A Moment Of Kindness Amidst The Hate?

I just cannot make this shit up

Black cop helps ill man wearing a swastika T-shirt at KKK demo – moments after racist demonstrators chanted sick ‘gorilla’ taunts.

White supremacists came out to protest the removal of Confederate flag from South Carolina’s statehouse
A picture of a black police chief helping a man wearing a swastika T-shirt has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter

In one video, a white man with a shaved head makes ape noises to anger a black crowd in attendance at the rally

Another threatens to ‘hang your black *ss’ at the rally which drew at least 300 supporters of the Ku Klan Klan

But 400 New Black Panther Party members opposed them, and slammed the flag removal as ‘illusion of progress’
The opposing rallies come a month after racist 21-year-old Dylann Roof shot dead 9 black people in Charleston

So, let me get this straight, the white supremacists, who by the way, are related to every Black person in the south, are busy calling their brothers and sisters, ‘gorillas’. Shame! Shame! Shame! Didn’t our mother teach us that name-calling was a “no-no?” Now, my first cousin Bubba should know this and he is spoiling for a whooping since our mother is gonna tan his hide real good if’n she gets a hold of this.

“Bubba, you ain’t too big for mama to put you over her knee and give you a well-deserved spanking for acting ignorant in public. Ignorance is all very well and good so long as it’s not made public. You have shamed the entire family with your disgraceful display of ignorance. Now, close your mouth ’cause you ain’t been to the dentist in over 30 years and your breath just got the best of you. And now, your uncle’s(the police officer) got to help you sit down and try and recover from your chronic halitosis. Heat stroke, my ass! Bubba, I told you to stop throwing away those toothbrushes that mama kept buying from Wal-Mart! And what’s up with the swastika? Hitler’s been dead since 1945 although, I know you didn’t know this since I am your only educated cousin. And I’m educated because I left the south ’cause I was tired of being homeschooled by our horse named Mr. Ned seeing as how he was the smartest one of us all. And don’t forget, Bubba, I saw you having your way with one of the chickens. Mama never could understand why I refused to eat chicken that night for dinner and I got walloped upside the head for being too highfalutin to eat good southern grub. It just pains me no end to see that y’all ain’t even trying to let go of the past. What’s the matter with you? You don’t like the year 2015 for some reason? Or do y’all still think it’s 1861? The war is over and we lost, deal with it! You don’t think that I am ashamed of YOU? Why, when I’m asked for a picture of my family, I used to pull out a picture of the Huxtables, but since ole Bill’s been ‘outed’ for being a sexual predator, I’m now pulling out a picture of The Jeffersons.”

“Now, now Tommy, you just go back to the trailer park and stop telling your brother that you is going to ‘hang his Black ass! Just ’cause you still mad that your brother’s dick is bigger than yours and that you look like a boiled lobster from being out in the sun is no reason to go bat shit nuts. Your wife, Lula Mae promised to stay true to you even though she calls you ‘Little Dicky’ and has been found in the barn with your horse named Monster. So, technically, she ain’t messing around on you since messing around with a horse don’t count. So, you go home and kiss Lula Mae and just maybe, she’ll forgo her session with Monster tonight and give you a little lovin’ ’cause that’s all you need!”

“And for my new Black Panther brothers, power to the people! Pump, pump, pump it up!”

As serious a problem that hate is, it is truly ridiculous for people to pretend that they are somehow superior to others based solely on the color of their skin when so much rape was going on in the south and wherever slaves happened to be that many whites are afraid to look into their background for fear of what they’ll find. Oh they know and that’s what scares them because someone could be making ‘gorilla’ noises at them and burning crosses in their yard, if the truth be known that they are equally related to Black people. And this is in fact, a reality, just ask Craig Cobb, a former avowed white supremacist who found that he is indeed, filled with another supremacy, African roots. Dude is still pissed about finding out just where his roots lie and because of it, his credit score took a serious nosedive, not to mention, his credit cards have all been declined AND the white supremacists defaced HIS home. I say, “turnabout’s fair play!” LMAO!!

White supremacist home defaced by racist graffiti after revelations about his African DNA

And of course, I just couldn’t help myself! I took it and ran with it! LOL! Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “A Moment Of Kindness Amidst The Hate?

  1. You had me laughing at this one even though deep down it isn’t a funny matter. Question: Why is it that white supremacists all look the same scraggly beards, mullets and their wives/mommas standing behind them? Can you say Deliverance. 🙂 Great post as always Shelby on such a serious topic.


