I Miss The Days When Men Were Men

Nasty motherfuckers!
Nasty motherfuckers!

I miss the days when men were men
but the tables have been turned.
A man is now so feminine,
he wants a bra some woman burned.

Feminine is now quite masculine.
What a topsy-turvy world.
Just thinking of this perversion
only makes me want to hurl.

The claim is that they fought
for civil rights for gays.
And that Blacks should be quite happy
giving the high court’s ruling, praise.

Not so fast, this shit ain’t cute.
Being gay is an orientation.
It is not a civil right
to display your aberration.

What sex act you perform
should not be granted such distinction.
Nor be held up as a victory.
It only leads to man’s extinction.

You cannot procreate your seed
when it’s shoved inside a man.
Nor can a woman bear a child
by engaging in sex with Ann.

You’re on the road to hell,
you deviant queers and freaks.
And as you head for wedded blitz
know that your ass of sulfur reeks.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

You nasty gay Black motherfuckers, what the hell is wrong with you? The Black man used to be a MAN and not a goddamn pussy. I understand the white man’s agenda is to emasculate you, but why do you buy into that shit? You did not come from wimps. Back in my heyday, this was not a goddamn epidemic. Black men were MEN. They weren’t the punk ass bitches that are crawling and slithering around emulating the white ‘man’s’ ways. Yeah, whites have always been on some perverted shit, but that wasn’t us. We did not assimilate as easily as you motherfuckers of today allow yourselves to be and quite obviously, having no problem doing so.

And Black lesbians, you are just as bad. You weren’t into pussy licking and you fucking know that. Now, everywhere I turn, you’re somewhere proclaiming your gayness and talking about rights. This gay shit has nothing whatsoever to do with the rights that Black people have been fighting for, for over 50 years in this hellhole. You are no sista of mine as I denounce the vile ass shit you do and don’t think for a minute that I am buying this fake ass shit that you are selling. You are not denied a goddamn thing because of your sexual preference. You have just joined in with the whites that have been proclaiming this to be a fight for civil rights when it is not about civil rights, it is about the fact of making perversion, legal.

So, all you motherfuckers out there that’s got a problem with pedophilia, get the fuck over it because now that Pandora’s Box has been opened, now that this can of worms has been opened, expect for every deviant piece of filth to crawl out of it and declare that it is a right to engage in sex acts with minors; that is a right to wed children, 9 years of age. What’s to stop this? Not a goddamn thing! Because if your perversion has been ruled, a protected right, then so must the perversion of a Catholic Priest. Why deny the Catholic Priests, their young boys to sodomize? It’s only a sex act and therefore, protected by the Supreme Court’s ruling. Next, the Catholic Priests should be requesting that they be allowed to marry the young boys that they sodomize. Ain’t a goddamn thing wrong with that because it’s ALL about sexual orientation and if a motherfucker is oriented in that way, then what’s the goddamn problem? There is none because perversion has been defined as a right. So, everybody is happy. Dude wants to marry his favorite sheep? Great! Let him! That is his sexual orientation and it is a protected right. Prepare the church for this dude and his new bride, the sheep’s, wedding. A woman wants to marry her dog? Fine! Prepare the church for her wedding with Fido! Let’s ALL have our sexual perversions, I mean…orientation declared, legal, enter into a contract, walk down the aisle and live happily ever after.

16 thoughts on “I Miss The Days When Men Were Men

  1. That photo grossed me out so much I started to say forget it and move on.

    I wonder if anyone has noticed that that rainbow they love so much doesn’t have any Black in it? And also, I’ve noticed that if you say anything about gayness it’s like blasphemy at the Vatican. People will break their effing necks to let you know how wrong you are. But a man stick his penis in another ass is a okay. And Black men….never mind.


    1. I apologize profusely for causing you to lose your dinner, I almost vomited looking at that shit and when I googled this, believe me, this was THE most ‘tame’ picture I could find. I certainly could not stand looking at them kissing and fondling each other or one of them staring while drooling at the other one’s ass.

