“Freedom Rider: Gay Still Isn’t the New Black”

black is the new black



If “gay is the new Black,” then it would follow that gays would now be dedicating their collective lives to the struggle against mass Black incarceration, gentrification, austerity, war and capitalist predation. Don’t hold your breath. “Fighting these issues means taking on the ever present elephant in the room, the persistent belief in Manifest Destiny and the right of white Americans to control whatever and whomever they want.”

There is nothing amusing about the expression “gay is the new black.” In essence it means that any concerns about the persistent violation of black Americans’ citizenship rights are supplanted in favor of another group. Very powerful people made marriage equality a reality but they show no inclination to eradicate inequality of any other kind.

The Supreme Court decision took place on the same day president Obama eulogized State Senator Clementa Pinckney, a victim of the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre. Even as the world mourned a victim of American race prejudice the president felt compelled to speak of Confederate “valor” during the Civil War. While infuriating, his words weren’t at all surprising. His ability to make white people feel comfortable is in large part responsible for his rise to the presidency.

While gay rights are on the rise, black rights still languish. The president lit the White House in the rainbow colors that symbolize gay pride while giving only the most cursory attention to black lives. None of the killer cops or vigilantes who have stolen black lives have been prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department. Waving a rainbow flag is much easier.

Black people have struggled mightily to win some measure of justice. Any future advancements require an acknowledgement that the system we live under is incapable of protecting our rights. If few others are radical then we must certainly be. The path to gay rights victories will not work for black people. It won’t work to end wars, austerity or capitalist predation. Those fights will require a bigger and much more fundamental struggle over the very foundations of this society.” -continue reading here:http://www.blackagendareport.com/freedom_rider_gay_isnt_new_black

By Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at http://freedomrider.blogspot.com. Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)BlackAgendaReport.com.

 And as many times as my reader has been inundated with articles from Black Agenda Report, this one hasn’t managed to surface, not even with  Ms. Kimberley in agreement with the Supreme Court’s decision and over this, I will strongly disagree with Ms. Kimberley. However, she makes many serious and valid points on which she’ll get no argument from me, especially on the point, “While gay rights are on the rise, black rights still languish.” And they will continue because the very foundation upon which this shithole was built, was on racial inequality and it is so very easy to overlook a perversion and grant that as an accepted right, but since this shithole continues to make money off the many Black people it incarcerates, steals outright from in the form of payday loans and furniture rental stores, continues to thrive off making Black people have no choice but to enlist in the army of the warmongers, what has changed? Oh, that’s right! Gays are now ‘free’ to marry while Black people are choked for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes, are getting murdered by white supremacists, are having their churches burned down by white supremacists. Where are the  now ‘free’ to marry gays that have declared that their fight for rights is likened to the Black struggle for rights? My bad! Just as soon as they finish tying the knot, they’ll eventually get around to remembering that Black people are still struggling for the ‘right’ to live. Meanwhile, I won’t hold my breath.

7 thoughts on ““Freedom Rider: Gay Still Isn’t the New Black”

    1. Ain’t it though? Sometimes, I wonder, is it still 1619 or 2015? I guess it doesn’t really matter since the same shit is going down!

      Thank you for your comment Kelley!

      However, colonists began to see indentured servants as too costly, and in 1619, Dutch traders brought the first African slaves to Jamestown, who nonetheless were in North America at first generally treated as indentured servants.

      Slavery in the colonial United States – Wikipedia, the free …

      Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown
      , Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the production of such lucrative crops as tobacco.

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  1. As somebody who is gay, I’ve always felt very uncomfortable with the way many in the gay or LGBT movement have tried to co-opt the Black Liberation movement and paint the former as the “new version” of the latter, especially in the way it’s always portrayed as if Black people already gained liberation and therefore have no need for activism now since they’ve already “reached the promised land” so to speak. I’ve heard many ppl proclaim that gay rights is the “civil rights” of our time, but the Black people as a group face more discrimination and oppression TODAY in 2015 than gay people. I’m not trying to play the “who has it worse” game, but the LGBT as well as women’s rights movements are on a sort of level where laws can be reformed to achieve parity or close to it within the current corrupt system, whereas racism is so entrenched within the system that the system must be completely abolished in order for racism to be defeated. That’s just my feeling on the matter, not that it’s really important lol.


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