    1. Dom, sometimes, even I have to refuse to take that shit seriously! I deliberately attempted to put a somewhat humorous spin on it because the southern whites know what’s what. They are just in serious denial. They know that they’re kin to me and every other Black person that was born and raised in the south and wherever else slavery was practiced in AmeriKKKa.

      And the reason why they ALL look alike, why, that’s an easy question to answer. It’s because of INBREEDING! Hell! I got some folks in my old southern hometown that look just like chickens and alligators. One guy was so fond of one of his pigs, he made an itinerate preacher man perform some sort of ‘marriage’ ceremony, uniting the two in beastly wedlock.

      I must say that I ain’t hardly proud of the fact of where I’m from, but I got to play the hand I was dealt and though I stay clear of the south, the south just won’t stay clear of me. Just you ask all the people I tawk to here in the Midwest. They’ll tell you that I ain’t wrapped too tight. I tells um that I can’t help that muh mama and muh daddy was brother and sister. That ain’t on me. When I got married, I attempted to find a man that weren’t from the south, but my sister got to ‘im first, so I had to marry muh first cousin. My poor darling son has the same ‘scraggly beard and mullet’ that his other cousins in the trailer park, sport. And he is that ashamed, he is. LMAO!

      I gotta stop! I’m sitting here howling with laughter!

      Dom, I thank ye kindly fer yer comment. I truly do! Now, it’s time for me to milk the cows and put the chickens away for the night! Howdy!


      1. I love how you fell into the southern drawl at the end, you had me laughing as well. Talk to y’all later and here’s to hopin’ ya can find yerself a goodly northern man some day. 🙂

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      2. Dom, I appreciate your hope for me ta fine me a nawthunur, but I’ze long since put muh chastity belt on and the lock’s rusted by now. Ain’t no key fixing to tern in dat dar lock. ROTFLMAO!!

        You take care now, ya heeah!


    1. “I think I’ve told you before, Shelby, but it’s not just the southern folks have black blood in them. but the whole earthly population.”

      Why, yes you have Peter! But what with all that’s been going down lately, it clean slipped my mind. I am SO glad that you posted that link because when the supremacists come all up in here, they’ll find out just exactly why they’re full of supremacy; it’s all thanks in part to that rich Afrikan blood that’s running through their veins. You is about to get all sorts of ‘thank-yous’ in your spam folder. Your spam filter is gonna be working overtime. I know mine does! LMAO! I’ze used to it by now. So, no worries on that score. *wink*

      And thank you for the well-wishes! Much appreciated, as I hope you know!

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  2. Oh Shelby, That proud southern heritage just never stops, does it? Sheesh! I won’t look into my ancestry, not for fear of what skin colors may turn up, but for fear of finding bushwackers, snitches, backstabbers, four-flushers, horse traders, snake oil peddlars, scabs, pimps, politicians and preachers infesting the old family tree. I nearly forgot moonshiners — but hell, they’re the respectable folks in my neck of the woods!
    Can you believe we’re still killing and torturing each other over this shit? And we all call ourselves homo sapiens. And human beings. We hide it well!! Thank you for this, but some days I just feel like pounding my head on things. – Linda


    1. Well now, Linda, don’t you fret none about what’s hiding in your family tree. It can’t be no worse than my cousin Bubba and Tommy and Lula Mae and the cousin that married the pig. Can’t nobody’s family tree be worse’n mine. Sometimes when I gits me a call from down sawth, I mistakenly put it on speaker and my guests nevuh do come back. I can’t says as I blame ’em ’cause if’n I wasn’t used to ’em, why I’d run from ’em muself,(Oh, my bad, I did!) but familee is familee and the only thing I kin suggest is dat ya stay as far away from ’em as is possible. They only kawl me when they need me tuh bail ’em outta gaol fer a’moonshining an all. LMAO!

      But seriously Linda, yes, it is a shame that we are still carrying on in this manner in 2015. The Klan, the Black Panthers, the swastikas and all just will not leave the past in the past. We will forever carry this forward because hate will be met with hate and in many families, it is like the pickup truck, handed down from one generation to the other.

      And no matter how much you pound dat dar head of yourn, you’ll still be filled with sense and sensibility. Never you doubt it Linda.

