Cars And Boats And Gold Don’t Matter!

car boat gold

When I’m gone, I’ll miss the sunrise
that can’t warm the coldest grave.
When I’m gone, I’ll miss the ocean.
I’ll not ride another wave.

When I’m gone, I’ll miss the flowers
that I never smelled anyway.
I just took them all for granted
and now, they bloom while I decay.

When I’m gone, I’ll miss the love
that I never did return.
I was too busy earning money
and your love, yes I did spurn.

When I’m gone, who will miss me?
Will my boss for whom I’ve worked?
And will my children come to see me
after they’ve covered me up with dirt?

Before I am gone, I must realize
what is important and what is not.
It’s time to love and smell the flowers
before they lower me in my plot.

Never think that there’s tomorrow.
for it may never come.
Cars and boats and gold don’t matter
when for you, death beats the drum.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Every now and then, I try and take time out from posting about all of the horrors that we are besieged with every day; whether it be from genocide, wars, poverty, inhumanity, racism, hate, materialism and I could go on and on. Think of all the people that set out yesterday, heading to their jobs or to school or wherever and think of all the people that you see, staring down at a phone while walking into you or into a pole. Think of the people that lust and never love. Think of all the people that are busily attempting to amass a fortune and yet, have no idea what it is like to sit down and simply breathe and know what it is to love and to be loved. Think of all those people that have dropped dead and they really had no idea what was really important.

There is nothing so important on the screen of a phone because if it is, why just a few decades ago, were we having no problem in not having a phone everywhere we go? Now, it is unthinkable to even walk around the house without knowing where the smartphone is. It is unthinkable for many to stand outside for a few moments and look up at the sky if you don’t live near a park. It is unthinkable for many to remember that there is more to life than expensive cars, boats, big houses and bulging pockets. When we lost sight of this, we lost a lot. And I for one, don’t think we will ever get that back. More’s the pity. But I post this anyway. Maybe, someone can recall a time before smartphones with apps told us how to live, what to eat, where to shop and who to ‘like’.

12 thoughts on “Cars And Boats And Gold Don’t Matter!

  1. I love this Ms. Shelby. Very introspective and reflective of ones station in life. After dealing with my depression I’ve come to appreciate the very smallest things in life and hardly ever do material things factor into my reasonings. Though life has not been a crystal staircase I’m glad. Thank you for this piece and thank you for YOU.

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    1. I hear you HLJ! It can be quite depressing to continuously be inundated with all the shit that’s hitting the fan. Sometimes, I have to write this sort of poem to ground me to the fact that I need to pull myself away and go ‘smell the roses’. I’ve never been one for fancy things and amassing a shitload of expensive junk, but I do not enjoy the simple things in life quite as much as I should. I am hoping to change all of that.

      I thank you kindly for your comment!

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    1. I am going to heed your advice Leslie. I am taking a much needed vacation and I am going somewhere that is quite rustic. Who knows, I may just stay there!

      Thank you so much for your comment and for your suggestion. It is much appreciated!

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      1. Shelby, you feel so intensely about things, you have to becareful that it doesn’t consume you. Come back refreshed and write with vigour but take time to smell the flowers too.

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      2. My vacation begins in August and I am quite looking forward to it. So, here’s to hoping that it will refresh me for some time to come. I’ve already started packing though I don’t leave for another few weeks yet. But that just goes to show how much I’m looking forward to it!

        And thanks again Leslie, for all your advice. I appreciate your well wishes, I really do!

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  2. I think what you’re describing is a type of sickness, a social sickness known as individualism. It arises out of people being brainwashed to view themselves as separate from other human beings and from nature. Due to the ubiquitous presence of mass marketing in our lives, it’s something we’re all susceptible to unless we constantly remind ourselves that we’re all connected.

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    1. And I would say that you are right Dr. Bramhall. As the doctor in the house, you know your stuff. I intend to leave all of so-called, ‘civilization’ behind and embark on a journey to find inner peace. I cannot do that where I am right now because gosh darn it, I find myself concentrating too much on morbid shit. Hell! Even my poetry is morbid as hell.

      I think that the majority of us are sick in the head. I mean, who with an ounce of compassion wouldn’t be when faced with the fact of blatant, worldwide inhumanity and the impotent fury that comes from not being able to do a damn thing about it? How many times I’ve felt such sadness for the homeless and those that lack health insurance and the ones that are making use of food shelves while knowing that politicians are spending billions on campaigns and corporations are not paying taxes while safety programs are being gutted. It is enough to drive even the sanest, compassionate person, stark raving mad and before I go that route, it is time to take a much needed vacation. This same shit will continue on regardless.

      I sincerely thank you for your comment!


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