Gun-Toting White Folks!


We gun-toting white folks are a blessing to this land.
So, Black folks, you know just where you fucking stand.
It’s a goddamn emergency, now be in bed by nine.
Get off the fucking street before your ass is mine.

I’ve got Humvees on the prowl to protect the status quo.
I’ll fuck you up and lock you up, to jail, your ass will go.
Don’t think for one damn minute that you’re free to walk the street.
Step off the goddamn curb and a wall of blue, you’ll meet.

Now get your Black ass on your knees and humble yourself to me.
I get paid to shoot to kill and I am on a killing spree.
Your protests, they don’t matter, just you ask Dr. King.
He got just what you’re getting; his life didn’t mean a thing.
You think I care about your dreams? Who dropped you on your head?
The only good nigga I know is a nigga that is dead!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Heavily-armed members of a controversial right-wing “patriot” group added an extra dose of unease to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, early Tuesday.

The Oath Keepers organization says its members — all former military, police and first responders — pledge to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Protesters and police confirmed that a handful of Oath Keepers with what appeared to be assault rifles, bulletproof vest and camouflage gear were seen early Tuesday on the streets of Ferguson, which was under a state of emergency following demonstrations pegged to the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.

Now, how about that? Too bad the Ferguson protesters didn’t show up with ‘assault rifles, bulletproof vests and camouflage gear’ because maybe, just maybe, the ‘wall of blue’ would have merely considered them to be ‘oath keepers’; defenders of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic’. But what I would like to know is who is the ‘enemy’ in Ferguson, MO that has the Constitution under assault? It would appear to me that the ‘oath keepers’ should have initiated a shoot-out with the police since the police, with their armored vehicles on the streets of the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’, are the shit-stirrers that are assaulting the Constitutional rights of the Black protesters in Ferguson, MO. Oh my bad! Those Black protesters, at the time the Constitution was written weren’t even considered ‘citizens’ of AMERICA:









..and Black people, change your chant from “Black lives matter!” to “Why the fuck am I over here? That shit ain’t crystal clear?” Just keep reminding the white motherfuckers why you are the fuck in this shithole and the next time you show up at a protest rally, remember to bring your assault weapons, bulletproof vests and camouflage gear. Oh, my bad AGAIN! You’ll still be Black, so never mind, that won’t work! You’ve got to be white to strut around, carrying an assault weapon out in the open, wearing bulletproof vests and camouflage gear calling yourself  an ‘oath keeper’, code words for KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, skin heads and the like. For the love of ………!!!!!


12 thoughts on “Gun-Toting White Folks!

  1. We whites are the only real Americans. You dumb black apes and Indian savages have NO rights! We can carry guns but you can’t. That’s what AmeriKKKa was built on! If you don’t like it get your black ass out of our great country!!!- Average white American

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    1. Your comment about sums it up Prince. The whites have what they have because of the slaving away that was done by our ancestors that never did see a goddamn dime in the form of wages. They own every goddamn thing because they were not owned, that is our history, not theirs and yet, they are hell bent on eradicating us? That shit just makes no motherfucking sense!

      It is my understanding that just like the Indians, our ancestors were minding their own goddamn business when the whites landed and started fucking up everybody’s goddamn day and yet, they’ve got the nerve to continue to blame us and kill us and we are here why? Because their lazy, no good, good for nothing ancestors dragged ours the fuck over here. But we are somehow to blame for that shit? Those goddamn nasty ass, sick and depraved white motherfucking bastards are insane; foaming at the mouth, insane and there is no reasoning with insanity. And they have the nerve to wonder why we’d ever want to bust a cap all up in their ass? For real? I am SO fucking hot, I need a goddamn ice bath before I spontaneously combust, goddamn it!

      Prince, thank you for your comment. That no-good dirty bastard, Charlton Heston was a stomp down flaming racist and I can only hope that his ass is turning on a spit, feeding the hounds of hell!

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      1. I have a family friend that met Heston on a plane. She was not impressed. She said he seemed full of himself. I don’t doubt

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      2. Oh he was full of something alright, full of nasty, racist shit! I bet when he got up from his seat, the ‘seat’ of his pants was stuck to his crusty, shitty ass due to all the racism that was attempting to pour out of his ass, he was that full of it! The shitty pants racist motherfucker!

        You done gone and got me started Prince, but then again, I’m never far from the starting line! LOL!

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  2. “We gun-toting white folks are a blessing to this land.”
    Hmm. If that’s the ‘blessing’ I really hate to see what our curse is. All the divide-and-conquer bullshit so useful to the assholes who misrule the world could not work if we used half the sense we’re supposed to have! Who the hell benefits from hatred and viciousness and stupidity? Those with every damn thing and still wanting more! Wish I could brain-wipe all of us some day and start fresh … but I’m afraid we’d just find more shit to fixate on and blame for our problems. If we ever make progress, we’ll have to do it the hard way. Thanks for another powerful post! – Linda


    1. Linda, even if you could brain-wipe us all, we’d only revert back to the shits we are. Didn’t ‘God’ try that? Did he or did he not cause the great flood and only saved the most desirable of the lot of ‘humans’ and animals? But if we are all descendants of Noah, he most definitely was NOT the most desirable of ‘humans’ to save because from where I sit, I have not one single clue as to why ‘God’ even bothered to instruct Noah on the art of ark building.

      Never let it be said that I want to be in any way shape or form, related to that nasty ass shit that’s slithering around claiming to be filled with supremacy(the klan, the skinheads, the Aryan Brotherhood) all the while looking like dog shit. Let it not be said that I want in any way to be related, thanks to Noah’s tired ass, to be related to that torturing dick head called Dick ‘five war deferments’ Cheney. Linda, wipe the slate clean and it’ll get fucked up in zero seconds flat and I’d lay some big ass bets on that and hide my winnings in the Cayman Islands!

      Thank you for your comment Linda!


    1. DING! DING! DING! Head to the front of the class, AGAIN, Dr. Bramhall! That is it in a nutshell. The teeny weeny dicky white man crew is SO goddamned ashamed at what’s NOT below their belts. Oh, they’ve got a lot down there, but it’s a big ole beer belly and that’s about all. What the fuck can he do with that? That’s why so many white motherfucking men don’t have a problem, swilling beer and scratching themselves ’cause they got fleas, ticks and lice down there from a lack of a need to wash what they ain’t got. That’s why so many white motherfucking men are gay because only another white motherfucking man would understand their disease, “Pecker No Show!” or in other words, “Microscopic Pecker!” Or better known as “Wee Willy Where You Be?” ROTFLMAO!

      This ain’t for you Doc, so look away, please!

      “Hey! KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, skin heads! Instead of hatin’ on Black men, why don’t you all just put your stupid, inbred heads together and try and come up with a treatment for your “Pecker No Show” problems! It ain’t the Black man’s fault that you don’t measure up, you puny dick motherfuckers! Awww, you racist filthy motherfuckers are ‘dick shamed’. Now don’t that make you a bitch? Indeed it does!”

      Oh and Dr. Bramhall, thank you kindly for your comment. It was ever so spot on! And I was inspired! LMAO!


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