Beside Me, Bitch, You Could Never Be A Star!

Afro queen by mojjamn

What the fuck you mean, my butt’s too big?
Why the hell are you coming at me with a wig?

I am Black, goddamn it and I am proud of my ass.
It’s not flat as a pancake and I shake it with sass.

My hair’s my crowning glory, so thick and so full.
I’m not a sheep to be sheared; I love my Black wool.

My lips were made for kissing and perfectly formed.
If you think I hate myself, then you are seriously misinformed.

Go to hell, all you haters; your lies can’t touch me.
I am what you are not and what you can never hope to be.

You try and sell me your looks to make me hate my own.
But you can kiss my Black ass because I love my skin tone.

I love the curves of my body; I’m not just angles and bones
I’m from multiple civilizations; my people sat on golden thrones.

Where the fuck did you come from with your see-through skin?
You bruise with just a pinch because your shell is so thin.

What lips you have are just a fine pinkish line.
And you falsely plump ‘em up because you really want mine.

You could pass for a boy as flat as you are.
And beside me bitch, you could never be a star!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Black women, embrace you! Don’t let the Caucasians have you hating on yourself. It is bad enough when our brothas jump the fence because they’ve been brainwashed into believing the Caucasians’ lies that the definition of beauty is the Caucasian female. We know this is not true. We were damn near born with hips and so flaunt them. Walk with dignity. Keep your head up because the haters are all on our ass but you know what, if we can remember that we are sistas, we got this! The Black woman is much put upon and the shit stops here! We are the brunt of jokes. We are ignored by magazine executives and modeling agencies because we are not flat like a boy. If that is what the Caucasian fucker wants, he is quite welcome to that and in all actuality, that is really what the male Caucasoid wants. It’s just that sticking his lame ass teeny weenie(“Vienna sausage”) inside a boy is not going to result in the conception of his progeny. And the Catholic priests can’t get enough of boys, as we ALL know.

And to the brothas that want a bag of bones, be my guest. And meanwhile, I say to my sistas, “Strut your stuff, girlfriend! I do!”


24 thoughts on “Beside Me, Bitch, You Could Never Be A Star!

    1. LMAO! What the fuck is THAT????!!!! That thing got those candy lips we used to buy in the candy store waaaay back in the day. What the fuck did that thing do? Buy some and get ’em glued to its damn face? LOL! I ain’t never even seen a Black person’s lips THAT goddamn big! There have been SO many ‘celebrities’ that have fucked themselves up by going under the knife or got injections to try and look like us. They are trying every goddamn thing to ‘achieve’ OUR look!

      I had to put a Caucasian motherfucker in check, yesterday, ’cause I ain’t down with the swirl. Oh hell no! I had to tell dude that yes, “Baby got back, but it damn sure ain’t for YOU!”

      And not to turn this ‘sexual’ or anything, but please to see below! ROTFLMAO!


      1. that my dear is what is known as “duck face” it’s where these white folks pout their lips in their selfie photos to give the illusion of full lips lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well then, “QUACK! QUACK!” goddamn it! LMAO!!

        I must be living under a rock ’cause I know ‘nothink’ about ANY of that shit. But then again, I am living out in the middle of nowhere and all I got for neighbors are horses and drunk Caucasians but even they ain’t on THAT kind of time! LMAO!

        Thanks for bringing me up-to-date nidotopianwarrior. It’s much appreciated!


  1. Shelby, I am going to stay off the interracial subject but the majority of us black men put you Negro women first. Black women are attractive and you don’t need to fell bad about your healthy physical form, though you are more than just your bodies. Still, black women look good. The natural hair is nice to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. N.S. Thank you for your honesty! This poem actually originated from me checking out another blog and a sista was pissed off over this situation and so I had to have a go at it. I wish I had more ass, I really do! I could stand some more ‘junk in my trunk’. I’m not Black enough to suit me. I’m not ‘thick’ enough to suit me and I have ALWAYS been ashamed and embarrassed to get up and, dare I say, ‘dance’ cause I ain’t never had a goddamn bit of rhythm. When they say that ALL Black folks can dance, they ain’t seen me on the dance floor. I must be some sort of ‘throwback’. And I ain’t hardly happy about it.

      And thank you for your comment!


  2. In my experience, European men have serious issues with women’s sexuality. As you say, I think this explains their preference for women who look like boys – and their insistence that they shave their pubic hair. I can’t decide whether this is due to all the feminizing hormones in pesticides and toxic chemicals or the persistent anti-female ideology in the corporate media.


    1. Ding! Ding! Ding! Dr. Bramhall has just won yet another prize! You go with your bad self Dr. Bramhall. You’ve said a mouthful. I believe that it’s a bit of both. And don’t forget that Medicare pays a fortune for penis pumps and I have certainly touched on the subject of that ‘anti-female’ shit that is raging in the mainstream media. Body shaming women seems to be à la mode. And young girls are encouraged to look as ‘boyish’ as possible. I recently read that a size two teen was told that she was too big to model. And so, on and on it goes.

      Thank you for that spot on comment!


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