      And with regards to the ‘rainbow’, Black people will NEVER get that they are insignificant and are only touted out to have their plight likened to some white man’s agenda. Just like with this gay ‘civil rights’ bullshit. This same-sex marriage and right-of-way to practice perversion is in no way, shape or form, anything close to the Civil Rights Movement. The people that marched during the Civil Rights Movement weren’t marching for the right to legalize deviant sex acts, our people were marching for the right to vote, to sit at any lunch counter, drink from any water fountain, go to any school and to discontinue being regarded as cattle and property and instead, get legitimized as citizens of this hellhole, but they were not fighting for the right to legalize perverted sex acts. Never was that on the agenda and I dare any goddamn body to say otherwise!

      And I don’t give a good goddamn who don’t like what I post AGAINST this gay shit. They can call me, ‘intolerant’, a homophobe, a gay basher and I will continue to denounce that ungodly, perverted shit! I refuse to have it shoved down my throat and the next time I see a gay motherfucker, I’m cussing their goddamn ass out! Gay fucking pride, my ass!

      HLJ, I thank you for your comment!

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  2. “What sex act you perform
    should not be granted such distinction.
    Nor be held up as a victory.
    It only leads to man’s extinction”
    OUCH!!!! The truth hurts!!!lol

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    1. Prince, if anybody can make the truth hurt, it’s gonna be ME! And I gladly embrace THAT distinction, the distinction of making motherfuckers face just what the hell the REAL deal is. It ain’t about love! It’s about perversion and marital assets! Those goddamn, twisted, perverted bastards make me puke with their blatant bullshit!

      Prince, thank you for your comment!

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  3. For the record, I’m a straight white female. So i won’t even pretend to understand the personal real life experiences, issues and/or hardships that homosexsual males/ females must endure everyday. I’m sure they have to overcome bigotry, dirty looks, judgement, hatred, discrimination, public ignorance, injustice, and downright cruelty from society, even family.
    I have gay friends from all around the world who are very dear to me. They behave decently, very normal and caring like everyone else i choose to consider as friends. I know and trust them implicitly, and from my understanding being gay is not a choice, they are simply born this way, this is innately who they are. They can’t change their sexual preference like a black person can’t change his or her color.
    If given the choice, who would willing want to be shunned like a second class citizen, to endure unnecessary hardship and prejudice, be different?
    So please enlighten me, as human beings, are gays really that much different from anybody else? Aside from sexual orientation, they just want to live their lives, share some love and joy, perhaps have a family, enjoy friends, have dreams, be respected for their gifts and accomplishments. Seems to me gay ppl have more in common with “minorities” than not, facing everyday challenges that most straight white ppl don’t even give a second thought to.
    You certainly have the right to believe and say anything you wish. But if you really took the time to know a person, would you feel the same way? just a thought.


    1. I have had about ALL that I am going to take from you! I asked you on another blog post of mine to stay the hell off my goddamn blog, but for some strange ass reason, you fucking refuse to get goddamn lost! I don’t give a fuck how many perverted friends you have or that you perceive that they are suffering untold hardships because of a perversion that they CHOSE to engage in. I am SO not buying that bullshit that they were born gay. My sister was the biggest tomboy I’ve ever come across, but is she somewhere licking some dyke’s pussy? Hell no! She is strictly dickly and ain’t thinking about pussy. No one is born, gay. People are born and their sex is either male or female, period. The deviant nature of gays comes from a deep-seated perversion; it comes from some sick and twisted need to try something new because some people’s mind takes them to places other people refuse to go. They are no different from people whose mind will cause them to become serial killers. Just as some people take pleasure in killing people and dismembering their body, it is a sickness of the mind. It is a need to take shit to another degree and to explore other avenues in a never ending quest to scream in sexual release because sexual relations with the opposite sex causes sheer boredom for them. This is why people are always heading to sex shops to find ever more ways to experience some sort of sexual euphoria because the same old humdrum shit ain’t working for them. Gays take it even further and to give that shit the distinction of “They can’t help it. They were born like that,” is absolutely ridiculous to excuse a motherfucker’s deviant and perverted crime against nature.

      If people want to believe in God, then who can say that God made a mistake in His creation. If you are a man and you believe that you were supposed to be a female, that sick shit is on you because man is but a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things. We are nothing but sinners. We are certainly not the protectors of this paradise on earth that we were given. This is why the world is in the condition it is in because man has determined that whatever perversions, whatever twisted and sick shit his mind can imagine, it is a right. Well, it’s NOT!

