The Rose Of Black Is Sacred

the black rose

Though forever is forbidden
and love can be a stranger.
In my darkest of dreams
there is a sense of danger.

Oh, what beautiful roses!
They mark the edge of never.
And push to the limit
 a bond, I cannot sever.

Here, there is no summer,
no magical, sparkling night.
In the dark, I cannot find you,
though I try with all my might.

I am on a collision course.
My soul, I bared to you.
I could not play it safe,
this rose of the blackest hue.

I may be Black, but I am not dead,
My thorns are sharpened blades.
And when I prick my enemies,
over the cliff, their blood cascades.

Who are these beautiful roses?
No one knows from whence they came.
They appear to claim their own.
We are one, we are the same.

The rose of Black is sacred
and must never be allowed to die.
A virgin river feeds it.
Petals open to the sky.

Bird of night, go fly away.
For you are not our prey.
and though the rose is strong,
not one innocent, will it slay.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

The Negro IS the Black rose! And whatever is not harming the Black rose, in turn, will not be harmed. But the Black rose has the sharpest of thorns, but keep fucking with it and your ass will get pricked!

23 thoughts on “The Rose Of Black Is Sacred

      1. Shelby, I want you to choose the poem you most want to set to music. You have my email. I would work on the music and send it to you for your approval. We could work on it from there.

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      2. Hmmmmm….Decisions, decisions. I would love for you to pick one that resonates with you. Or we could both pick a few and see if we share a like of one.

        I’ll email you when I’ve come up with a few choices of mine.

        And let me re-state that it is quite humbling for me that you would want to do this. It really is!

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    1. Well, that is HIGH praise indeed, coming from Mr. Graphics, himself! I hope to get better and better at it and even then, I shall not be able to overtake you and your skills as this is your forte!

      Thank you so much for the compliment on this one Skulz!


    1. Believe me Kelley, it is mine as well. I need to send a stronger message because I was attempting to touch a bit on the recent shooting in Virginia. I am originally from Virginia and I know for a fact that the man that ‘allegedly’ shot those two people, more than likely suffered extreme workplace racism. I did as well and it was the norm. Everyone has their breaking point and with all that is going down, is it any wonder?

      I thank you SO very much for your comment!

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      1. I feel you. Being Black is oftentimes comparable to an earthquake or dormant volcano; you might have little quivers and trembles and false alarms, then one day, the “big one” comes. You just blow and someone is gonna get hurt.

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  1. Ethnicity is view very differently in New Zealand, It’s basically defined by a person’s origin. The term “Caucasian” isn’t used here. It’s a purely North American concept – a totally inaccurate one in my view. I’ve never felt comfortable identifying myself as Caucasian. To the best of my knowledge, none of my ancestors hail from the Caucasus ( a part of Russia).

    On the NZ census form, your ethnicity choices are

    Pacific Peoples
    Asian (which includes people from the Indian subcontinent)
    Middle Eastern/Latin American/African


    1. Dr. Bramhall, it has been stated that AmeriKKKA is the only shithole that puts such emphasis on labeling people. It has been so since forever and will remain so. That is obvious. The only thing that changes are the labels, but they just keep ’em coming.

      Thank you for your comment! Again, you did the right thing in leaving. This shithole has gone to hell and it is right that it should!


  2. My god Ms. Shelby, this is exactly what I needed today after encountering so much anti-Black sentiments earier this week and last. Thank you so much and may the most high continue to keep you close.


    1. HLJ, I am glad that I could oblige you! I have not been posting lately because there is just SO much madness in my life right now. But know that I am loving ALL up and down on some HLJ! I truly am! And you are SO very welcome!


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