Because Your Ass Is White!

wall street white assed thugs1

Standing on the corner,
I’ve got these drugs for sale.
I turn a teacher into a ho
and I send her straight to hell.

Don’t put the blame on me.
I’m just a businessman.
I’m trying to make a living
the only way I can.

You don’t hate the motherfuckers
that sell you alcohol.
It’s all the same thing
but I’m the one who takes the fall.

My time on this here corner
maybe short, but it ain’t sweet.
I got the cops all on my ass
 until I’m just a piece of meat.

I must represent my gang
so don’t cross onto my turf.
Respect the line that’s drawn.
I’m just another serf.

The white man says to me,
“nigga, keep your nose clean!”
as he steals my crack and money
and kicks me in my spleen.

I ain’t got a fancy office
like the thugs on Wall Street.
But I got to live somehow.
Everybody needs to eat.

So, I shot a motherfucker.
And a child got in the way.
I didn’t set this shit in motion.
You know who called the play.

I’m on the evening news
I took a bullet to the head.
I’m just a motherfucker
lying in the morgue, dead.

The shit won’t stop with me.
That just ain’t how it works.
They gone keep those drugs coming
because of all the perks.

How you think I got the drugs?
Did you ever wonder why
I can get a gun and drugs
and make your ass so high?

I was low on the totem pole
and I always knew the score.
Get your head from out your ass.
You know why I was poor!

I was born to be a loser;
to end up dead or in the pen.
You know the goddamn truth.
I was never meant to win.

Blame me for the corruption
that comes down from the top.
You know who calls the shots
and who protects a dirty cop.

But it’s convenient to blame me
for the violence in the hood.
And ignore the burning cross
or the Aryan Brotherhood.

You can turn and look away
from what it’s all about
because in your little white bread world,
you’ll get yours without a doubt.

There ain’t no hungry bellies,
nor are there crack hos on the prowl.
You’ve got the sweetest little setup
while the rest of us live foul.

You sit nicely in the pew
on a fine Sunday morning.
You smile and pay your tithes.
You’ve got no reason to be mourning.

Your brother, he ain’t dead
from a drive by in the night.
You don’t live that kind of life
because your ass is white!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

And don’t even bother pardoning my language or my grammatical errors. I keep it real! Deal with it! We have to!

25 thoughts on “Because Your Ass Is White!

    1. Leslie, I am embarrassed to state this, but I have never been musically inclined. My father was a musician and so was my baby sister. Both are dead now and with them died all musical talent in my immediate family. In the family home, the music room sits empty with only haunting echoes of music once played there.

      I have finally been bullied to the point that I’ve finally started on a book that I’ve not had time to concentrate on. That is another reason why I don’t post much these days. But for some strange reason, this poem started forming this morning when I was still in bed and there was nothing for it but for it to work its way out and here it is.

      I thank you for your kind comment and compliment on this one. I appreciate it as always!

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      1. Shelby, you don’t have to do the music part you have written some very powerful lyrics. I’m suggesting a collaboration.


    1. Thank you Kelley! I know that I am not out there on the mean streets, but with my poetry, I try and go there as much as possible. I want the white motherfuckers to know that WE know that they’re the ones that put the shit out there and sit back and watch this shit all play out and fucking pretend like they ain’t the instigators of the shit!

      I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated, as always!

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      1. yes, the first ones to cry about Black on Black crime and us not getting jobs and being dumb! The entire set up was set up to see us fail, from every angle. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that is a blind fool.

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      2. And we got some simple ass motherfuckers in AmeriKKKa that pretend that they don’t know the fucking score. They know. But it’s ALL about putting the blame on us for the woes that are inflicted on the Black community by the white thugs in suits and ties that laugh all the way to their goddamn banks underneath their filthy depraved ass, sitting somewhere laundering drug money, committing fraud, tax evasion and some more shit. But do those nasty ass bastards see the inside of a prison cell? Hell fucking no! That’s just for us.

        I am going to continue to call this shit out because for those that want to stick their head up their ass and pretend that the shit is otherwise, this is the ‘tugboat’ that removes their big fucking head out of their ass!

        Again, I thank you for your comment. It was spot on!