      And once again, I am telling YOU to stay the hell off my blog. If you post another goddamn comment, it will be spammed and trashed and there will be NO further comments of yours showing up on this blog. Believe that! I have said time and time again, I don’t give a damn if I have ZERO followers and likes, I am writing my opinion of which I am entitled and if what you see on here, you disagree with, then you are free to post your disagreement on your own goddamn blog, but you will NOT continue to come here and post your bullshit! AGAIN, my goddamn blog ain’t a motherfucking democracy! It is a goddamn dictatorship and I’M the goddamn dictator, see? Buleeedat!!

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  4. Well Shelby, Tubularsock has never doubted that you have strong opinions and this issue has gotten your goat. Tubularsock doesn’t understand an attraction for other men personally but as long as everyone is a consenting adult ……. it’s their business.

    Tubularsock isn’t going to do it, nor is Tubularsock going to get into their business in more ways than one!


  5. “it’s their business.”

    The hell you say! Of course, you can go there, being all lily white assed because the gays didn’t throw your white ass into the same goddamn boat with them. Their claim is that their fight is the Black fight simply because they claimed to be fighting for some goddamn rights. They are NOT going to sully the names of all the Black people that marched, protested, got arrested, was hosed down with high powered water hoses, had dogs let loose on them, got bitten the fuck up by said dogs because they were fighting for rights that Black people were denied in this shithole. My ancestors did NOT march for the right to be perverted, so yes, it is MY goddamn business when a motherfucker is gonna claim that the gay rights struggle is the same as the Black struggle in this shithole!

    And I thank you to mind your goddamn business over MY opinion on this gay issue. And as in the comment, that is aimed at 1EarthUnited, likewise, you stay the hell off my goddamn blog with your goddamn bullshit! Two motherfuckers gone! Any more takers? I have said time and time again, if I talk to MY goddamn self on here, that’s MY prerogative, you filthy white motherfuckers can just go to hell and take all of the perverted motherfuckers that you don’t have a problem with, WITH YOU! You’re all cut from the same goddamn cloth anyway, but you’re not satisfied with your asses all being perverted, sick, twisted and some more shit, you motherfuckers want every other group to be just as deviant as you are. Black people were never as nasty, vile and disgusting as whites have always been. You filthy white nasty motherfuckers are always somewhere attempting to call out other nasty, filthy white motherfuckers on some bullshit, when you’re full of it. Talk about the pot and the kettle, there ain’t a goddamn difference. And I just wish that the Black and Brown population of this world would get with the program and fucking figure it out!

    And to the Black and Brown people out there, this is for you! Fuck the motherfucker that I just addressed. Read this and see the truth in it!

    If ‘whites’ Were Not Allowed?

    The white savages killed off so many Indian tribes.

    They stole their land with firewater and worthless beads as bribes.

    The Indians never stood a chance against savages with a gun.

    A bullet will always out pace a horse, even at a run.

    An entire continent could not escape the thieving ways of man.

    They plundered Africa’s wealth and stole its people for their plan.

    With blood dripping everywhere, the savage whipped the broken slave.

    We know who fucked the world up and who no good could ever save.

    White savages will forever enslave all Black and Brown folk,

    and if they rise to try to fight, they’re hindered by their yoke.

    No good did ever come from the white savages rule on earth,

    as they seek, destroy and kill amidst such peals of mirth.

    Is it funny to this day, what those savages have wrought?

    Do you find the time to laugh since in slavery, you’ve been caught?

    When they finally destroy this world with their nukes and fracking sites,

    and since the people have been cowed and deprived of all their rights

    will the last to close their eyes see beyond the mushroom cloud,

    to what this world could have been like if ‘whites’ were not allowed?

    Written by,
    Shelby I. Courtland
    ©2014 Shelby I. Courtland



    My hatred of you intensifies every single day.
    “Hate is self-destructive,” is all you have to say.

    To hell with your hypocrisy for you are one to talk.
    With put-on airs of sainthood, when have you walked the walk?

    I’m not treated as your equal; I’ve only been a tool.
    Your shit stops here with me; I will never be your fool.