      Thank you SO much for your comment! Just remember, we is in this together and we gots the familee backgrounds to prove it! LOL! You hang in there, just not literally and me likewise, I hope!

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  3. It occurs to me that would be a great punishment for KKK members arrested for their terrorist activities: require them to undergo DNA testing and publish the result in the local newspaper. Surely the discovery of their African ancestry would cool things down real fast.


    1. Absolutely Dr. Bramhall! That would put paid to that nonsense, quick, fast and in a motherfucking hurry since we know that ALL of the so-called ‘white supremacists’ are running around as Black as I am because of the ‘one-drop’ rule here in AmeriKKKa.

      I have been in stores down sawth, a’listening to conversations and I swear, unless you turn around to see who is tawking, you’d swear up and down that three brothers was holding a conversation when in fact, it was one Black man and two white men and all three sounded like they was from the same mama and daddy. B’aint no difference. Like I stated before, the white southerners know what’s what and they ain’t hardly happy about it, but the thing is see, that shit’s on them ’cause it wasn’t the Blacks raping during slavery times, it was the white’s ass raping the Black women and children, just ask that flaming, stomp down hypocrite Thomas Jefferson who raped his wife’s half sister and had children by her. He weren’t the only one doing it and they all knows it. Pardon my lack of grammatical skills and all, I just got off the tellyphone with Bubba and he ain’t hardly happy about my putting his business on the internet. He can’t use the internet ’cause he’s too stupid, but one of his friend’s girlfriend from the nawth uses the internet and told him about this heauh blog of mine and he is that pissed. And Larry, the cousin married to the pig in beastly wedlock is also madder than disturbed hornets in a nest over the fact that I also made it known, his preference for pigs. I could even hear the poor pig squealing in the background, a’just a carrying on somfin awful, I tells you. There should be a law agin that beastly wedlock thing, there should. LMAO!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. That was a most excellent suggestion and a most worthy cause to aim for, I think, the cause of exposing the so-called white supremacists to the fact that they’re filled with supremacy alright, ‘Black supremacy’! LOL! That’d teach ’em! Then they could sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!


  4. Shelby, it was lucky you got out of Mr. Ned’s instruction! What you never realized was that Bubba was learning from the horses ass. That is what led him to that chicken. Few people really know what puck, puck really means in chicken talk.


    1. …and that is why Bubba is still stupid ’cause the only thing that’s coming out of the horse’s ass is shit! Well, the thing is see, Bubba fell outta the tree once too many times and dat didn’t help his brain functions, not at all. Not to mention, it must have affected his hearing ’cause we all thinks that when he hears the chickens go “puck puck”, they’re really saying, “fuck, fuck!” I ain’t never seen a chicken more glad to git its neck wrung then the one Bubba had business with. I tells you, I felt right bad fer that dar chicken and I just couldn’t bring muself to eat it seeing as how, it was like adding further insult to injury, if’n you know what I mean. The poor thing had already got sorely abused and used and for us to tear into it even further, why I just ain’t inhuman. LOL! I gladly accepted dee wallop, I got upside muh head from mama.

      Agin, I must apologize fer muh unusually pitiful expression of muhself, but like I stated ta Dr. Bramhall, I’ze jist got off the tellyfone wif a bailbons mon, attempting tuh bale Bubba out agin fer moonshinin’ and dat ole heelbillee slang just comes rite own bawk. LOL!

      I thanks ye kindly fer yer comment Tubularsock. Hopefully, I’ll be bawk to muh nawmul self soon!

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  5. He was helping this racist bigot???? Oh my GOD!!! Black people have truly lost their minds!!lol I would’ve tripped his ASS!!!!lol


    1. You and me both Prince! We never learn. We can always be found somewhere helping our ‘common’ enemy! If the roles had been reversed, white dude would have been helping the Black man to a lynching tree and don’t we all know it! But we apparently, don’t know how to be underhanded in our dealings with them. I would have pretended never to have seen that piece of filth stumbling thanks to his chronic halitosis. He could have fallen the fuck out right beside me and if I was asked about dude, I would have simply stated that, “He says he’s praying and wants to be left alone.” If he had succumbed from the heat, oh well, shit happens! But he’d get no help from me!

      Again I say, “We never, ever learn!” And then we have the nerve to wonder why the whites are always on our ass. It’s because of how much shit of theirs we put up with.

      Prince, thank you so much for your comment. Great minds think alike!

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