordpress to remove that offensive ‘rainbow gay pride marriage-approved by the Supreme Court’ banner heading bullshit off my goddamn blog! I should NOT have to be subjected to THAT shit, whether I want to or not and I do not!

12 thoughts on “WordPress, About This ‘Gay Day’ Banner Shit….

  1. Somebody said it. Got damn it somebody said it. This whole gay thing has been very unnecessarily shoved down our throats. **most definitly no pun intended** And if you dare have anything con to say about it the whole world comes in after you. They bully people into silence like being gay is the new nigger. Please, I don’t care for gayness nor will I put any energy into hating someone for being gay. Just shut up about it already. And if you think the government hands out favors for no reason then you are a fool.


    1. You should know that I am going to say it! I don’t give a good goddamn what they do, except for the fact that they insist on shoving that ‘gay’ shit down our throats and I for one, am sick to pieces of it! I should NOT head to the site that hosts my blog only to be confronted with a goddamn rainbow celebration of same sex marriage in glaring colors. If WordPress is full of ‘gay pride’, then fine, Freshly Press all gay blogs and be goddamn done with it, but I should not have to be subjected to that which offends me!

      If someone does not like what I post, then they are free to move the hell on, but I have no choice but to stare in horror at the blatant and outrageous symbol of gay pride and same sex marriage.

      If nasty ass bitches want to lick each other up one side and down the other, that’s their prerogative and if men want to shove their dick in each others asshole, that is also their prerogative but the symbol for THAT shit should not be forced on us all. I went so far as to place a demand on the WordPress forum to remove that shit:

      If WordPress wants to honor the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage, fine! Freshly Press all blogs about gay marriage, but remove the rainbow because I am NOT celebrating same sex marriage!

      The blog I need help with this at is https://shelbycourtland.wordpress.com

      ..and this is the response from WordPress

      Happiness Engineer
      Jun 27, 2015, 3:31 PM

      Hi @shelbycourtland,

      As mentioned in other threads, the banner is temporary. It will eventually be removed.

      Threads are being closed as as the public WordPress.com forum is not the place for these discussions.


      Never has WordPress highlighted police brutality, depicted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., posted a picture of Sister Meghan Rice headed to prison for attempting to bring to our attention the need to cease with the goddamn nuclear weaponry shit, nor put a goddamn yellow ribbon up for all the Black hostages that are being held in U.S. prisons. WordPress has never displayed one ounce of solidarity with many serious causes, and yet, same-sex marriage is supposed to be of such monumental importance to us all as to be shoved all up in our face!

      Here’s an idea WordPress, why don’t you just post a man taking a dick in his ass at the top of the page and next to it, post a woman’s vagina while another woman is licking it with the caption:

      “Same SEX marriage is now legal! We can all breathe a sigh of relief because we have finally achieved WORLD PEACE same-sex marriage!”

      For the love of ……..!!!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ! I am spitting bricks!


    1. Thank you Prince! I am already tired of looking at it and who knows what ‘temporary’ will mean?Hell! And ‘eventually taken down’ could mean this time next month! The goddamn 4th of July is coming up, maybe they’ll take this shit down and post a fireworks display banner.

      Many bloggers are pissed over this because many of them have blogs that are set up for business purposes and they are not at all happy about this display of solidarity with same-sex marriage. This piece of shit WordPress site has all of a sudden forgotten that it is a fucking business and not a platform to display its standing and project that onto all of us. If WordPress wanted to put on an impressive display for gay bloggers and readers over this same-sex marriage shit, then WordPress could have blogged about it. And I am quite sure that EVERYTHING gay is being Freshly Pressed, so what the fuck?!!

      This site is probably overrun with gays working behind the scenes. Looks that way to me!

      Thank you for your approval on this one and for your comments. They are much appreciated as I am sure you know!

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    1. Prince, thank you for providing a link. I read the article and we are clearly headed in the WRONG direction and down a slippery slope. Next, Catholic Priests in America should be able to sue because they can claim MENTAL ILLNESS since pedophilia has been defined as such and to further state, that since it is a mental illness, they cannot help themselves and the meds ain’t working. See below!

      Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger.