    If you sling hate long enough, just watch and it will stick.
    And no matter what you do to me, my color would be my pick.

    Don’t lecture me on hate and what it will propagate.
    What your hate of me has sown are more fertile seeds of hate.

    When those who look like me were imprisoned everyday
    And those who look like you just turned the other way.

    When I was not employed because my skin was just too dark,
    you fueled the flames of hate in me; you lit the final spark.

    You planted all these seeds and now you get to watch them grow.
    Your house of cards will soon collapse just like a domino.

    Oh, don’t tell me how surprised you are as that would be a lie.
    You can bet on your nasty ass, my hate for you will never die.

    Written by,
    Shelby I. Courtland
    ©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

    Black people in America are often denied jobs and home loans based solely on their skin color. Black people in America are locked out and have been locked out of the ‘middle class’ since the end of slavery and have been subjected to every indignity the white man could heap on them and still they bear the brunt of what occurs during every depression; every economic shit storm. Black people have been suffering and are suffering and with no end in sight, but now that the whites are experiencing ‘difficulties’, every fucking where you turn, all you hear about is ‘income inequality’. Where has the outrage about Black ‘income inequality’ been? Why has that shit never mattered?

    It hasn’t fucking mattered until it started to impact whites. “Awww, Susie White, you’ve got to move out of your McMansion because you lost that good paying job and your fucking nice ass income along with it and now you’re ‘slaving away’ at Micky Ds flipping some goddamn burgers for $7.25 an hour?!! Ain’t that a shame, oh what a shame that is! Goddamn it! We need some damn ‘income equality’ all up in here right now, goddamn it!!” But when poor Black mom and her two kids in the hood were sleeping with the cockroaches for decades, who fucking gave a shit? Not a one of y’all white motherfuckers who are now wailing and screeching about fucking ‘income inequality’. Well, fucking suck it up and deal with it ’cause you ain’t hardly hit rock bottom yet. Oh not at all. And when the goddamn cockroaches become your bedmates, you’re fucking gonna get to screaming that much more louder. And I’m buying earplugs, ’cause I don’t hardly want to hear the goddamn fuss you’re gonna kick up! Squash ’em! And shut the fuck up about your ‘income inequality’ when you didn’t give a damn about that shit when it wasn’t fucking up YOUR goddamn day!
    And for ANY white motherfucker that don’t know where you stand as far as I am concerned, continue coming up in here with some bullshit, I’ll clue you nasty, filthy motherfuckers in! Never fucking doubt it!

    With police brutality rampant in this shithole, with nine Black people getting themselves shot up in a predominantly Black church by an avowed white supremacist piece of shit, with Black churches getting burned down all across the south, with the confederate flag controversy just NOW becoming problematic when it has been touted by the white supremacists as their fucking flag of choice for hundreds of years, why the fuck now is it perceived as a problem? Because that little white supremacist prick was displaying it all over social media right before he entered a church and murdered nine Black people. But that has been the goddamn history of this shithole, but now, gays have the right to marry when Black people are still afraid to walk down the goddamn street, still afraid to drive down the goddamn street, afraid to live in some neighborhoods for fear of reprisals from the whites and with good reason. Yeah! Let’s ask Trayvon Martin how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Eric Garner how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Tamir Rice how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Renisha McBride how she feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Amadou Diallo how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Michael Brown how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask John Crawford how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Walter Scott how he feels about same-sex marriage. Let’s ask Freddie Gray how he feels about same-sex marriage. Of course, we cannot ask them because they’re all dead from either being shot by racists vigilantes or skinhead cops or Black cops that are trying to mimic the whites in order to be accepted by them when that shit ain’t happening. The Black cops are terrified of what whitey white ass would do to them if they don’t fucking toe the line. They fucking know they’d get the same goddamn treatment as did Amadou Diallo, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Eric Garner and the list is fucking endless. What happened to these people can be in no way, shape or form likened to some same-sex marriage shit!

    But yet, Black people are supposed to be celebrating some bullshit same-sex marriage legitimacy when we cannot even breathe in this shithole without some white ass trying to kill us because we had the misfortune to be born of slaves that were dragged to this shithole!

    You white motherfuckers best step the fuck up outta my face with your fucking bullshit!!!!


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