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  1. The really big money in the drug trade is made by Wall Street banks and stock brokers who launder drug money. They all do it – they’ve all been indicted and “fined” at some point for money laundering. It’s time to send some of these assholes to jail.


    1. And we ALL know who ain’t going to jail; that shit on Wall Street. I’d fucking go to jail or end up with a bullet in my head for standing on the corner selling drugs that the white man brings into this fucked up shithole, but the shit that’s bringing it in ain’t got to worry because he is fucking lily white assed! ‘Indicted’ and ‘fined’, yeah! Big fucking deal and I am being totally sarcastic here because they’re slapped on their goddamn corrupt ass wrist, while Black people are cooling their heels in prison on some bullshit charges because they ain’t lily white assed and sitting pretty on Wall Street. No matter that I’m writing a goddamn book, I am still going to call this shit like I see it!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. It is right on point, as usual!


  2. Shelby, Wow. What a strong piece! And it could be set over music, I can all but hear it as I read. Makes me wish I could compose my way out of a paper bag! Calling all songwriters — here’s a wonderful opportunity knocking! – Linda


    1. WOW, indeed! You guys are determined to keep me busy. I’m already in the process of writing a book and now you guys want me to attempt to get my poetry set to music. Y’all want me to get PAID! LOL! My fan base is THE BEST! There are none better and I do appreciate it! What would I do without you guys? I wouldn’t want to know! Bless your heart Linda! You and Leslie, Prince and Kelley and Toritto and Tubularsock will NOT be forgotten if I ever make it big and that is a PROMISE! Much love to you all!


    1. Hot damn! Caleb! You have plugged the hell out of my blog and it is greatly appreciated. When I clicked on this site, it said that my stats were booming and there are plenty referrals from your site as well as several others. I am humbled by your comment, I truly am. I am also at a loss for words and I believe you know why, so I’ll leave it at that.

      But again, thank you so very much. I appreciate all that you do over on your most excellent blog. ‘United States Hypocrisy’ is right! This shithole is wallowing in it and apparently, loving it since the beat goes on!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hell yea, I really didn’t know how many clicks I would even get you because often my re-blogs only get ppl like 4 or so clicks /-: (at least according to my stats page but who’s counting? Lol) But your words and poems are truly revolutionary and, to borrow a popular phrase, as REAL as it gets.


    1. And a BIG THANK YOU to you as well, Mr. Militant Negro. I appreciate the reblog. I consider myself to be ‘militant’ as well. I wish I could go all out with it! You have no idea how much I really wish that!

      Again, I thank you!

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      1. I’m curious why you think you can’t go “all out with it” if you desire to do that. What is holding you back?


      2. “What is holding you back?”

        The fact that I am damn near ‘confined’ to a wheelchair since a recent vehicle accident. I want to do more than just write about the issues that are plaguing Black communities and if my body wasn’t so pain wracked, I could attempt to actually DO something as opposed to just writing about it.

        When I lived in Baltimore, MD, I rolled up my sleeves and was everywhere at once, condemning the politicians to their face, advocating, volunteering, agitating, instigating and aggravating the hell out of some of the shits that are sitting back getting paid but are doing nothing, but dirt.

        With the recent rioting that went on in Baltimore, I would dearly loved to have gone down and raised a hue and cry and set in motion, an investigation into the corruption that is the city council. The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had the nerve to call the rioters ‘thugs’ when the reason she had to step into the ‘mayoral shoes’ left vacant by ex-mayor Sheila Dixon was because Sheila Dixon was indicted for embezzlement, fraud and other crimes.

        Not only that, but Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently announced that some of the businesses that were burned down during the rioting were Korean-owned liquor stores, illegally operating in Black communities all across Baltimore and her ass and city hall is just now finding out that liquor stores that have to be LICENSED’ were operating without the proper zoning permits? Yeah! Right! But it took the ‘thugs’ to bring this to light. What it proves is that the corruption apple didn’t fall too far from the city council tree simply because Sheila Dixon was made to resign. That shit in city hall is filled with corruption and an investigation needs to be commenced on Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s shenanigans. And that’s just for starters.

        It is much that I would like to do, but as I have stated, I am sidelined for the moment. But I can certainly understand why you’d be curious as to why my hands are tied, so to speak.

        Thank you for your comment.


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