      Pedophilia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Also, why do you think the Supreme Court ruled that anti-sodomy laws were unconstitutional? That was done to pave the way for same-sex marriage. And don’t forget that the rich and powerful are not held to the same standards as we are. Refer to link:


      It would appear that the rich and powerful suffer from the ‘mental illness’ of preferring underage children for their perverted pleasure seeking. And it is no wonder that the fashion industry dictates that a woman maintain a ‘boyish’ figure and if she does not, then she is automatically, trashed. I would estimate that 99.9% of white men fantasize about having sex with underage children, preferably boys and of course, this includes the married ones. Married women are quite often, thrown over, for a younger, more nubile partner. If a white man could get away with having multiple child brides, he would. Oh my bad! The Mormons and others that practice polygamy do it all the time.

      A few weeks back, I read a blog titled, “Does God Owe Sodom and Gomorrah, an apology? By today’s standards, it would appear that ‘he’ does!

      Thank you again for the link and for your comment Prince!

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  2. While I strongly support gay rights, I deeply resent the corporate elite manipulating social issues like this to distract people from their militaristic and imperialistic agenda: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/05/18/exploitation-social-issues-generate-support-militarism-imperialism/

    As far as I can see, gay marriage is mainly supported by a small percent of wealthy gay educators and professionals. Gay people who work for minimum wage or who are unemployed or homeless, put a much higher priority on finding the income to put a roof over their head and food on their table. Marriage is really far down on their list of priorities, mainly because they can’t afford to get married.

    It’s also one of those superbly divisive issues like gun control that gets the 99% fighting among each other instead of working to dismantle capitalism.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, for what it’s worth, I don’t give a flying fart about gays or what rights they feel have been denied them. If gays want to perpetuate an image that is gender based, for example, Bruce Jenner becoming ‘Caitlyn Jenner’, that crazy shit is ridiculous but if that is what society as a whole concentrates on, who am I to say, “why should we concentrate our attention on something that has no value in achieving world peace, income equality, affordable health care for all, homes for the homeless, less penalization and incarceration of the addicted and so forth and so on, let us instead concentrate on the fact that Bruce Jenner, who was born, a man has now determined that he wants to be a she?” I can post blog after blog detailing the need for affordable health care, income equality, homes for the homeless and so forth and so on, but at the end of the day, the focus is on Bruce Jenner’s transformation. I don’t call the shots.

      Here in my own little corner of the internet, I hold forth and expect not to make a hill ‘o beans worth of difference in any shape or form. I merely express MY opinion on a given subject.

      Maybe, in your estimation, we can dismantle capitalism, brick by brick, but in my opinion, that is a pipe dream. We can argue that we are clearly focusing on inconsequential shit, thereby ignoring the really important shit, but the only thing I can do is make known my opinion and hope for the best. Is my opinion formed based on my upbringing and my own thoughts on certain subjects? Indeed, it is. And I make no apologies for it. While I can respect the fact that people feel that they are subject to laws that have kept them from receiving the full benefit of citizenship that is supposedly a right of us all, I cannot help but think that Black people are suffering tremendously and for what? Because we came here willingly? If gays say that they have no choice in being gay, I say, “And I had no choice in my ancestors having been dragged to America to become slaves and as a result, I am still denied equal rights under the law!” It has been stated that the gay fight is also related to the fight for the rights of Blacks in this shithole called America. I disagree. They are not one and the same. A gay person can portray themselves as straight if the situation warranted it, I have not that luxury. I must remain Black, regardless of what is going down. Even though Black people too, are homeless, underemployed or unemployed just as you say gays are, that does not put Black people in the same boat with gays since Black people have been marching and protesting for the right to vote, only to have the same Supreme Court that granted gays, the right to marry, tear the hell out of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, thereby, nullifying all the hard work that my ancestors bled for, were jailed for, were lynched for and died for.

      Again, I don’t give a good goddamn where a man pokes his poker or what a woman decides to do, sexually, but what I am sure of is that by opening this particular can of worms, it bodes no good for a society that is already seriously lacking in morals, decency, principles, values and the like and though I am no one’s moral conscience, I say, “May God help us all!”

      I thank you for your comment.


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